A luxury boutique and design hotel in Indonesia

Soothing minimalism in a tropical context

Innit Lombok – a stunning boutique hotel in Indonesia complete with seven architectural villas, a large outdoor pool, an oceanfront restaurant and direct access to the beach — is a universe of soothing minimalism and unpretentious elegance crafted to deliver pure escapist luxury.

Designed by leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin in collaboration with Gregorius Supie Yolodi and Maria Rosantina, they focused on creating timelessly modern and captivating spaces with a quietly refined and natural aesthetic.

Architectural excellence and environmental sensitivity

This tropical island oasis is a stylish testament to architectural excellence and environmental sensitivity. The seven beachfront hotel villas at Innit Lombok hotel are defined by clean, modern and purist forms that allow the environment’s natural beauty to take centre stage and create a truly immersive experience.

Striking in its design sophistication, yet warm and unassuming in its presentation, the architects looked to the traditional Lombok Lumbung homes for inspiration. At Innit Lombok, this concept translates into open-air living areas, bespoke furniture by Indonesian designers, abundant natural materials, and a strong sense of local connection and authenticity. This influence, in a skilful contemporary re-interpretation, has resulted in a luxury boutique hotel in Lombok that is a discreet designer showpiece and aesthetically modern with a strong sense of locality that makes the most of the magnificent ocean views while ensuring minimal intrusion on the natural landscape.

Seamless connection to nature

This luxury boutique hotel and resort in Indonesia has it all — architectural beauty and striking character, functionality combined with a contemporary expression and the elegance of seamless continuity between indoors and outdoors, an outstanding connection to the island’s natural splendour.

Large openings, clean lines and pared-down decor work together to craft a modern home that feels expansive, airy and, at the same time, cocooning — the perfect viewpoint to relax and enjoy the live canvas of the ocean.

Expansive, airy interiors

Each of the seven beachfront hotel villas consists of two minimalistic volumes, unfolding over 170m2 on two floors – the ground floor that opens towards the beach and the ocean beyond hosting the fully integrated kitchen, dining and lounge area of the house and the top floor is designed for the more private quarters and spaces with two bedrooms. With no walls separating the indoors from the outdoors on the ground floor, guests can indulge in the luxurious tropical lifestyle.

The design is stylish and contemporary, open and calm, elevating interiors to places of peace and beauty. The architects have achieved an inviting and elegant composition by combining the warm material palette of local wood, stone, concrete and terrazzo alongside the restrained shapes and arrangements of tropical modernism.

The boutique hotel in Indonesia is nestled in a coveted position on Ekas Bay in Lombok. The Innit Lombok villas enjoy a prime location next to the pristine, white sandy beach. Drawing inspiration from this beautiful natural feature, the architects seamlessly incorporated the white sand into the villas’ architecture and interior design. As a result, the sand flows continuously from the outside to the inside, blurring the boundaries between the living space and the surrounding nature, offering the perfect barefoot luxury in a tropical paradise. The warmth of wood, the purity of the concrete, the cool softness of stone and the transparency of glass come together masterfully here. Guests are enveloped in a sense of calm and relaxation thanks to the muted colour palette.

The perfect blend of modern design and tradition

The decor carries through to collaborations with Indonesian artisans. The beach houses are decorated with custom-made furniture using natural materials such as teak and rattan. The carefully curated collection includes sofas conceived by Indonesian designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo for the brand Yamakawa Design, alongside bamboo and wooden pieces by the Indonesian studios Eva Natasa, Kalpataru and Santai Jogja. Other impressive design features include the unwalled openness, the sleek vertical wooden slat screen system and the beautiful terrazzo used to craft the bathrooms’ walls, floors, and sinks. The interplay of light and shadow works together to create a sense of depth, contrast, and visual interest.

Making a striking architectural statement, Innit Lombok is truly a fabulous boutique hotel in Indonesia that showcases the perfect intermarriage of stunning modern design and traditional architectural beauty cocooned by the splendour of nature. 

Innit Lombok luxury hotel in Indonesia offers the perfect spot for those dreaming of a carefree, beachside holiday on a tropical island. It is a place where time slows down, a place to pause, relax and appreciate the beauty of life and nature around us.

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