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Where to stay in Kanazawa

Where to stay in Kanazawa, Japan

Kanazawa stands as a beautifully preserved example of medieval Japan. Known as Little Kyoto, it is the perfect place to visit to experience Japan in its authenticity.

With elegant townscapes and cultural richness, Kanazawa has some of the best–preserved samurai and geisha districts in the country. The tea houses in the preserved old quarter are very atmospheric and may be visited on appointment. This where one can try some Japanese calligraphy, then explore the living history of the rooms with their fine ornaments, paper sliding doors and intricately decorated screens.

There is also a wealth of museums, including the 21st-century Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Sanaa’s renowned architects, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa. Popular with foodies, Omicho Market is captivating, with its wonderful array of Japanese gastronomy.

Kanazawa may be best known for Kenroku-en, a castle garden dating from the 17th century, which is one of the loveliest public gardens in Japan. Take a stroll on its stone bridges and picturesque pathways that wind through ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Its seasonal blooms give the garden a different appearance with each passing season.

There is also a great array of local crafts and customs to experience in the city, from sake breweries and gold leaf workshops, to textile studios and lacquerware workshops and Kutani-style potteries. Kanazawa is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Crafts and Folk Art.

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Kanazawa Castle an early spring evening with blossoming cherry trees

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