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One of Africa’s most prestigious private safari ranches, Ol Jogi in Laikipia, Kenya, exhibits a triumphant union of pristine wilderness, haute luxury, abundant wildlife and pioneering conservation

As one of the most beautiful places on earth, Ol Jogi is unmatched in terms of extreme luxury, comfort, natural splendour, culinary excellence, serenity and conservation. It is a place unlike any other in the world…breathtaking beyond words.

Impressively situated high up on Kenya’s scenically diverse Laikipia Plateau, Ol Jogi will treat guests to the poetic beauty of the surrounding landscape. They will be immersed in the grandeur and magic of the incredible wildlife.

Ol Jogi private wildlife conservancy is a place like no other. Imagine enjoying 58,000 private acres: no crowds of tourists, only complete and unequivocal tranquillity and serenity. With the vastness of the land and the expansiveness of the sky, see African wildlife at its most awe-inspiring.

The main house at the safari ranch and conservancy

Ol Jogi was the African retreat of the storied Wildenstein family (the powerful American-French art-dealing and horse-racing dynasty), who built the lavish manor house and its adjacent cottages in the late 1970s for their personal enjoyment. It opened to the public in 2013 as an exclusive-use safari property. The opulent scale and beauty of the estate is impressive beyond compare.

Guests at Ol Jogi will enjoy the ultimate African adventure. This is how Africa and a safari in Kenya was meant to be experienced, with a lack of tourists competing to view the animals, and no minivans intruding on the serenity. It can be just you, and this remarkable wildlife habitat with its magnificent landscapes.

The beauty of nature is interplayed with the finery of luxury. It is a masterful melding of splendorous wildlife and luxurious facilities that leaves a lasting impression. Here is a place that beckons guests to return year after year, to experience something new with each magical visit.

A lavish display of wildlife galore, natural majesty and scenery

As wonderful and indulging as Ol Jogi’s family home is, the real treasure lies in the untouched nature, the wildlife that unfolds, and the freedom to do anything within this magical setting. With the dramatic backdrop of Mount Kenya, the spellbinding landscapes of Ol Jogi are rich with wildlife and showcase incredible density and diversity.

Far reaching views over valley in Laikipia in Kenya

The estate’s vegetation is characterised by savannah, riverine forest and acacia scrubland – home to some of Africa’s most iconic animals – and is interspersed by small hills known as kopjes, 58 dams and many rivers.

Ol Jogi lies within Kenya’s scenically varied northern Laikipia region, renowned for its abundant wildlife. The private wildlife reserve is home to roughly 7,000 large mammals, including the Big 5, the world’s largest population of endangered Grévy’s zebra and significant numbers of other endangered animals such as African wild dog and Eastern black rhinos, as well as being staggeringly rich in birdlife.

Because the vast property is privately owned, guests are free to experience their safari in Kenya however and whenever they wish. There are endless ways to explore, from day and night game drives and guided walking safaris, accompanied by Ol Jogi’s skilled rangers, to more adventuresome options that include horse riding, fishing, walking with a troop of baboons, rock climbing and hiking to view the unique geology of the sandy erosion gully.

Image collage of cheetah, lions and the wild, beautiful surroundings

Ol Jogi houses huge populations of endangered species, including black rhino, wild dog, and Grevy’s zebra. 15% of the world’s population of Grévy’s zebra live at Ol Jogi, as do 12% of the world’s reticulated giraffes (characterised by thick white lines dividing up their coat). Everywhere in Africa rhinos are in the gravest danger, killed for their horns in terrifying numbers (rhino horns now sell for £38,000 per kilo on the black market).

Extremely rare black and white rhinos wander the plains, giraffes nibble leaves from tall trees, prides of lions bask in the sun as groups of the endangered Grévy’s zebra graze the grassy savanna and the plains teem with elephants. Elephants, leopards, cheetahs, hippos, hartebeests, buffalos, gazelle, oryx, hyenas, primates, ungulates and more than 300 bird species populate this magical eco-system that is Ol Jogi.

The entire safari ranch is surrounded by an innovative ring-fencing system that has 16 access points that will not allow the endangered rhino through but will allow other species to migrate freely back and forth.

At Ol Jogi, many of the animals come right up to their human visitors. Sheltered beneath a rocky outcrop in the Kenyan bush, the lodge opens out to a verdant lawn with its own watering hole and its ever-changing wildlife scene, with the slopes of Mount Kenya set in the distance.

For a change of scenery, Ol Jogi has a full, 5-star mobile camp for heading out into the bush and sleeping under the stars.

Resplendently sumptuous manor house

The sumptuous manor house, which serves as a base for meals and socialising, plus freestanding cottages have been impeccably decorated with a flair for the extravagant.

Collage with images of the main house at Ol Jogi private wildlife conservancy in Kenya

Exuding Old World elegance and grace, the manor house is resplendently decorated in high African style. There is ebony furniture, custom-made Lalique lamps, dark wood antiques and fine artwork. Every room is embellished with unique fixtures – from the tribal details on the custom-built bar and the plaster lionesses lounging on the fireplaces in the dining room, to the enormous sculpture of an elephant’s head above the billiards table.

The sprawling manor house features reception rooms, sitting room, library, billiards and games room, reading nooks, cinema room, dining room and cocktail bar, veranda and a lagoon-like pool, fringed with greenery and dotted with water lilies. A tunnel leads from the bar to an underground blind at the edge of the waterhole, offering some unbeatable up-close wildlife viewing. Here guests may watch the animals congregate.

And, should guests need to catch up on work, there is a state-of-the-art office with wireless internet.
The house is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, which are adorned by waterfalls.

Interior of the elegant library and lounge

The trappings of luxury are certainly there, but there is nothing ostentatious about the estate. It retains the classy yet invitingly warm ambience of a refined family home that is designed for privileged yet comfortable living.

Luxurious accommodation of supreme elegance

Offering lavish accommodation for up to 14 guests, there are seven individually designed cottages that are luxuriously embellished with exceptional views of the unspoilt wilderness.

Each cottage has been individually designed with a different theme. Offering an atmosphere of pure elegance and impeccable taste, the freestanding cottages boast elaborate architectural detailing such as exquisite stained-glass windows made by an artist in Nairobi and depicting wildlife images, handcrafted furniture, fine antiques and sumptuous Hermès linens. Picture windows provide sensational views of the wildlife as they wander past.

Image collage of interiors of some of the luxury cottages

The cottages feature huge bedrooms, his-and-hers dressing rooms and bathrooms complete with rainforest showers and Jacuzzi tubs. Most cottages have a spacious sitting room.

With private outdoor areas, guests may wake up to spectacular sunrises above Mount Kenya and go to sleep aware of the vast array of wildlife drinking at the watering hole. The combination of luxury and nature is unlike anything most guests have ever experienced before.

Fine dining

The main house is where mealtimes and starry evenings may be spent.

The food is truly exceptional. The world-class resident French chef has worked for the Wildensteins for decades, having previously cooked for the Rothschilds. In order to ensure perennially fresh produce, he has cultivated an amazing organic vegetable and herb garden. Breads and pastries are baked daily. The vast, underground cellar houses fine French wines.

Fine dining in the bush at Ol Jogi private safari in Kenya

At every mealtime, the table is laid to surprise, with an ever-changing array of china from Limoges, Hermès and Porcelaine de Paris, candelabras from the finest of silversmiths, specially commissioned crockery from Christian Dior or Hermès, glassware from Saint-Louis, Hermès, Cartier and Daum, linens from all the best houses, and a variety of animal sculptures marching across the centre. Many are collectors’ items and are no longer available for purchase.

Whether served in one of the elaborate dining rooms or on the open-air veranda area, every meal is a wonder and the glorious setting is unforgettable. Options also include a specially organised dinner in the bush or up a mountain.

Indulgent facilities and activities

Ol Jogi boasts an impressive array of facilities to ensure the ultimate indulgent escape, including the wonderful swimming pool that has been designed to fit into its nature-inspired habitat with its own cascading waterfall. There is a dedicated spa with a Moroccan-style hammam, Jacuzzi tub, sauna and indoor/outdoor gym complex. There is a resident masseuse.

There is also a yoga studio, floodlit tennis court and horses available for horseback riding.

Collage showing different activities available at the safari and conservation lodge

Then there is the intuitive service, from a team of staff who has worked here for decades. Guests truly feel at home. Be entirely at leisure as the staff works around your clock. The team is constantly coming up with new ways to surprise and delight guests. This is where even the most demanding guests will want for nothing.

Bespoke activities

With enough notice, Ol Jogi can also cater to any special requests or interests a guest may have for their safari in Kenya. They can bring in overseas experts, lecturers and instructors, such as rock climbing instructors, yoga teachers, botanists, sommeliers. The possibilities are endless in this 58,000 acres of pristine nature that guests will have all to themselves.

Additional activities available at extra cost include scenic flights in light aircraft or helicopters to destinations such as Mount Kenya or Lake Turkana, mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling and river rafting.

Pioneering wildlife conservation work

Once the private bushland sprawl of one of New York’s grand families, Ol Jogi is now operated as a non-profit wildlife conservancy, which is overseen by Alec Wildenstein Jr. His first and foremost goal is the preservation of nature and wildlife, creating a lasting conservation legacy.

All proceeds from the exclusive-use rentals are ploughed back into the estate’s pioneering wildlife conservation work, which includes extensive anti-poaching projects, the creation of wildlife corridors, education programmes and wildlife rescue, as well as projects for the local communities. The ranch currently employs about 300 staff.

Aerial of Ol Jogi private wildlife conservancy in Laikipia in Kenya

Ol Jogi is today one of the most important wildlife reserves in Africa, specialising in conservation. Enormous efforts have been made to protect the endangered species that inhabit Ol Jogi’s vast acreage.

The super-sized estate has a 120-member private security force, supported by Kenya Wildlife Services, to protect endangered species from poachers. Security guards are perched on every hilltop 24 hours a day, scanning the bush for possible poachers. More guards roam the grounds in 4x4s. The work also involves the use of bloodhounds and night-vision technology.

As long as there is a place like Ol Jogi Ranch, there is hope that one day the rhino and indeed, other endangered species, will once again flourish in Kenya.

There is also a state-of-the-art veterinary centre with research labs and an operating theatre – all funded by the ranch – which not only cares for Ol Jogi’s animals but has tended to wildlife from all over Kenya. There is the Wildlife Rescue Centre, which rehabilitates animals that have been harmed by human activity. There is even a special unit for recovering orphaned animals.

Ol Jogi is one of the few places left in Kenya that can take in animals and keep them safe and fed. It has been so successful that the Kenya Wildlife Service has sought permission to relocate endangered animals here.

All this, along with land management to optimise conditions for the wildlife, puts Ol Jogi at the forefront of conservation in Africa. The owners hope that Ol Jogi will be the model for other conservation and community development projects in the region.

Ol Jogi has also contributed considerably to investment within local communities, including water supply, community cattle grazing, healthcare (including free medical care to all Ol Jogi staff and their dependents) and schools.

Guests will enjoy knowing that not only will they have an amazing experience, they will also be contributing to a profoundly beneficial and worthwhile philanthropic effort.

Breathtaking location of scenic magnitude

This special Kenyan adventure begins with a breathtaking, 45-minute private flight from Nairobi before touching down in the beautiful bush at the estate’s own airstrip. Ol Jogi is also great to use as a base for exploration of northern Kenya, which is jaw-droppingly beautiful and still untamed.

The diverse scenery around Ol Jogi offers great escapes for the adventurous. Fly a half hour to the west to admire the largest population of pink flamingos in the world at Lake Bogoria. A 20-minute flight to the south brings in the glaciers of Mount Kenya. This area is ideal for freshwater fishing and beautiful rainforest walks. In the opposite direction is the Great Rift Valley, its sand dunes, volcanoes and unusual lakes. The Mathews Range in the north is another stunning region. These are still very wild and undiscovered areas, representative of the vast diversity that Kenya has to offer, and that few people really get to know.

Sophisticated elegance & wildlife magnificence

Extraordinarily magical and unique, Ol Jogi – probably the most luxurious safari lodge in all of Africa available to rent – offers guests a lavish extravaganza, with the unsurpassed natural majesty serving as the remarkable star of the show.



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Ol Jogi
Private wildlife conservancy, Laikipia, Kenya

Number of rooms: 7

Sleeps: 14


Ol Jogi


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