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Bottle of phyto-infusion facial serum from ISUN

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Every now and then, I come across a product line that is so fabulous, it can only be called epic.

Pure. Potent. Powerful. ISUN is not just good, it is exceptional. No, it’s epic!

ISUN’s hand-crafted, high-performance, alchemical creations are made from pure wildcrafted and organic plant ingredients teeming with extraordinary nutritive values and the most powerful life-force energies kept alive with cold-processing and enhanced with energy techniques. The skilfully formulated range unlocks radiant skin and overall well-being.

ISUN was named the Winner in the category of Best Natural/Organic Brand USA, as well as in the category Best Wildcrafted Brand Internationally in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019, who said: “ISUN is a shining example of how genuinely stellar an organic skincare brand can be when high-integrity wildcrafted ingredients, respect for our planet, deeply rooted ethics and an almost magical kind of beauty alchemy all fuse together.”

Founder Bunnie Gulick began 45 years ago as a nutritionist who taught healthy lifestyle. Later, she became a botanical chemist, formulating and manufacturing skincare products. Bunnie has pioneered the movement toward natural, plant-based luxury skincare and holistic living, recognising the interconnected nature of wellness and guiding clients toward lifestyle choices that enhance vitality on every level – body, mind and spirit.

Well ahead of her time, Bunnie is a pioneer who has been creating wild-crafted organic products before they were even considered important or effective. She herself, at age 70, is a glowing testimony – the perfect advertisement for the efficacy of her creations.

Dollop of ISUN serum

A timeless and visionary collection that delivers superior, result-driven skincare paired with unusually high levels of skin-transforming ingredients and artisan mastery, the development of ISUN has been cohesively driven by several transcendent principles:

High integrity, potent ingredients: Each ingredient has been personally chosen by Bunnie for its unique benefit to the skin. Plants are selected for their purity, sustainability, biodynamic growing and harvesting methods, and to help support caring, conscientious organic farmers and indigenous cultures in fair trade.

ISUN’s products are primarily made with pure wildcrafted, organic and natural ingredients teeming with nutrients and kept alive with cold-processing techniques and enhanced with energy techniques. Wildcrafted, organic and natural plant ingredients used in the products are chosen for their regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, purifying and moisture-balancing benefits for great, younger-looking skin.

Wildcrafted is the most natural form of a plant, untouched by humankind, and just as pure as nature intended. Because they are grown in the wild, in pristine environments without any interference, they have to fight hard to survive. Whether it is environmental stressors such as weather, variations in sunlight, water availability or competing plants and insects, they must prove their toughness. To survive, they develop a highly efficient self-defence mechanism – they fully develop all of their nutrients and phytonutrients.

This typically results in plants free of chemicals that are higher in nutrient values than cultivated organic and commercially farmed plants.

That is why ISUN’s first choice of ingredients is always wildcrafted plants, in the form of herbs, oils, and essential oils. The second ingredient choice is cultivated organic ingredients, both certified and non-certified organically grown plants – but always from trusted sources. When ISUN cannot source an ingredient that is either wildcrafted or organic, they use a minor selection of natural or naturally derived ingredients for some products.

ISUN’s stringent ingredient standard means users can be assured each product contains only safe, healthy ingredients that their skin will love.

Devotion to sourcing: ISUN’s ingredients are globally sourced, depending on where they most naturally thrive, whether or not they are sustainably harvested and whether they are sold under fair trade. For example, ISUN sources its water from an obscure, forested mountain spring at more than 3,000-metre elevation. This water was known as sacred healing water by the indigenous Ute Indians.

Autumn in Colorado

ISUN also harvests wild nettle, plantago, horsetail herb, arnica flowers, lavender, yarrow, geranium, wild rose, sage, valerian root, spruce and aspen bark from the surrounding pristine mountains. Other plant ingredients come from the Amazon Rain Forest, Himalayan foothills, India, Pacific islands, the American Pacific Northwest and parts of Europe.

Some of the ingredients have been sourced from indigenous cultures where they are blessed in sacred ceremonies before arriving at ISUN. The company believes that through the intentions so sincerely expressed by those who gather the wild plants, the life-force energy of the plant is increased and a deeper, more subtle energy value is given to each ingredient. In the lab, ISUN takes care to enhance the energy values of the ingredients and finished products with the use of positive intentions, placement of geometric symbols on ingredient and bulk product containers, sound and colour vibration, and gemstone energy.

Quantum healing with live ingredients: ISUN’s products have been consciously formulated to provide a “quantum healing effect” for total well-being – body, mind and spirit. This means that beyond the obvious effects of repairing and revitalising the skin, ISUN skincare products also support overall physical and emotional health and well-being. ISUN products have been created in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. That means all ISUN products have been formulated and structured with a balanced flow in a matrix of living nature, subtle energies and clear intentions.

Intelligently processed to preserve the integrity of the ingredients: The products are made with cold-processing techniques whenever possible. This helps to maintain the high nutrient values and energy qualities of the live ingredients. Plant electrons undamaged by heat or chemicals are more in harmony with our skin and bodies. ISUN makes the majority of its herb oils and extracts used in the lab to ensure integrity and aliveness. ISUN’s herb oils are the basis of all its oil-soluble products. They are especially abundant with high nutrient values and lively energy. The herbs infused into the oil blends are kept at a low temperature of 32C-35C for 14-30 days. This allows the active constituents to diffuse into the oil without damaging the properties of the herbs, offering the optimal benefits to the skin.

Masterly formulated: Meticulously formulated, each product carries the wisdom and deep knowledge of Bunnie Gulick. The formulations capture the Pure Living Energy – the vibrant life force – of nature’s most powerful healers – the plants themselves. They are created with divine intention, enhancing the skin’s innate regenerative potential.

Safe, responsible and ethical: Apart from the purity of products, the concept of ethical skincare takes into account the land, producers and farmers. The guiding principle in the creation of ISUN – from sourcing the ingredients to the manufacturing practices to the consumer – is that no harm is brought to the land where ingredients are harvested, to the people or to the environment where ingredients are sourced, to animals, microorganisms and their eco-systems, or to the individuals who use the products. For those who use the products, this means that ISUN makes only safe, beneficial products that use no harmful chemicals and only the purest, highest energy ingredients that are meticulously sourced.

The makers of ISUN products needed to find a natural preservative for their products, one that did not create alterations in the finished product during its shelf life. Most tested natural preservatives caused variations in product aroma, colour or viscosity. Finally, Bunnie Gulick discovered Aspen Bark Extract – a native to the mountains where ISUN is produced. It has proven to be an effective preservative with no side effects to the products and with the added benefits of skin softening and moisturising.

Also, products are created without the use of parabens, phthalates and other chemical nasties that are harmful not just to the environment, but to the skin and overall well-being.

Best manufacturing practices: Products are formulated, manufactured and packaged by hand
by a skilled lab team in the company’s own manufacturing facility located in the pristine environment of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The Ute Indians called them the Shining Mountains. Every product batch produced is tested both by an independent laboratory and by the company’s own lab testing procedures. ISUN complies with strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) guidelines, ISO and OSHA regulations.

The gold standard of packaging: The ISUN range is packaged in recyclable dark violet glass manufactured and tested in Switzerland. MIRON violet glass works like a natural filter by blocking the complete spectrum of visible light, except for the violet part that protects and improves the quality of sensitive botanicals. Not only are the bottles exceptionally beautiful, they also play an important role in keeping the products’ precious ingredients fresh and bacteria-free, thus extending shelf life. A limited number of products are packaged in black PET plastic.

Giving back: ISUN donates monthly proceeds to organisations such as IAHV, Mooji Foundation, Eros Foundation, Feed The Children, Water Charity and Cool Earth.

ISUN also provides space for the team to hold weekly meditation as well as high-knowledge discussions, breathing exercises and silence breaks during the workday. It is felt that these opportunities help team members to maintain their focus and balance between personal and work lives. ISUN also offers food supplements and nutritional education.

There is something magical about ISUN. I am blown away by the whole range. Every product I have tried has impressed me, especially the results that I’m getting.

I’m particularly obsessed with ISUN’s signature Phyto-Infusion Facial Serum.

This peak-performing, age-defying serum helps to minimise fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing, whilst revitalising and restoring the appearance of skin vitality and excellence. It absorbs quickly, nourishing the deeper layers of the skin, leaving it nourished and re-energised, with a healthy and radiant glow.

Suitable for all types, it is especially formulated with potent plant power and antioxidants for ageing skin. Showcasing a list of exceptionally well-curated ingredients including vegan stem cells, acai extract and lactobacillus ferment, citrus stem cells, buddleia extract (summer lilac), rare Edelweiss extract, CoQ10, SOD, Vitamin C and ceramides, this incredibly revitalising serum has everything the skin needs to look great.

ISUN’s Phyto-Infusion won Best Serum 2017 in the Beauty Shortlist Awards. Said the judges: “Hands-down proof that the most potent, energising and effective serums on the market are plant-powered, this eco-luxe and one-of-a-kind stem cell-based is literally packed with enzymes, peptides, antioxidants along with the most gorgeous glow-boosting organic oils.”

For anyone searching for the ultimate serum, abundant with live active ingredients, here it is — a perfect synchronisation of purest plant formulations that ensures real lasting results.

ISUN’s non-toxic products will never make one choose between health and results, or between natural and high-performance. It should never be necessary to compromise ideals when it comes to beauty. That is why every product ISUN makes is formulated without compromise. Created to exacting standards of quality, efficacy and purity, ISUN is all about phenomenal skincare that delivers transformational results – naturally.

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