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A year-round haven in the natural wonderland of Mount Fuji, HOSHINOYA Fuji boasts one of the most epic views in all of Japan

Perched next to the picturesque Lake Kawaguchi at the base of Mount Fuji, HOSHINOYA Fuji is Japan’s most breathtaking glamping (glamourous camping) experience. It is a glorious escape that sits deep in a mountain forest, with spectacular views of Mount Fuji.

Tucked within the leafy hills of Yamanashi, HOSHINOYA Fuji is a luxurious escape with a natural twist. Pioneering glamping in Japan, the stylish rustic retreat brings the great outdoors to guests’ doorstep in the most luxurious way possible.

Located amidst the natural grandeur of a national park, HOSHINOYA Fuji commands a dramatic view of Mount Fuji. Surrealistically beautiful, here is the land of mountain, lake, mists and untamed natural splendour that tempts with unrivalled beauty, peace and serenity. It is a pristine wilderness playground for those who enjoy the outdoors in all four seasons.

The site is broken up into two zones: the lower sleeping cabin zone and the amenities at the upper cloud zone, where guests can participate in just about every enjoyable activity associated with camping, but with a touch of luxe.

Nestled amongst the dense forests by Lake Kawaguchi, HOSHINOYA Fuji consists of 40 minimalist concrete and glass cabins that are truly stunning. The architectural concept is all about transparency, letting the scenic landscape be an integral part of the design, allowing guests to reconnect with nature, to appreciate its beauty and to embrace the picture-perfect views of the extraordinary settings.

View from Hoshinoya Fuji with Mount Fuji in the background accross Lake Kawaguchi a clear autumn day

The cabins have floor-to-ceiling windows and private mountain-facing balconies that look out over the blue Lake Kawaguchiko and, rising majestically beyond, the near-symmetrical form of Mount Fuji.

The public areas are more rustic: log cabins and wooden platforms in the trees where guests may paint, take wood-chopping lessons, watch films, sip fine Japanese whisky and sample sensational barbecued Wagyu beef cooked to perfection, and flower-scented sorbets. There are any number of nooks, including a secluded tent that doubles as a study and library, to which guests may retreat with a cup of hot chocolate and a book. HOSHINOYA Fuji is truly the place that puts the “glam” in glamping.

It is all about nature here – sunrise canoeing on Lake Kawaguchi with early-morning views of the mountain, horseback riding, forest treks, lava forest tours and much more.

The resort’s scout-styled Glamping Masters are at guests’ beck and call to offer their recommendations, as well as their assistance to help make everyone’s stay everything they might have wished for. Ask them which hiking routes to take, have them organise a horse riding expedition, or listen as they point out constellations on a star-gazing trek.

HOSHINOYA Fuji is a resort that has borrowed from camping traditions, and has just gone pretty heavy on the glam. Here is glamping redefined, striking the perfect balance between adventure, luxury and comfort – naturally.

Designed to convey the beauty of the splendid scenery, the stunning architecture embraces streamlined minimalism and warm rusticity

Designed by Azuma Architects & Associates, HOSHINOYA Fuji is an inspiring expression of Japanese aesthetics, underscored by effortlessly chic style.

The stunning hotel is aesthetically divided into distinct areas for sleep and play. The former is stunningly minimalist: the 40 box-shaped cabins of glass and concrete jut out from the dense red pine forest and beg to be noticed. The public areas weave the charm of rustic simplicity with the inherent beauty and serenity of nature.

Guests quickly realise their rooms are more than a place to lay their heads. Here, Azuma created a space that places guests within nature.

The deliberate cubist design of the sleeping cabins serves a special purpose: to carefully frame the spellbinding views of the iconic mountain and to immerse guests in Japan’s minimalist design aesthetic.

Not only have Azuma Architects & Associates made one of the walls into a massive window for an undisturbed postcard-perfect panorama of Mount Fuji, they have also put great thought into the precise positioning of each cabin, making sure each gets the perfect view of the magnificent landscape.

Collage of the minimalist design cabins at the 'glamping resort' Hoshinoya Fuji

Unadorned concrete walls and immense floor-to-ceiling windows form the exterior of cabins at HOSHINOYA Fuji, giving them a contemporary facade. The interior is modern Japanese design at its best: serene, natural, minimal and very white, with a pared-down colour scheme that accentuates the views of beautiful Lake Kawaguchi and, even more impressively, a majestic view of Fuji.

Minimalist cabins of concrete and glass that offer an unbeatable vantage point to take in Mount Fuji in its full glory

Intended to maximise the beauty of Japan’s most sacred peak, each of the stylish guest cabins affords the ultimate Mount Fuji viewing experience.

Scattered along a lakeside, on a hill forested with red pine, cherry, ginkgo, and maple trees, the collection of 40 luxury designer cabins with vast glass-front walls frames ethereal views of Fuji’s summit and Lake Kawaguchi.

The design concept is defined by minimalism, simplicity, understatement and a restrained playfulness. Protruding from the natural terrain, each minimally decorated concrete unit is staggered so as to benefit from the view that one never tires of gazing at.

On some occasions, the mountain’s spectacular 3,776-metre summit is draped in lenticular clouds, which look as if they have been painted on with a brush.

The Zen interior look stresses minimalism, openness and blurring the line between interior and exterior. The long and narrow cabins are simple yet quietly refined, with a balcony extension that gives a great vantage point for glorious vistas. The bedrooms are minimal but luxe, done out in crisp white with soft furnishings in grey, teal and canary yellow. White walls maximise the amount of daylight. The understated elegance accentuates the majestic vista of the stunning lake and natural surroundings, making the views and outdoors the primary focus of the experience.

With huge floor-to-ceiling windows, every cabin boasts its own private outdoor deck that seamlessly connects the outside to the inside. Opening up to the landscape, here is where guests may enjoy privacy and the views in the luxury of their own space.

Image collage of the minimalist cabins at Hoshinoya Fuji

During the day, the private decks are the perfect location for that opulent breakfast, reading, taking a nap or just unwinding in complete peace. In the evening, they are a heaven-like place for watching the sun set over Lake Kawaguchi – a sight beyond belief. At night, the shadowy presence of indomitable Mount Fuji is visible in the darkening sky, lit by a blaze of stars twinkling in and out of focus. At night, either a Glamping Master or the guests, themselves, may light a fire on the balcony to replicate the campfire experience.

There are four types of cabins, with one-third of the floor plan allocated to private outdoor areas. The most sought-after have their own wood stove on the balcony. Some balconies feature a traditional kotatsu – a low wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a tabletop sits. Underneath the table is a heat source, allowing guests to stay day and night outside to watch one of the great wonders of the world, even in the middle of winter.

Everything about the cabins has been thought through, from the sofa facing the view, crisp high-thread count cotton bed linen, large mountain-facing shower and bath, to the dimmable lights, heated floors, rugs, slippers, chairs and soft Japanese pyjamas.

Some other elevated amenities include Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth speakers, Hario pour-over coffee setup and sleek thermoses, as well as a refrigerator filled with colourful beer cans from breweries such as Suiyoubi no Neko and Kiuchi. Titanium camping cups by the Japanese brand Snow Peak hang on the wall.

In each cabin, there are hooks for hanging guests’ canvas backpacks. Upon checking in, guests get to select one of the stylish backpacks from a high wall lined with different styles. The backpacks are to be used during the stay at the resort, and are filled with outdoor essentials for the adventure ahead. Each backpack contains a headlight, steel bottle for hot or cold drinks, map, biscuits, insect repellent, a pair of binoculars and an area map, which gives information on the walking routes and activities at the resort.

In addition to the items in the backpack, guests have access to wellie boots and amazingly warm coats.

Modern, minimal and quintessentially Japanese, the contemporary cabins boast completely undisturbed views of the iconic mountain at centre stage, as well as cutting-edge aesthetics, making HOSHINOYA Fuji one of Japan’s best kept design hotel secrets.

Exciting dining options to savour local and seasonal culinary delights

Meals at HOSHINOYA Fuji follow the seasons. Guests will find a menu that highlights local producers and smaller farms. Much of the food – including soft-shell turtle, trout, eel, venison, wild boar and a range of fruits and vegetables – is hunted, fished, foraged or otherwise sourced locally.

There are two restaurants, the main dining hall and the Cloud Terrace. With its high ceiling and wide windows overlooking the red cedar forest, the dining hall pays homage to the openness of the great outdoors that surrounds it.

Image collage of dining options at Hoshinoya Fuji

At HOSHINOYA Fuji, guests are offered three breakfast options:

Morning Grills: The dining hall is filled with bright sunlight filtered through the red pine forest and the aroma of fresh breads baked in Dutch ovens. Guests are served flavourful, piping-hot dishes in individual cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens.

Breakfast Box: For a truly memorable breakfast – all under the watchful gaze of Mount Fuji – enjoy a leisurely morning on the balcony with the substantial Breakfast Box, which is delivered directly to the cabin. The stylised wooden box is full of delicious goodies – local juices, kefir yogurt, skillet-baked Spanish omelette with seasonal vegetables, bacon, sausage, salad, soup, local berry jams and freshly baked bread.

Forest Breakfast: On Cloud Terrace, guests may enjoy an exhilarating outdoor breakfast of dishes that change with the season. The deli-style breakfast includes sandwiches grilled over an open flame, as well as bread baked in Dutch ovens. There is freshly brewed coffee, prepared in a percolator. It is an ideal spot to enjoy the refreshing morning air and the joyful chirping of birds.

For lunch, join the Stone Oven Pizza Baking Workshop. Guests get to bake a pizza in an outdoor clay oven using their favourite toppings and sauce (the dough is already prepared). It is the perfect lunch for a sunny day, when the woods fill with soft lighting filtered through the tree leaves.

Afternoon tea in the library is a must. It is a brilliant combination of Japanese teas, English-style mini scones with cream, jam and basil pesto, as well as marshmallows, chocolates, biscuits and ready-to-make American s’mores on the blazing campfire. It is a multinational feast and plenty of fun, too.

Interior of the restaurant at Hoshinoya Fuji

The dining options are thoughtful, expansive and unusual. There are three options:

Seasonal Dinner: In the cavernous vaulted dining hall overlooking the red pine forest, meals consist of an amuse bouche followed by an appetiser, main dish and dessert. Diners feast on the quality prime cuts and home-made specialities that are prepared individually to the guest’s desired tenderness at a large grill station located in the heart of the space. Culinary delights may include quality Japanese beef, melt-in-the-mouth deer steak, or squid with mustard vinegar sauce. The flavours are remarkably deep and yet nuanced.

Dutch Oven Dinner: For those looking to dine under the stars – and for something a little different – the outdoor Cloud Terrace may be booked. Every evening, a limited number of guests get the chance to enjoy a unique al fresco dining experience on the Cloud Terrace. The multi-course meal is prepared entirely with Dutch ovens, and with a Glamping Master guiding guests every step of the way. It features seasonal regional ingredients – the finest game meat such as wild boar meat or venison, as well as fish caught from the nearby lake, just-foraged mushrooms and vegetables that are in season – that are expertly cooked and paired with delicious local wines and spirits. Preparing the food under the wide, starry sky, whilst enjoying the sound of the night breeze, is an unforgettable sensation.

Glamping Curry: A beef and vegetable curry is prepared for guests on their private cabin balcony. The ingredients are first grilled on a plate made with magma from Mount Fuji, and then cooked with the guest’s preferred spices, milled on the spot. It is a hearty meal that is guaranteed to keep guests warm as they enjoy the invigorating mountain air and soak in the majestic scenery that extends below. In the winter, covered tables that are heated from beneath are provided.

After dinner, head to the Cloud Terrace, where guests could be serenaded by hypnotic-sounding guitar music, whilst sitting round the fire with the other guests, sampling a selection of whiskies.

Naturally, one may roast s’mores at the luxe campfire area, where teas and coffees are available – as they are all day by the fireplace. In the evenings during aperitif hour, sparkling Japanese wines and whiskys await.

Moreover, a selection of drinks and light meals is available 24 hours to guests who wish to eat light or enjoy an evening drink in the privacy of their cabins.

The Terrace at Hoshinoya Fuji

At the Library Café, there is a table filled with an array of bite-sized sweet treats: depending on season, guests may enjoy waffles, brownies, strawberries with dipping chocolate, mini bananas and of course, marshmallows.

There are special workshops such as food smoking. With the help of the Glamping Master, guests may smoke meat, fish, local venison sausage, nuts, cheese, tofu, dried fruit and vegetables. Guests may also experiment with different flavourings and wood chips.

Perhaps the most extraordinary characteristic of this food-smoking event is that the wood chips used to prepare the food are from dismantled barrels that were once used to store a famous Japanese brand of whiskey, Suntory Hakushu Distillery. The mild whisky aroma adds to the original flavour of the meat, so the smoked meat has a flavour that one cannot find anywhere else, and won’t soon forget. Guests may arrange for these snacks to be served later at the Fireside Bar.

Cloud Terrace in the woods

Oozing with more rustic character, the Cloud Terrace – a series of timber decks, each with a beautiful red pinewood surface – wraps around the forest landscape. The multi-tiered wooden platforms offer the opportunity to be further immersed in nature as they are designed to bring guests closer to the gorgeous pristine forests that the magical setting provides.

The Cloud terrace at Hoshinoya Fuji in the evening

Here, the simple joys of camping in a forest are brought to life, from enjoying the sounds of the wild to roasting marshmallows on an open fire.

Terraces of varying heights, interconnected by wooden steps and walkways, are staggered along the slope in a grove of Japanese pine trees. Every structure exists to emphasise the natural surroundings, whilst also coaxing guests into the glamping lifestyle. They provide a sensation of floating above the natural landscape up in the clouds.

For relaxing and lounging, the terraces feature low-slung Acapulco chairs, beanbags, tables, canopies, hammocks, firepits, a campfire and a bar. The platforms climb up the hill toward a red truss-roofed lodge that serves as a café with a wood-burning stove at the summit.

A variety of activities await guests on each platform. In the morning, wake up with stretching exercises that end with brewing coffee in the outdoors whilst nibbling on seasonal snacks. Then bring in the afternoon with sweets, perhaps by roasting marshmallows over a bonfire. In the evening, there are tables for private dining.

When night falls, guests may enjoy a drink at the Fireplace Bar, stocked with good bottles of premium Japanese whisky (e.g. Yamazaki, Hibiki, Yoichi and Miyagikyo). Guests may enjoy al fresco cinema screenings of classic films that are projected onto the sails of a white tent, under a canopy of maple trees. There is also live music entertainment. It is a relaxing way to end an evening, under the stars by the light of a crackling fire, surrounded by the quiet darkness of the forest.

This wonderful platform-like facility brings one’s glamping experience to a whole new level of outdoor enjoyment.

A wealth of outdoor activities allows guests to embrace the majesty of Mount Fuji, whilst luxuriating in the scenery, relishing the relaxation and experiencing the sublime nature

With the area’s postcard-worthy views and scenic surroundings, here is a great opportunity to explore the magic and glory of Mother Nature in all its beauty and complexity. With a colourful mosaic of cherry trees, cedars, pines and other flora, it is a place that is mesmerisingly beautiful in the way it highlights different hues in different seasons.

Collage of three images showing outdoor activities at Hoshinoya Fuji

Guests are encouraged to check out the many attractions sprinkled around the woods or just stroll around the beautiful surroundings, either on their own or guided by the resident Glamping Masters. Take part in many fascinating activities such as searching for flora and fauna on guided tours. The forest is home to flying squirrels, deer and hawks. Or simply take in the sublime beauty and pristine moments, all while absorbing the healing atmosphere of nature.

HOSHINOYA Fuji also offers a range of additional activities, such as forest tours, trekking, horse riding and many more.

Early morning canoeing: Lake Kawaguchi is serenely beautiful early in the morning, as the sun rises and glints off the surface. Surrounded by a pristine landscape of fragrant woodland and with Mount Fuji as the backdrop, guests are given the opportunity to glide across the lake in a canoe and bask in its tranquillity. Of course, the highlight is the splendid opportunity to marvel at Fuji from up close. Canoeing allows a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the grandiose mountain, not from the ground, but while floating on the water’s surface. This is an exquisite experience.

Mountain trekking with a tour guide: An exclusive trekking tour with a spectacular view of mighty Mount Fuji and the surrounding lake.

Private electric bicycle tour with a professional guide: Discover the rich nature of Fuji’s foothills on a private electric bicycle tour. Visitors do not have to worry about the steep hill since all the bicycles are power-assisted.

Jukai nature tour: A trip through Aokigahara-Jukai Forest and the nearby lava caves, both of which are designated as a national monument of Japan. The primeval forest is famous for its extraordinary tree formations.

Horseback riding: The expansive woods at the foothills of Mount Fuji are the perfect location for horseback riding.

A haiku-inspiringly perfect setting on the shores of Kawaguchi Lake with Mount Fuji visible in all of its glory

Overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Kawaguchi and hidden away amongst red pine forests and swirling mountain mists, HOSHINOYA Fuji boasts a privileged setting at Fuji’s base.

The mystical, revered national symbol, legendary Mount Fuji (or Fuji-san as it is known in Japan) has long been the pride and joy of the country. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a magnificent vision with its perfect symmetrical cone, which is snow-capped several months of the year.

The cabins of HOSHINOYA Fuji are located in one section of a national park. As a result of volcanic activity 10,000 years ago, the landscape of the park is pitted with craters and ice caves, and filled with mixed forests of deciduous trees and evergreens. All this, untouched, is on display through the large cabin windows, with the seasons transforming the views throughout the year.

Canoeing at Laka Kawaguchi with Mount Fuji in the background on the shores of Hoshinoya Hotel

In spring, one can admire Fuji as it is enchantingly cloaked in a riot of cherry blossoms, whilst in autumn the mountain is framed by the fiery colours of autumn leaves, In winter, the snow gives the glorious mountain a charming white mantle.

HOSHINOYA Fuji, which is about 113 kilometres west of Tokyo, is just three-and-a-half hours by train from the capital city. Kawaguchiko Station is a 20-minute drive and Haneda Airport is a 2-hour drive from HOSHINOYA Fuji.

Glamping in Japan does not get more indulgent than HOSHINOYA Fuji, where chic minimalist design meets intimate links to nature, all against a backdrop of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Japan

Mount Fuji, a symbol of Japan, and the untouched national park at its foot are the unbeatable surroundings that encase HOSHINOYA Fuji. The whole scenery of the resort seems ethereal.

HOSHINOYA Fuji offers guests a chance to connect with nature in a way that is inherently Japanese: through appreciation of nature and simplicity. The innovative resort combines the beauty of nature, soul-stirring views and outdoor activities with chic minimalism and creature comforts to create an utterly irresistible getaway. In this case, glamping is a conduit for delivering the finest offerings of the wild, and no one does it better in Japan than HOSHINOYA Fuji.




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Glamping resort, Lake Kawaguchi, Mount Fuji

Number of rooms: 40

Architect: Azuma Architects & Associates




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