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Luxury real estate in Western Algarve

A compelling combination of spectacular scenery, rich historical heritage, glorious climate and vibrant local communities has made the Western Algarve one of the most sought-after spots in Portugal to buy luxury real estate. Here one will be struck by the dramatic rock formations and towering cliffs that give the beaches a wilder, untamed feel and the greener countryside. From the sun-drenched beaches to the cooler hills, from the charming villages and cobbled hill towns to the windswept cliffs at 'The End of the World' of St. Vincent, Western Algarve continues to charm all who decides to buy a second home in Portugal. Whatever it is that first brings property buyers to the Western Algarve - be it the scenery, history, culture or hospitality - they stay for the alluring way of life that the area offers.

Luxury sea-view villaLagos, Algarve

Modern luxury villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

Large mansion villa with gorgeous pool and pooldeck in Carvoeiro Algarve

Seafront villaCarvoeiro, Algarve

Luxury Algarve property

Modern villaPorto de Mós, Algarve

Aerial of large villa in Luz Algarve

Golf villaLuz, Algarve

Modern luxury villa in Praia da Luz Algarve

Modern luxury villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

New contemporary villaPorto de Mós, Algarve

Luxury villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

Illuminated luxury villa and pool at early evening

Designer villaLagos, Algarve

Luxury golf villaPenina Golf, Algarve

Organic vineyardSilves, W. Algarve

Ocean-front villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

Luxury villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

Oceanview villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

Beachfront villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

Modern luxury villaPraia da Luz, Algarve

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