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A luxury Ibiza holiday villa rental




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The world’s most sustainable luxury cabin luggage

Since sustainability is such a major concern these days, a sustainable approach has become non-negotiable for many companies, such as Horizn, a leading brand for smart luggage and premium travel accessories.

Sustainability is a concept that has always been woven into everything Horizn does, and the brand continues to take concrete steps in pushing that agenda forward. It constantly seeks out new opportunities to increase the sustainability of its products by using more responsible and environmentally-friendly materials. But when it comes to sustainable materials that deliver high-quality performance, it is not so straightforward. Horizn has spent many years exploring environmentally-friendly options for its products, with many materials failing its rigorous quality and testing standards. Until now, that is.

In a major breakthrough for the brand, Horizn revolutionised travel once again: with Circle One, the most sustainable luxury luggage in the world. Here, the brand has elevated design, sustainability and performance.

Circle One is an unparalleled eco-innovation and the most significant material science innovation the industry has seen in decades. Made in Europe, the Circle One is 100% plant-based and biodegradable. Horizn has introduced BioX, its patented hard shell made from a flax-fibre weave. This makes the Circle One lighter than aluminium, longer-lasting than polycarbonate, and greener than anything else on the market. It is designed to be repaired and never replaced, so it will never go to landfill. If you ask us, that is the best excuse for buying new cabin luggage we have ever heard of.


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Luxury riad rentals in Marrakech for exclusive use


Discover a collection of some of the best Marrakech riads and villas for rent that will feed your wanderlust. Renting the whole riad as a private retreat with your family or a group of friends is a wonderful way to enjoy a unique holiday in Marrakech.

Our partner’s portfolio includes charming and elegant riads for a couple or large riad rentals for families. The word “riad” means “garden” in Arabic and refers to the garden courtyard around which riad homes are typically built. The courtyard is open to the sky and is naturally cool and air-conditioned. The private houses have been sumptuously restored with elegant aesthetics, timeless beauty and maximum comfort. Each riad showcases exquisite interiors replete with craftsmanship, colour, texture, architectural detailing, decorative flourishes and magical light. The decoration is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, but some are strikingly contemporary. All of the riads to rent have a swimming pool that is heated. Staff are at your disposal, including, at minimum, a cook and a maid.

Escape for a dream holiday in Marrakech and rent a riad to have an authentic Moroccan experience. Welcome to an oasis of calm serenity, a haven of tranquillity, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Have a look at some of the most beautiful riads to rent in Marrakech, including exclusive riad rentals in the medina.



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The world’s best aviator sunglasses

Eyewear trends come and go, but a pair of sleek aviator sunglasses never lose their cool. There is something so indescribably effortless about a pair of classic aviator-shaped frames in sophisticated metals and fine lenses to match. The subtle yet strong look contributes to their everlasting allure and timeless movie-star aesthetic. No accessory collection should be without one (or two).

An iconic heritage eyewear brand, Randolph American-made aviator sunglasses for men and women are some of the most masterfully crafted shades around. Randolph sunglasses reflect the beauty achieved when impeccable craftsmanship meets supreme elegance.

Randolph has dazzled even the most discerning sunglass-wearers across the world with handcrafted eyewear since 1973. For over 40 years, Randolph has also provided the US Military with military-spec Aviators, a contract they still hold today. From lazy days spent lounging by the pool to active adventures exploring the great outdoors, Randolph makes the must-have sunglasses for every traveller. Guaranteed to perform at the highest level, each frame is made by hand at Randolph’s Massachusetts facility in 200 steps over six weeks to create their signature style and comfort.

As one of the best sunglasses brands, Randolph aviators are always and forever in style.


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Luxury villas for rent in Ibiza


Ibiza is an island of enchanting contrasts. Cosmopolitan and modern, yet deeply rooted in its rich history and rural past. Bustling and exciting, yet relaxing and peaceful. World-famous and, at the same time, undiscovered. Here stylish luxury and laid-back relaxation blend to perfection with cultural traditions and a modern vibe. This Mediterranean jewel is one of the most desirable spots to visit in Europe, and the best way to experience all the island has to offer is to stay in one of the luxury villas for rent in Ibiza.

The perfect blend of laidback, relaxed island vibes, a tranquil atmosphere and a buzzing dining and social scene. Ibiza has it all: the dance-til-dawn parties, untouched nature, breathtaking landscapes for hiking and a coastline with crystal-clear turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. Add dazzling towns, fine dining restaurants, elegant beach clubs, lovely cafés, art galleries, artisan markets and fashionable boutiques, and it is easy to see why Ibiza is a treasure that you never end up discovering.

All around the White Island, our partner offers a curated collection of some of the most beautiful luxury villas for rent in Ibiza. Whether you want to rent a modern Ibiza villa or a traditional finca and country house in Ibiza, an elegant family holiday home rental in Ibiza, or hire a luxury villa close to Ibiza town, Villanovo has a villa to suit every requirement.


Hast kitchen knives

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Sharper. Tougher. Better.

Hast luxury kitchen knives harness the power and precision of engineering and materiality with the care and finesse of design to create stunningly sharp, beautiful yet practical modern knives that bring joy back into everyday cooking. Notable for their elegant aesthetics, design singularity and superior performance, these high-quality knives will elevate your cooking experience to new heights. The stunning range of ultra-sharp kitchen knives allows you to cut, slice, dice, peel, and chop any ingredient with confidence.

The clean-lined minimalism and fine material and colour palette add sleekness and dazzling beauty to your kitchen. The sharp knives are made from patented super steel with a single one-piece construction for superior durability and hygiene. Matrix powder steel is the next generation of premium steel. Compared to traditional high-carbon steel, matrix powder steel does what was once thought impossible — combine hardness, strength, and stability without compromise. It is the driving force behind Hast knives’ superior sharpness, durability, and easy handling.

The complete 7-piece Hast Edition Series 7P knife set contains all the knives you will ever need. The set includes a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, a boning knife, a paring knife, a tailored ceramic honing rod, and a cylinder glass knife block.

You are bound to have a cutting-edge experience with Hast modern kitchen knives – effortlessly.


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Ooni Cast Iron Grizzler Pan

Ooni Grizzler Pan

Go beyond pizzas to make a range of flame-cooked dishes in your Ooni pizza oven. For the ultimate in attention-grabbing dish presentation, the Ooni double-sided Grizzler Pan allows you to cook meat, seafood, vegetables and much more directly in your pizza oven. The Grizzler Pan brings together the versatility of a sizzler pan with the distinctive mouth-watering grill flavour you can only get from a griddle pan. With a ribbed griddle side for creating those authentic grill marks on meat, fish and vegetables, and a flat side for sizzling all kinds of food. The food comes together in mere minutes and makes for an out-of-this-world taste experience.

The Cast Iron Ooni Grizzler Pan features a sleek, sturdy Nordic design and is crafted from premium cast iron for superior heat conductivity. The custom-designed cast iron handle is removable and comfortable to use, making it easy to get sizzling hot food straight from your pizza oven to the table. The pan comes with a sustainably sourced beech wood serving board and looks gorgeous on any dining table or surface. Perfect for use at dinner parties and fun get-togethers.

From oven to table, the Ooni Grizzler Pan is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen and will add to your culinary repertoire.



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The chic sandals to wear now

Sandals are the crown jewels in any summer wardrobe. They are the perennial warm-weather favourite, conjuring images of glorious blue skies and golden rays of sunshine. No summer escapade is complete without a pair of sandals, so check out these cool pairs perfect for both the beach and the city.

A simple flat sandal is bound to work hard in your summer wardrobe – regardless of whether you choose a barely there, strappy style or something chunkier and more fashion forward. Several brands have mastered the art of this timeless summer shoe, but few do it better than ALOHAS.

Comfortable, stylish and elegant, check out ALOHAS must-have sandals that are guaranteed to solve all your summer shoe woes. Live a sustainable summer with the brand’s eco-friendly sandals, ready for warmer days with its selection of handcrafted, fashionable sandals. The chic sandals are made in Spain by skilled artisans under a responsible production model that ensures fair trade and sustainable fashion practices. Style ethical sandals with your favourites from ALOHAS’ sustainable clothing collections and add in ethically made handbags for a complete look.


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A new way of adding salt and spices to food

Rivsalt grinder

Take your signature dishes to a new level with RIVSALT. This Swedish brand was created by entrepreneur and designer Jens Sandringer, who was inspired by an evening at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Beijing. During the dinner, the master chef grated salt over the dishes using a large grater and a big salt rock. This experience and Jens’ passion for cooking led him to create RIVSALT, which is Swedish for grated salt.

There is a selection of six kinds of salt – each has its own highly distinctive flavour that will add an extra dimension to your meals. RIVSALT’s collection will encourage you to explore the tastes of different salt rocks from around the world – each is suitable for different types of food and dishes. The stainless steel grater, salt and wood base are equally at home in the kitchen or the centre of your dining table. The collection has now expanded to include spices such as ginger, turmeric, Java long peppers, cinnamon cassia bark, nutmeg and bird’s eye chilli.

Perfect for the discerning foodies, RIVSALT adds a purity of flavour that is seriously impressive to your everyday cooking.


Spicy roasted tomato soup

Make this

Spicy roasted tomato soup

Simple to make and so full of flavour, this soup will be on your weekly rotation, no matter the season. The bold, bright flavour of fresh tomato is lovely in the spring and summer, and the creamy richness of the broth makes it the perfect comfort food for a cold fall or winter night. Healthy, smooth and wonderfully delicious, it offers the classic combination of roasted tomatoes, onion, garlic and basil – but with a spicy twist.