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Where to live in Spain

The crystal clear Mediterranean Sea in Mallorca Spain

Passionate, elegant and devoted to celebrating the joy of life, Spain is one of the most charming, beautiful and staggeringly diverse countries in the world to live in

If you are planning to buy a luxury property in Spain, you will not only get a fabulous home but something else that may be worth even more. With its spell-binding natural beauty, buzzing cities, magnificent architecture, vibrant culture, folkloristic traditions, fabulous food and friendly people, Spain has so much to offer.

Masterfully balancing cool sophistication and hip energy with laid-back atmosphere, Spain is deeply rooted in its history and heritage, yet it is the epitome of modernity and progression. Here, grand historical monuments coexist alongside cutting-edge, modern architectural creations and it becomes evident Spain’s future will be every bit as exciting as its past. Spain is so culturally and geographically diverse that it is poised to delight, seduce and surprise.

From inspirational architecture in Barcelona; splendid museums in Madrid; mythical Andalusia with dazzling white villages and fascinating history, to the Basque Country for gourmet cuisine; the Canary Islands for striking volcanic sandy beaches; and Mallorca for glitz, glamour and the freshest seafood.

The great variety of landscapes in Spain is truly breathtaking. The rolling green hills and wildly beautiful cliffs of Spain’s Atlantic-facing side are offset by the charming coves of the Mediterranean. Along the coast, there are delightful fishing villages, ancient towns and the pristine beaches of the Costa Brava. And everywhere you go, villages of timeless beauty perch on hilltops, huddle in valleys and cling to coastal outcrops.

Most recent luxury properties for sale in Spain

Impressive new villa for sale in La Florida Madrid Spain

Luxurious villa EUR 3,000,000

La Florida, Madrid

Impressive mansion property for sale in Costa del Sol

Luxury villa EUR 4,700,000

Fuengirola, Costa del Sol

Living room with direct access to the garden, Villa property in Somosaguas Madrid

Luxury villa EUR 4,300,000

Somosaguas, Madrid

Exclusive villa in Pedralbes Barcelona

Luxury villa EUR 6,500,000

Pedralbes, Barcelona

Seaview villaPOA

Supermaresme, Maresme

Contemporary bespoke villa design Souther Spain

Custom-built villasPOA

Costa del Sol, Spain

Luxury villa EUR 7,500,000

Valdemarín, Madrid


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