The opulent lobby at The Reverie Saigon luxury hotel
The extravagant lobby

Dripping with palatial grandeur and luxury, The Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, is lavishly designed and flamboyantly appointed

Scintillatingly opulent, magnificently flamboyant & spectacularly extravagant

Step into total decadence at The Reverie Saigon, Vietnam’s most showstopping hotel, a place where luxury has been raised to an art form.

A triumph of splendour and extravagance, The Reverie Saigon is a museum-like masterpiece and nothing shy of exceptional.

Seven years in the making, the precision of design, the opulence of style, the flamboyance of posh and the extravagance of pampering: This is The Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City.

Like a timeless fairy tale majestically told, the exquisite craftsmanship, showstopping decor and artistry manifest the hotel’s reputation as the most regal of Vietnam’s luxury hotels, and the paradigm of Italian palatial luxury in its finest form.

The extravagant lobby

Defined by its unmistakable craftsmanship, The Reverie Saison seamlessly blends past and present. The much-lauded hotel’s design appeal is a marriage of the cool, contemporary all-glass tower, its façade integrated with a sophisticated light projection system capable of colourfully extravagant light shows, and its spectacular interior design, highlighted by an entourage of artefacts and couture pieces that are worthy of a design museum that is showcasing Italy’s most important design houses.

Opulence drips from every corner, from the gilt mirrors and velvet curtains of the rooms and the elaborate chandeliers in the fine dining establishments, to the helipad and fleet of Rolls Royces and other luxury cars at guests’ disposal. The sophisticated spa is as visually stunning as it is ultimately restorative.

Each of the 286 bedrooms is individually furnished by haute Italian design houses, including Visionnaire, Provasi, Giorgetti and Colombostile, and features floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to the city and the Saigon River. Interiors range from sophisticated modern to classically European, and from fashionably chic to whimsical and sassy.

The Reverie Saigon is soaring to the top of the landmark 39-storey Times Square building, and sits in the heart of the city’s prestigious District 1, within walking distance of many of its iconic monuments. It boasts an incomparable perspective on the city with its sweeping views: from the monumental colonial French architecture on the streets below, to the dramatic twists of the Saigon River and the panorama of the sprawling city itself.

Collage of public areas

The Reverie Saigon truly transcends expectations into legendary experiences. A theatre set for the ostentatious, The Reverie Saigon is bathed in a fanciful, extravagantly inspired splendour that is unlike any that even the worldliest travellers have ever seen or experienced.

With magnificent artistry, couture style and absolute indulgence, The Reveries Saigon is crafted to singular perfection by Italian interior designers

The pinnacle of indulgent luxury and resplendent exclusivity, The Reverie Saigon is an extraordinary work of art.

Flawlessly executed with excellence and high artistic esteem, the ultra-luxurious hotel showcases palatial beauty of opulent Italian architecture, underscored by indelible expressions of sophisticated flamboyance and immense scale.

Designed by architect Kent Lui of Kent Lui Tactics, everything about the hotel is the definition of extravagant opulence and exceptional artistry, its design reminiscent of an Italian Palazzo. The overarching design approach was to create spaces that would exude refined luxury, one that is defined by unreserved grandeur and generous in splendour at every turn.

Eschewing the conventional for the extraordinary, understatement for overstatement, and the indigenous for the Italian, The Reverie Saigon proudly showcases works by some of the greatest minds in traditional and contemporary Italian design and craftsmanship.

A design aficionado’s dream, the hotel lists some serious designer pedigree. Showcasing a bedazzling collection of furnishings and decor stemming from an unprecedented collaboration of leading design brands, The Reverie Saigon is a stunning salute to the exceptional mastery and beauty behind Italian artistry and craftsmanship.


The jaw-droppingly lavish interiors are curated by some of Italy’s most acclaimed design houses. With intricate detailing and precision workmanship applied to each aspect of the hotel, they crafted this masterpiece. It is resplendent with acres of glistening Italian marble and gilt, vibrant tapestries, hand-stitched fabrics, evocative furnishings, statement lighting and iconic pieces, with styles ranging from chic modern to classical European, from whimsically romantic to fanciful and sophisticated.

The hotel has collaborated with a wealth of Italian designers that include Baldi, B&B Italia, Cassina, Colombostile, Giorgetti, Grifoni, Le Porcellane, Medea, Poltrona Frau, Rubelli, Sicis, Snaidero, Venini, Visionnaire and VGnewtrend.

Highlights from the eclectic collection for the public rooms include:

  • The main lobby is home to the grandest of grandiose pieces – a 5-metre-long sofa from the Esmeralda line of Colombostile’s Eclettico Collection. Crafted in a Baroque-meets-Rococo style, this statement piece was commissioned for the hotel in regal purple ostrich leather with striking gold leaf trim, and bejewelled with a singular, precious amethyst stone. The one-of-a-kind bell desk in the ground floor lobby was designed to beautifully complement the piece. Flanking the singularly customised sofa is a pair of aptly described “throne” armchairs from the same line – also in purple ostrich and finished with a bronze-coloured patina and 22-karat gold leaf detailing.
  • In the marble-clad lobby is Colombostile’s iconic San Marco winged console, sculpted from cherry wood and finished with handcrafted decorated accents, including hand-painted decorations in a vibrant array of colours, 22-karat red gold leaf and satin-silver collets with gold bath finish, mounted with semi-precious rock crystal stones. Atop it sits a Kändler mirror of hand-processed blown glass, framed in the same palette of vibrant colours as the console, and accented with 22-karat red gold leaf. Both are from the Il Gusto Dei Principi line of Colombostile’s Eclettico Collection.
  • A one-of-a-kind Bechstein grand piano, dating from 1895, has been reimagined and transformed by Baldi into an opulent fairy tale masterpiece. It is on display in the foyer of the La Scala Ballroom. A striking Russian mosaic veneer of precious malachite stone, accented with gilded bronze, decorates the still-pitch-perfect instrument.
  • A larger-than-life monumental clock by Baldi takes pride of place in the main reception area of the hotel’s dramatic lobby and stands three metres tall against the backdrop of District 1. Custom-commissioned exclusively for the hotel, the grand time piece is embellished with emerald green malachite in a Russian mosaic style, hand-chiselled lead crystals and 24-karat gold accents – which together weigh nearly 1,000 kilos. The stunning clock exemplifies time-honoured handcrafting techniques, combined with the latest in technology, to deliver the utmost precision in design details and in time, thanks to its satellite-linked technology.
  • About 12,000 metres of meticulously crafted fabric and wall coverings created by Rubelli’s artisans infuse The Reverie Saigon with an unmistakable sense of Italian style. The exquisite textile creations that bring together different textures and colours with aplomb are found throughout, from the beautiful array of in-suite drapery, to the striking decorative panel that forms the centrepiece of the Reverie Romance Suite. The pièce de résistance is the hand-woven, wall-to-wall coverings of the La Scala ballroom, the grandest ballroom in all of Saigon.
  • Sicis’s trademark decorative hand-laid mosaics, reminiscent of those in grand Venetian palazzos, can be found throughout the hotel, encapsulating the grandiose pillars in Café Cardinal that extend through the airy seventh-floor lobby above. It can also be seen enveloping The Spa’s winding staircase in an artful white and gold floral motif, and transforming in-suite bathrooms into ravishing spa-like spaces.
  • The exquisite chandeliers and vases by Venini are made of richly coloured, hand-blown glass. Individually selected Fazzoletto vases, as well as an array of other colourful signature pieces – including the Bolle by Tapio Wirkkala and the Dèco by Napoleone Martinuzzi – beautifully accentuate the interiors of The Reverie Saigon.
  • In Café Cardinal, a trio of one-of-a-kind wall-mounted light installations, designed by the famous Brazilian brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana for the Venini brand, sits above a long, beautiful banquette. Each installation was created with re-purposed materials, a signature method of the Campana Brothers, consisting of shards and fragments of coloured Venini glass affixed with copper wires.
  • VGnewtrend’s signature LED-lit crystal and steel Arabesque Egg chandeliers blend with a colourful ceiling installation of individual pieces of hand-blown Murano glass to collectively form the geographic silhouette of Vietnam.
  • VGnewtrend’s originality and style are also encountered in the street level lobby, where a grand pillar has been encased with a custom-commissioned installation of tens upon thousands of individual Swarovski crystals within a stainless steel frame and backlit by LED lights.
  • Glittering chandeliers of Swarovski crystals drop from 7.3-metre ceilings, whilst onyx graces the walls of the palatial expanse of the La Scala Ballroom.

Highlights from the elegant collection for the bedrooms and suites include:

  • Reflecting Le Porcellane’s wide range of artistry, in each Classic 1-bedroom Residential Suite hang two meticulously hand-sculpted porcelain chandeliers in a custom-commissioned Reverie Blue – the most intricate decorative piece of which requires at least six weeks to craft, with colours painstakingly mixed by hand – elevating the residential suite’s standout features to works of art.
Collage of bedrooms
  • In each of the two Designer Suites by Giorgetti hangs a Murano glass reproduction by Venini of an iconic chandelier originally designed by the famed Gio Ponti. Each Designer Suite also features an elegant canopy bed designed by Ching Wing Lo, as well as a handcrafted armchair from the brand’s iconic Progetti line made of leather and Brazilian pau ferro wood.
  • From a sleek ostrich skin-clad cabinet in the dining room, to a French empire-style Galahad chandelier hanging magnificently above the master bed, the sky-high Designer Suite by Visionnaire is arguably the most fashionable pied à terre in all of Saigon.
  • The Panorama Suite by Giorgetti is graced by some of the brand’s most distinctive pieces, including a sleek Ino cocktail cabinet in walnut and lined with silky sycamore, and a cosy Isa dining table with matching Idra leather chairs.
  • Decorative pieces in the Executive Suite by Giorgetti include AFO bedside lamps and an elegant EOS desk in turtledove saddle leather – both by Ching Wing Lo.

The Vietnamese people’s enthusiasm for colours is masterly yet subtly presented, whilst Asian symbolism may be found throughout the property – however discreetly. At the hotel’s fine dining Cantonese restaurant, an interior marked by red and gold speaks to the belief that the two colours represent happiness and good fortune.

The green malachite stone veneer of the grand piano and clock by Baldi was specially commissioned due to its resemblance to jade and all of the positive feng shui that it is believed to bring, including health, wealth and harmony. The hotel’s peacock feathers logo references tidings of abundance and good luck in Vietnam.

Collage of three flamboyant suites

A singular showpiece of extravagant magnificence, The Reverie Saigon makes a grand design statement with an unparallelled wow-factor.

Curated luxurious rooms and suites infused with pure decadence and indulgent comfort

Furnished in The Reverie Saigon’s fanciful, eclectic style, all of the hotel’s 286 magnificently decorated guestrooms pay tribute to Italy’s rich design heritage with exquisite decor, artistry and craftsmanship.

In addition to the 224 rooms and 62 suites, there are 89 full-service residential-style suites that offer a luxury living experience, accompanied by access to the hotel’s services and amenities.

Ranging in size from an ample 43m² to a palatial 313m², the hotel’s 12 categories of accommodation are amongst the most spacious in the city.

Whether classic chic or quietly modern sophistication, the luxury and opulence of the hotel is reflected in the rich design of each bespoke room and suite.

Bedrooms vary greatly in style, but all swathe guests in an elegant ambience, with panoramic views, exquisite palettes, sumptuous textiles and upmarket amenities. Floor-to-ceiling windows in all rooms and suites reveal beautiful vistas of Ho Chi Minh City’s ever-evolving skyline or the winding Saigon River and beyond, the storied Mekong Delta.

Dressed in a shimmering earthy palette, rooms blend urban sophistication with a touch of glamour, while the generous designer suites are a tribute to Italian artisanry and workmanship at its finest.

For expectations that go beyond exclusivity to absolute singularity, book one of the hotel’s larger-than-life suites: the bi-level Saigon Suite or the Reverie Suite.

The Saigon Suite

The singular Saigon Suite presents an extraordinary haven of quintessential Italian luxury that is spread out over a 276m² expanse on the hotel’s two top floors.

The Saigon suite

This distinctive 2-bedrooom suite brims with flair, with its showstopping collection of statement pieces by the who’s who of iconic design.

A standout piece is a set of Poltrona Frau’s buttery-soft leather Chester One sofas and armchairs that are on display in the living room. These iconic furnishings, first designed in 1912 by Renzo Frau and some of which can take 55 hours to craft by hand, take centre stage in the bi-level suite’s lofty living room. Just opposite stands the magnificently re-engineered Veliero bookcase originally dreamt up by famed Italian architect Franco Albini in 1940 for his home in Milan. Its contemporary reproduction comprises 1,800 individual pieces.

In the adjacent dazzling dining room, an 8-seat Taliesin dining table and iconic Barrel chairs, originally designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, take centre stage. A stunning space in which to entertain, the room further captures the imagination with its dramatic elongated cascade crystal chandelier by Masiero.

The master suite exudes comfort on a formidable scale with its contemporary four-post bed and its striking ruby red Juliet armchair, designed by Benjamin Hubert for Poltrona Frau’s 100th anniversary. The museum-esque piece pairs artfully with the equally original and eye-catching vanity console by Andree Putman in the master bath – rivalled only by the mosaic tiled floors and stunning window-side shower.

The adjacent master parlour presents a stylish setting for morning espressos or evening cocktails with its avant-garde leather sofa by maverick French designer Philippe Starck and an accompanying pair of P22 red leather armchairs by Cassina. A Pelle Frau saddle leather Isidoro vintage travel trunk-inspired private bar cabinet, custom-designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, adds a touch of glamour to one corner of the room.

Meanwhile, in the spacious guestroom, Poltrona Frau’s handcrafted capitonné-padded leather bed presents a sumptuous centrepiece, while a legendary chaise longue originally designed in 1928 by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, and meticulously reproduced by Cassina, takes pride of place window-side alongside a Cassina reproduction of Meret Oppenheim’s famously whimsical 1939 surrealist Traccia bird legs service table, beautifully finished in silver leaf.

Daylight floods the suite’s dramatic, marble-clad living area whilst jaw-dropping views reveal virtually all of Saigon through lofty wall-to-wall windows.

The Reverie Suite

The stateliest of all, the Reverie Suite seamlessly brings together luxuriously modern amenities and the most sumptuous classic Italian design – pairing them with coveted views to deliver inimitable extravagance across a 313m² expanse over the hotel’s two top floors.

The Reverie Suite

Throughout, lavishly crafted and decorated, period-style Provasi furnishings in rich tones of burgundy, ivory and moss green with burnished gold accents set the suite’s opulent tone. Resplendent artisanal touches – from hand-laid mosaics and brocade wallpaper to hand-knotted rugs, intricate hardwood inlaid flooring and draped silk curtains – add sophistication to the vast penthouse suite.

On the lower level, formal living and dining spaces designed around a palette of earthy solid woods and regal red textiles make this jewel fit for entertaining on a grand scale. The grand, winding staircase leads to a private wood-panelled study and a magnificent master suite, complete with an elegant parlour and marble-clad bath decorated with a stunning, hand-laid mosaic installation by Sicis of Italy, with shimmering golden accents.

The stunning guest suite – replete with walk-in closet and marble ensuite – presents a noble space in which to host overnight guests.

In-room amenities and services

All guestrooms come outfitted with spacious walk-in or walk-through closets and spacious bathrooms with separate tubs and rain showers. Some feature window-side tubs for soaking in the colourful, twinkling lights that are quintessentially Saigon. Luxurious bath amenities include Chopard in rooms and a choice of Hermès or Acqua di Parma in suites. The sumptuous king-sized beds are dressed with Frette – with smooth 400-thread count in rooms and silky 600-thread count in suites. Duvets are filled with the highest quality goose down, whilst pillow menus offer more than half a dozen options.

Fresh Italian espresso can be made in-room with Nespresso machines, whilst tea lovers may brew some of France’s finest with the selection of Dammann teas. In addition, minibar service is complimentary and its contents are refreshed daily.

The guestrooms feature every imaginable modern technology one would expect – from Cisco VoIP telephones to 46- to 55-inch flat-screen TVs – plus a few one would not expect, such as televisions that sink into consoles so as not to compromise the splendid views.

For that royal touch, complimentary 24-hour butler service is available to those residing in the hotel’s four Designer Suites, as well as in the Saigon Suite and the Reverie Suite. Trained by the prestigious British Butler Institute, butlers are on hand to cater to guests’ every whim any time of day or night. Butler service may also be arranged for those residing in other room and suite categories (additional fees apply).

Full-service residential-style suites

Designed in the same inimitable Italian style as that of the hotel, the 89 residential-style suites present luxurious living spaces and are ideal for business or leisure travellers desiring a getaway from the urban bustle, a tranquil home-away-from-home with the convenience of full access to the services and facilities of Saigon’s most luxurious hotel, The Reverie.

Modern two bedroom suite

Rich in design details, the stylish residential-style suites range from classic to timeless, and feature exquisite Italian furnishings and decorative accents by Cassina, Medea, Grifoni and Le Procellane. They boast panoramic views of the Saigon River and surrounding city skyline,

Ranging in size from a very comfortable 80m² to a spacious 140m², the fully furnished residential-style suites are available in 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom configurations and feature separate living rooms.

In all of the Reverie Residence’s full-service residential-style suites, Snaidero takes the culinary arts to the next level with its custom-fitted smart kitchens. Sleekly finished in wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, high-gloss white lacquer, the kitchens are designed to be as elegant and attractive as they are interactive and intelligently constructed.

Each residential-style suite is outfitted with premium bedding, marble-lined bathrooms with deep soaking tubs and bath amenities by Acqua di Parma.

The Reverie Saigon’s residential-style living space comes replete with its own private entrance and lobby, 24-hour guest service and full access to the hotel’s facilities and services.

An exclusive Residence Lounge outfitted by Giorgetti, with a library and private gym, round out the facilities and amenities available to those residing in the residential-style suites.

Culinary experiences in a class of their own

The same meticulous attention to detail that defines The Reverie Saigon is evident in each of the hotel’s four ambitious dining venues.

Three of the restaurants celebrate the culinary arts of Cantonese fine dining, refined French cuisine and hearty home-style Italian, whilst a fourth is an East Asian interpretation of the timeless sidewalk cafés of Europe. There is also a lovely deli.

Each venue cultivates a distinctive atmosphere, from the elegant interiors of Café Cardinal to R&J’s stunning mosaics, from The Royal Pavilion’s stately decor to The Long @ Times Square’s lively vibe.

For those who prefer the privacy or convenience of dining in their suite, there is a 24-hour In-Room Dining service.

The Royal Pavilion

A favourite amongst sophisticated fine dining aficionados, The Royal Pavilion is a Saigon dining destination in its own right.

Entrance to The Royal Pavilion restaurant

The splendorous fine dining restaurant is a celebration of authentic Cantonese cuisine, raising the bar with its masterful preparation and exquisite presentations.

The Royal Pavilion is known for serving some of the most scrumptious dim sum in Vietnam, including melt-in-the-mouth baked barbecued pork puff buns, steamed red rice roll wrapped with crispy bean curd and shrimp, and mango pudding with sago and pomelo.

Signature à la carte dishes offer a lavish culinary journey through China’s most popular cuisines, with delicacies that may include braised imperial bird’s nest soup, honey-glazed barbecued pork, and the restaurant’s signature crispy tower of deep-fried shredded taro and peanuts.

Boasting captivating views of a colonial-era palace and age-old shophouses on the picturesque Nguyen Hue Boulevard below, the Royal Pavilion features an open seating area in a decidedly East Asian setting and more secluded quarters in a warren of nine private dining rooms for intimate parties.

Stately and elegant with an air of regality, the main dining room presents a sumptuous dining experience in every way.

The Royal Pavilion’s distinctive decor sets the auspicious tone for an extraordinary experience, from the specially commissioned Swarovski crystal dragon installation suspended at its entrance, to the elegant furnishings custom-designed by Provasi that reflect an Asian-inspired palette of regal red and gold, infused with the finest Italian craftsmanship.

With bold expressions of jade, vermilion and gold throughout – including exquisite wood carvings of Chinese pictorials and traditional Chinese scenes painted on gold leaf – the stage is set for one of Saigon’s most refined dining experiences.

Café Cardinal

The hotel’s all-day dining venue, Café Cardinal, features an extensive menu that is decidedly French, although it draws influences from Asia and the West during breakfast and lunch.

Cafe Cardinal

At breakfast and then again at lunch, the restaurant’s marble counters are laden with mouth-watering culinary selections that are as visually appealing as they are sumptuous. The daily cornucopia echoes the spirit of an all-day dining menu, with as many as a dozen main courses on offer and made-to-order, from steak and eggs to Vietnamese broken rice, from black cod with chorizo to wok-fried lobster with black peppercorn.

Come dusk, dinner is an opulent affair, with à la carte and prix-fixe menus that are a tribute to classical French cuisine. The dessert menu entices with the finest selection of classical French desserts in all of Saigon, including the likes of millefeuille and baba au rhum, as well as an array of imported cheeses.

In addition to its all-day dining offering, the stunning venue serves up afternoon tea in high style daily, presenting selections from Europe, including favourites such as Austrian Linzer torte, French éclairs and English scones.

On Sundays, roast carving and seafood stations – and the opportunity to pair brunch with the finest champagne – further tempt diners to while away the hours in one of Saigon’s most elegant spaces.

The sheer sophistication of the 3-storey venue, with ornate decor and soaring spaces, is bound to impress discerning diners.

Flooded with natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows, Café Cardinal’s breathtaking atrium dining space features an elegant landscape of stunning leather furnishings by Visionnaire, paired with Italian marble and set against palatial, hand-laid mosaic art installations and a sweeping staircase.

Decorative masterworks include sparkling chandeliers and light installations by Venini, including a colourful trio designed for Venini by Brazil’s famed Campana Brothers, made of an eclectic array of repurposed glass fragments and copper wires.

With an airy perch and expansive views of Saigon, Café Cardinal is an oasis of contemporary calm in the heart of District 1.


Romeo & Juliet – or ‘R&J’, as it is affectionately called – offers a full range of flavourful, authentic Italian dishes and is known as one of the best restaurants in Saigon’s prestigious District 1.

R&J restaurant

The menu serves traditional Italian dishes marked by subtle, contemporary culinary influences. It showcases regional favourites from north to south – from Wagyu osso buco to seafood stew, to home-made pasta crafted with imported Italian flour. Select meats and seafood are shipped in from France and New England.

Exuding a distinctively exuberant flair, the dazzling dining room is encrusted with spectacular wall-to-wall Italian mosaics that are inspired by the meticulous tile work of grand Venetian palazzos. There is a striking back-lit bar, extravagant candelabras and a whimsical collection of deliberately different dining chairs – a creative nod to the 40 distinctive corners of Italy.

And the service is as engaging as the setting, with staff who not only shake and stir welcome cocktails, but also present a selection of the day’s freshest catch and assemble tiramisu right before diners’ eyes.

Two beautifully appointed private dining rooms offer intimate spaces in which to host intimate gatherings while the entire restaurant offers an impressive venue for grand private events.

R&J Lounge and Restaurant has added a live seafood counter, which also serves up an extensive selection of champagnes.

Along with the city’s premier Italian fine dining experience, R&J Lounge and Restaurant really is the place to be.

Long @ Times Square

Aptly named The Long @ Times Square, this casual sidewalk-style eatery stretches between Saigon’s most fashionable street, Dong Khoi, and its most monumental thoroughfare, Nguyen Hue Boulevard.

The Long@Times Square

Located at street level, The Long is an indoor and outdoor experience at the same time, with open street-side fronts and an arched skylight that runs the length of the hotel. The bar’s lithe, marble-topped counter leaps between the streets in six individual segments, stretching an impressive 48 metres across.

The popular eatery serves up the most authentic artisanal pizza in town. The Italian master pizza chef from Naples uses legendary recipes that go back three generations. The pizzas are made with burrata flown in twice weekly from Italy. Finished to perfection, each pizza is cooked in a custom-commissioned Mario Acunto wood-fired pizza oven that was imported from Naples. It is easy to see why The Long is Saigon’s gold standard for artisanal pizza.

The tantalizing trattoria-style menu also offers diners a fresh inventive take on both Asia and Western selections, from tangy green papaya salad and tiger prawns with Vietnamese herbs, to barbeque pork ribs and glitzy gold leaf beef burgers.

At the gelato bar, the dazzling selection of 32 home-made flavours includes Asian specialities such as soursop, purple sticky rice and salted caramel cashew, plus more well-recognised ones such as gianduja and tiramisu. Apart from local flavours, the fruit is imported from Italy and France, the chocolate from Belgium and the milk from Germany.

The Deli

With a relaxed café vibe and artisanal treats, The Deli offers a refreshing alternative with light meals and gourmet bites.

For casual dining or for those on the go, it features a collection of breakfast, lunch and quick snack options. It serves up a selection of made-to-order salads, gourmet sandwiches, simple pastas and sublime homemade soups, along with exquisite freshly baked croissants, breads and French pastries that include cakes, macaroons and chocolate pralines.

A grandiose spa that is serene, sophisticated and rich in indulgent luxury

Vietnam’s most magnificent city spa, The Spa at The Reverie Saigon is a palatial oasis of calm and indulgence in the heart of bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

the spa

Together with the fitness centre, The Spa encompasses 1,200m² over a 2-floor expanse and offers a total of 17 treatment rooms.

The Spa features 10 private multi-functional treatment rooms, each designed with leather-clad walls and appointed with Earthlite spa beds draped with plush 400-thread count sheets and Frette bath linens. There is also a salon wing that features four private rooms dedicated to hair and beauty treatments. The VIP beauty suite comes replete with city views. There are also separate men’s and women’s steam and sauna facilities and three semi-enclosed areas for manicures and pedicures.

A balance of East and West, a union of ancient traditions and modern elements: the spa’s extensive menu combines ancient Southeast Asian traditions with innovative Western-inspired techniques and luxurious organic products.

From soothing massages to rejuvenating facials and pampering body treatments, there is something to suit the most demanding of clients.

For a memorable wellness experience, The Spa uses luxurious organic products from ila and VOYA, as well as custom-blended pure essential oils from Thailand and Dr. Taffi from Italy. Seaweed harvested in the Atlantic, pink salt from the Himalayas and mud from the Amazon are just a sampling of some of the exotic elements incorporated into the diverse range of therapies offered.

Signature treatments include the Five Elements multi-sensorial Tibetan treatment, which includes hand-cupping, hot stones and acupressure, using ila organic essential oils.

Striking a maximum balance between opulent luxury and natural inspiration, The Spa’s interiors are enveloped in exclusivity, elegance and discretion. The 6th-floor reception area is richly decorated with white marble, golden mosaic tiles, rose carpeting, plush leather and classical furnishings. A curvaceous stairway, bedazzled in a decorative, floral mosaic pattern by Sicis of Italy, provides a segue from the classical extravagance on the 6th floor to the more contemporary ambiance of the floor above.

The Spa Swimming Pool

A state-of-the-art fitness centre and a spectacular pool with mesmerising Saigon River and city skyline views

The Reverie Saigon is also home to the city’s most technologically advanced fitness centre.

Accessible to hotel guests 24 hours a day, the 120m² poolside space is equipped with an array of Technogym’s ARTIS line of equipment, complete with Wi-Fi-enabled UNITY user consoles for a smart, personal and tailored experience.

On the expansive, open-air terrace deck on the same floor as the gym, Saigon’s most exclusive swimming experience beckons with the hotel’s impressive 24-metre-long, free-form swimming pool. It is beautifully decorated with exquisite mosaic-tiled artistry by Sicis of Italy. The pool is equipped with an underwater sound system as well as technology that produces symphonic underwater light and music shows. There are also two adjacent Jacuzzis.

The spacious outdoor pool area features a collection of B&B Italia’s curvaceous modern furnishings, including its Canasta line of sofas and chairs by renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, with their weave-like pattern forming decorative geometric shapes. Intermingling with sinuous Crinoline armchairs, also by Urquiola, they elevate the pool terrace into an elegant, resort-esque space situated above the heart of District 1 and with views toward the scenic Saigon River.

Lounges that allow access to a world of finery

The Reverie Lounge presents 542m² of inimitable luxury on the top two floors of the hotel, affording a skyline view of the capital. It is exclusively reserved for the hotel’s suite guests.

What is, perhaps, one of the world’s most stunning hotel lounges, it is exquisitely outfitted by Visionnaire, a company that blurs the lines between fashion and furnishings with its sophisticated glamour design approach. The duplex space is accented with works by budding Vietnamese artists. Its winding, gold leaf-encased marble staircase strikes a spectacular pose against the backdrop of Saigon.

Accessible seven days a week, it offers breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails and canapés, with refreshments, seasonal fruits and light snacks on offer throughout the day. In addition, a small meeting room that seats up to 10 is available for use on a complimentary, first come, first served basis.

The chic Residence Lounge is a 238m² space reserved exclusively for the use of those residing in the residential-style suites of the Reverie Residence. Designed by Giorgetti, a sumptuous blend of Soi leather sofas and cream Moon armchairs adds a glamorous flair to the space.

Open daily, the bi-level lounge includes a library and an intimate private gym featuring Technogym equipment, as well as separate men’s and women’s changing rooms with steam and sauna facilities. In addition, freshly brewed coffee and home-made cookies are served throughout the day.

Experience a new world of extravagance on the hotel’s private yacht

For those looking for an experience that stands out from the ordinary, The Reverie private yacht is an elegant solution. The pairing of the yachting experience exclusively available to guests of The Reverie Saigon, with the Saigon River as a background, sets the stage for any occasion imaginable.

The Reverie Yacht

The hotel’s 60-foot Monte Carlo 6 yacht is decked out in teakwood and exquisite leatherwork and comes outfitted with spacious interior living and dining areas as well as spaces in which to lounge and dine al fresco on the main deck and on the characteristic flybridge above (complete with retractable roof).

Out on the foredeck are electronically controlled sun loungers complemented by a built-in outdoor sound system with Bluetooth connectivity, whilst below deck is a spacious master bedroom with ensuite, a fully equipped walk-in kitchen, separate powder room and a multi-purpose seating area. A built-in outdoor barbeque on the back deck beckons the hire of a private chef.

The luxurious yacht can comfortably accommodate up to 10 hotel guests and comes with a crew of three and a private butler. The hotel’s bespoke excursions introduce a new perspective on the burgeoning metropolis as The Reverie threads the natural splendour of the tropical country’s verdant delta.

The yacht navigates tributaries that lead to picturesque mangroves and tucked-away local villages, revealing the day-to-day living and traditional commerce that still take place along the riverfront.

Cruising options include sunset cruise with a champagne picnic served as dusk settles on the city and the spectacular lights of its landmarks begin to paint the skies. Other possibilities include a 5-hour cruise to explore the UNESCO Can Gio Biosphere Reserve. Encompassing approximately 80,000 hectares of the lush river delta, the “green lungs of Saigon” are blanketed with a rich mangrove forest brimming with flora and fauna. There is also an 8-hour excursion anchored by a stop at Taekwang Jeongsan Country Club for a round of golf. Designed by American golf course architect Ronald Fream, the riverside greens consist of two 9-hole courses located on the ecological island of Dai Phuoc, an approximate 60-minute boat ride from central Saigon.

Lavish signature amenities and services

Providing the warmth of distinctly Vietnamese hospitality, the nonpareil service is gracious, respectful, ever present but never intrusive. Staff are strategically positioned at every turn, ready to escort guests anywhere and to cater to their every whim.

With 15 elegant multi-purpose meeting and event spaces, including Saigon’s most distinctive and opulent ballroom, The Reverie Saigon is the perfect venue for any event – whether it be a private board meeting, an important global conference, a lavish wedding or the grandest social event of the season.

From the stately splendour of the La Scala ballroom to the contemporary decor of the more intimate function spaces, each option exudes world-class sophistication and presents an enticing backdrop to an unforgettable experience.

The pièce de résistance is the pillarless La Scala Grand Ballroom. Irrefutably the grandest ballroom in Saigon, it is a 7.3-metre-tall palatial expanse of onyx-framed entryways, fabric-lined walls by Rubelli and chandeliers made of Swarovski crystals overlooking Nguyen Hue Boulevard.

There is also a fully staffed Business Centre offering 24-hour access to three fully equipped workstations, including colour printer, photocopier and scanner.

The Reverie’s gleaming fleet of luxury automobiles, including a Rolls Royce limited edition Phantom Dragon, a Bentley, a Maybach and various classes of Mercedes and BMWs, will whisk guests around the city from the second they arrive to the moment they depart.

The luxurious Reverie Saigon offers access to a helipad, a unique and efficient means of getting to and from the hotel.

Saigon, a bustling city that offers superb sights and activities

Endless discovery awaits the foodie, the art lover, the history buff, the culture vulture and the shopping enthusiast. Saigon offers much to satisfy the curious traveller.

From insights on museums and directions to nearby artisanal coffee houses, from shopping recommendations to dining reservations, from out-of-town golfing excursions to river cruises up the Mekong Delta, the hotel’s in-the-know Concierge team is available to help guests with everything from the simple to the seemingly complex.

The Reverie Saigon at Sunset

Must-visit museums and landmarks include the singularly beautiful and impressive Ho Chi Minh City Museum, the historically significant Reunification Palace, the neo-Romanesque Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, the neo-classical Central Post Office and the French colonial Opera House.

And from The Reverie Saigon’s sky-high perch, the city’s monument Nguyen Hue Boulevard can be seen stretching from the riverfront to the exquisite 1908 Hôtel de Ville – now the People’s Committee Building (City Hall).

Vietnam is well-known for its coffee culture, and a wide array of artisanal coffee houses – some with award-winning coffee baristas – are located near The Reverie Saigon.

Saigon is the true definition of a shopping paradise, where one can find everything – from luxurious malls to bustling traditional markets. World-class shopping can be found at Saigon Centre, Diamond Plaza and Union Square, home to flagship outlets for the likes of Hermès, Chopard and Dior. Premium art galleries abound within walking distance of the hotel, as do high-end lacquerware shops such as Saigon Crafts and the ever-popular Sadec District – manufacturer of locally made ceramic works.

An incomparable location at an enviable address

With frontage on Saigon’s two most storied avenues, Dong Khoi Street and Nguyen Hue Boulevard, The Reverie sits at the heart of the city’s prestigious District 1. As Saigon’s most happening neighbourhood for business and leisure, “D1” has become a sought-after destination for high-end shopping and the city’s trendiest dining spots. It is also home to some of the most historically significant and architecturally iconic landmarks in Vietnam.

Flanked by the Saigon River and the Opera House, The Reverie Saigon is located mere steps from District 1’s most defining destinations – from heritage museums and legendary architecture, to charming cafés and designer boutiques.

Perfectly poised on the city’s picturesque, tree-lined, pedestrian boulevard of Nguyen Hue – replete with sweeping views – the hotel offers a lofty perch from which to soak in the city that is officially called Ho Chi Minh City but frequently still referred to, even by locals, as Saigon.

The Reverie Saigon is eight kilometres from Tan Son Nhat International Airport; six kilometres from Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre (SECC); seven kilometres from HCMC International Exhibition & Convention Centre (HIECC); 22 kilometres from the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) – Binh Duong; 61 kilometres from Phu My Port; and 71 kilometres from My Tho Port.

A grand luxury affair distinguished by singular lavishness, inimitable luxury and unquestionable distinction

Extravagant, indulgent and all-round flamboyant, The Reverie Saigon has raised the bar when it comes to sophisticated design, culinary arts and pampering. A study in unapologetic splendour, guests will be enchanted by the world of fantasy and expressive flamboyance that envelops this extraordinary hotel.

The Reverie Saigon – a name that epitomises Italian opulence, head-turning glamour and a flair for the extravagant – is the boldest expression of magnificence that has ever been seen amongst luxury hotels in Vietnam.
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The extravagant lobby

Dripping with palatial grandeur and luxury, The Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, is lavishly designed and flamboyantly appointed

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The extravagant lobby

Dripping with palatial grandeur and luxury, The Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, is lavishly designed and flamboyantly appointed

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