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Building that dream home in Costa del Sol can be a hugely rewarding experience
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Imagine having a brand new designer villa in Costa del Sol that is built to your bespoke specifications, completely hassle-free and at a great value – yet with that added element of wow

With a superb quality of life, spectacular scenery, charming towns, fantastic beaches and 300 days of sunshine a year, it is easy to see why Costa del Sol luxury real estate continues to attract international house hunters.

Certainly, the opportunity to design and build a custom home is exciting and usually includes a dynamic mix of decisions and challenges throughout the process. Now, imagine designing and building your dream home in Costa del Sol to create your ideal place of luxury and comfort, where a process that is completely stress-free and truly enjoyable has been employed.

More and more house buyers looking to build a Costa del Sol custom home realise that it might be easier and more affordable than they thought possible. Working with our partner in building a modern villa in Costa del Sol can be exciting, fulfilling and hugely rewarding.

From land search and site planning, through home design, construction and putting on those finishing touches, our partner can do it all for you. Be as involved or as hands-off as you prefer. Either way, the result will be a perfect, individual, easy, custom dream home in Costa del Sol.

Whether you are looking to live in a contemporary designer villa, a luxury property with ocean views, or a stylish country home, building your custom, brand new home in Costa del Sol has never been easier and more affordable.

Your unique architect-designed home in Costa del Sol is very realistic and affordable, provided the right construction company is by your side

Designing and building your dream home in Spain is the opportunity of a lifetime, but while it is exciting and rewarding, it can also become overwhelming – unless you make the right choice at the beginning of the process.

Building your dream home in Costa del Sol should be an enjoyable process; you should be able to focus on the excitement of having your very own home built, not the stress of it all.

Making the right choice, in the beginning, saves time, expense and headaches. Choose a company that has the track record, the ideas and design process, listens to your dreams and has the ability to make them a reality by delivering the quality and luxury you want – and on budget, too.

THE GREAT ADDRESS has simplified the process of building your dream home by partnering with a leading Spanish building company that comes with a wealth of proven expertise. They have the track record, the experience to efficiently implement any design and build the home of your dreams in Costa del Sol.

They manage every aspect of the project – from the beginning through to completion.

They guide you through every stage of the process: design selection, pricing and construction. They not only co-ordinate every phase of construction, but all the architectural services, including a building site analysis, lot positioning, floorplans with the right space and storage, energy efficiency, structural construction blueprints and permits.

Our partner’s approach will provide you, the client, with the knowledge, peace of mind and comfort level that your new home will be designed, budgeted and built in a professional manner.

Throughout the entire process, you will be kept updated on progress. The whole experience will be easy and pleasurable, assured you will end up with the most beautifully constructed home in Costa del Sol after the smoothest running project, with no stress and no worry.

Image collage of photos and illustrations of bespoke villas in Costa del Sol

Finding the perfect villa plot in Costa del Sol

If you already have the plot, our partner can take on the task of creating your ideal home in Costa del Sol, from planning to completion.

If you are still searching for that perfect place to live, our partner can help to find a plot that matches your criteria. They already have a range of building plots readily available in Costa del Sol. Whether you are looking for a coastal setting within walking distance to the glorious golden beaches, or a more traditional setting with a mountain backdrop, they will find the right plot for you.

Once you have agreed upon the right plot, our partner will get all of the necessary licences and permissions and ensure each service and utility is in place.

Designing your new, entirely personalised, custom-built dream home in Costa del Sol

There is no such thing as a template when it comes to custom home design. Your new home will be truly custom built to suit your personal taste, lifestyle and budget, so the end result of our partner’s work is exactly what you had envisioned.

Our partner has a professional and dedicated team of experienced and creative designers who are able to take your ideas and sketches and turn them into the custom designed home of your dreams.

By choosing a fully customisable home, you have control over every element of your new property, from the size and layout, to choosing the fixtures and fittings that will make it truly bespoke.

From entertainment areas, home cinema, library, gym or barbecue area, our partner can easily comply with all of your wants and needs. Design features such as glass walls, staircases and mezzanines can all be considered.

Just write up a wish list and start imagining!

From modern designer properties, all the way through to contemporary country homes and minimalist holiday homes, our partner is committed to creating the ideal dream property in Costa del Sol.

Image composition of custom built villas in Costa del Sol, South of Spain

Fine quality construction and trustworthy results

Designing and drafting the drawings is only the beginning of the realisation of your dream home in Costa del Sol. Key to making sure your dream becomes a reality is our partner’s dedication to quality construction and workmanship.

Their ability to bring functionality, practical construction and aesthetics together in one seamless interface has major upsides for you, the client. Every aspect is covered, including heating, lighting, ventilation, energy and water consumption.

Additional services our partner offers include landscaping and construction of all outdoor spaces – private pools, decks and terraces. Be assured you will soon be enjoying all of the good life that Costa del Sol has to offer.

Inspiring interior design with professional results

Teaming with the right professionals can help you ensure the process and the results are rewarding. Whatever the style, our partner’s interior designers can create a tailored solution that combines finishes selections, colours and furnishing services.

Marble floors, modern cabinetry or glass interiors: whatever you desire, our partner’s interior designers will help you to create the ultimate interior for your dream home. They can also assist you in selecting that personalised kitchen, bathrooms, tiles and fixtures.

The ultimate goal is to create the perfect Costa del Sol dream home to be enjoyed for years to come.

An affordable way to build your luxury dream home in Costa del Sol

Many might not think building the custom home of their dreams in Spain is an option for them. But more often than not, it is more affordable – and more of a reality – than they realise.

Setting the standard for quality and affordable luxury houses in Costa del Sol, our partner believes you should get the home you desire at a reasonable cost so you do not have to sacrifice quality of life.

Our partner’s smartly designed homes are of the finest quality and deliver excellent value for the modern family. Each home is a perfect balance of affordability and elegance.

Dream big: that privileged Mediterranean lifestyle is easier and more affordable than you might think.

Collage, bespoke villas

Get ready for the fulfilling and life-changing journey of building your custom dream home in the South of Spain – get value for money, innovative design concepts and stress-free construction

Building your luxury dream home in Costa del Sol with our partner is a unique experience that could be one of the most gratifying and life-changing things you will ever do. With the right partner, building your dream home is not stressful – it is exciting and fun.

Delivering the best value in new home building, our partner provides the perfect balance between quality workmanship, stunning design and maximum functionality.

Whether looking to build your dream home, your first home, second home or holiday home in Costa del Sol, our partner has the experience and the expertise to make it happen.

In the end, you will have your one-of-a-kind, luxury, high-performance Costa del Sol home, tailored to your budget, lifestyle and personal taste.

There is a great range of new homes in Costa del Sol for sale, with a choice of 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-bedroom villas.


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