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Comporta Retreat villa
Villa at Comporta Retreat

Comporta Retreat – custom-built holiday homes in a low-key beach resort near Lisbon

Sublime escapism and serene inspiration

Just a stone’s throw from Lisbon, the Retreat preserves Comporta’s identity, traditions and natural beauty whilst simultaneously adding a contemporary feel, so Comporta Retreat becomes a sustainable and authentic reflection of its location for generations to come. Buying one of the plots of land for sale in Comporta Portugal allows owners to experience that desirable comfort and luxury mixed with the natural richness of a wild, untamed landscape.

Own a rare haven of peace, serenity and outstanding natural beauty. Enter into a world where a new horizon amplifies true luxury and relaxed living. Comporta Retreat offers a unique and rare opportunity to buy plots for sale in Comporta and building your own customised dream house.

Set beneath the Troia Peninsula exists a secluded, white sandy coast on the Atlantic Ocean, an almost unknown region of raw beauty, a mere hour’s drive from the cosmopolitan city of Lisbon. 60 kilometres of perfect beachfront surrounded by rice paddies, the ocean, sand dunes and pine forest, the region of Comporta Portugal is a well-kept secret and has maintained a bleached-wood, straw-roofed, barefoot feel.

It is a unique place with its own ambience, where you can connect with nature and live in the moment. This is the epitome of slowness and simplicity; a little corner of paradise, suspended between the ocean and the rice fields.

Comporta Retreat is ideal for investors wanting to do short-term rent in Portugal, or investors who want to buy a luxury vacation house in Portugal. These plots for sale in Comporta are also eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa programme.


In Comporta, just 75 minutes south of Lisbon, a collection of 32 plots wrapped within a pristine pine tree forest will form a small community of homes, just minutes away from Carvalhal town with all amenities.

Comporta Retreat is a private and secluded estate of over 12 hectares set on a hill affording unique views overlooking the rice fields and the ocean.

Situated on an unspoilt hillside with impressive vistas, the large plots ranging between 2,519m2 and 6,440 m2, with buildable areas of 365 m2 to 650 m2. This means that while you can have an expansively spacious house, you still have plenty of green areas that give you total privacy from the neighbours.

Collage of interiors from Comporta Retreat

Surrounded by greenery, the natural architecture defines the properties. Timeless yet contemporary lines will give them their unique character, creating a new paradigm for luxury homes for sale in Comporta, Portugal.

For property owners’ enjoyment, the beautiful homes are the epitome of relaxed elegance and luxurious comfort. Designed and decorated to maximise the authentic experience of Comporta’s relaxing lifestyle, simplicity is refined in a unique decor creating a perfect retreat. The vacation homes will be filled with light, glorious untouched nature and a sweeping sense of space.


With liveable luxury and unassuming beauty, the Comporta style houses for sale in Portugal stand in an idyllic setting of unspoilt natural splendour. A harmonious mixture of traditional architecture and contemporary design creates a comfortable and unique atmosphere for owners to enjoy.

There are two acclaimed architects associated with the project which can customise your house according to typical Comporta style, or you can have your own architect work with one of them to build the ideal home.

As an undeniable tribute to the cultural heritage of Comporta Portugal, built from the love and respect its architects feel for the location, Comporta Retreat offers the perfect translation of its inspiring lifestyle through the integration of traditional architectural lines, connection to its natural environment and a touch of timeless modernity.

Simplicity and authenticity are the hallmarks of Comporta Retreat. The low impact construction and sustainable architecture are complemented by the use of traditional materials and original textures, creating the perfect setting for an authentic experience of Comporta’s charismatic lifestyle.

The design language is based on a luminous architecture, an integration with the natural environment, respect for local traditions and the use of raw materials.

The stylish holiday homes have a material palette of wood, masonry, straw, white lime and polished concrete that ties the architecture to the tones, materials and textures of the region. Large glazed surfaces expose the living spaces to the unmatched beauty of the surrounding scenery.

The freestanding houses are either rustic with thatched roofs and whitewashed walls, or modern with minimalistic lines using natural materials. With an emphasis on open views and privacy, the houses are very much in harmony with the tradition of Comporta.

The living spaces are divided into zones that serve different functions and are connected by wooden decks. The interior is chic and understated refined, whilst remaining warm and welcoming. Carefully planned and designed, the houses are very open to nature.

The 32 private plots take maximum advantage of the views and nature surrounding the plots and provide both the privacy and tranquillity upon which to build a luxury single-storey villa in Comporta.

Collage of ideas for building your holiday home in Comporta Portugal


Comporta Retreat provides upscale concierge services through a tailor-made partnership with

the Hotel Quinta da Comporta (5 minutes away). Residents will have access to the luxury hotel’s amenities such as spa, restaurant and gym. Services include housekeeping and landscape maintenance, amongst others.


The Comporta Retreat, just over an hour’s drive from Lisbon along the Alentejo coastline, is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A wide variety of activities are waiting to be enjoyed; from the best restaurants in the region to long walks or horseback rides on the golden sands of the most beautiful Portuguese coast to the private get-together, where casual is the rule, to long lunches with family and friends, and of course, the never-ending days on the beach which will simply make you forget time.

One of the most stunning beaches in the area is only a 5-minute drive away, whilst Comporta Village is a 10-minute drive. Comporta Retreat is 75 minutes from Lisbon’s International Airport by car.


With unspoilt beauty, rustic character and a delightfully under-the-radar chic vibe, Comporta is just 75 minutes’ drive from the fascinating City of Lisbon.

A small paradise surrounded by miles of dunes and vast pine forest and dotted with lush rice paddies, the Comporta region is still a well-kept secret, untouched yet undoubtedly refined. One is sure to be enticed by Comporta’s endless shades of blue and green that make up the make its stunning landscape. 

The magnificent beaches that stretch along more than 60 kilometres of the Atlantic coastline are undoubtedly one of Comporta’s main assets. The stunning beaches are covered with fine white sand that contrasts with the deep blue of the ocean and the green vegetation.

Far from Lisbon’s hectic lifestyle, in Comporta one will find a cosmopolitan mixture of surf spots, authentic beach cabins, pine and cork oak forests, amazing restaurants, hip beach clubs, and cool boutiques. It is a mix of a rustic summer paradise with privacy and endless beaches, with a possibility of a big social scene, when wanted. The beach season lasts from March to October.

There are plenty of activities to get involved in. Take your pick from sailing, surfing, water-skiing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, horse riding, fishing, cycling, bird watching, golfing on award-winning courses and much more. The eight beaches in the area also boast good waves for all levels of surfers and locals come here year-round to paddle out to sea.

Comporta’s low-key atmosphere and quietly chic vibe, combined with the pristine environment and low-density developments, have won it a select, loyal following. It is a very sought-after area with a solid demand where many celebs have visited or invested in luxury Comporta real estate.

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