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Steak knives by MIYABI
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No steak dinner is complete without a high-performance steak knife. For those looking for high-end steak knives, we believe that the steak knives from master knife makers MIYABI are a cut above the rest. There is no doubting it is a handsome set with two steak knives, but it is their performance that really stands out.

Powerfully engineered, elegantly designed and ergonomically pleasant, the MIYABI 600S steak knives merge the sharpness of authentic Japanese blades with the comfort and easy care of Western knives.

The steak knives are skillfully handcrafted by artisans in the samurai sword capital of the world – Seki, Japan. With exquisite engineering and exceptional craftsmanship, the knife blends tradition, technology and beauty with its authentic, thin Japanese blade profile. Designed to cut effortlessly through thick steaks without tearing, the fine straight-edged blade is seriously sharp, giving more of that cutting-through-butter feel.

The knife blades are made of quality stainless steel from the proven ZWILLING special formula, which is additionally refined in a special FRIODUR ice hardening process. Due to the high carbon content, the blades have a hardness of approximately 57 Rockwell. This process guarantees sharpness, edge retention, flexibility and corrosion resistance, whilst lending the steak knives outstanding durability and flawless accuracy.

In order to maintain the perfect balance between blade sharpness and maximum resilience, each MIYABI steak knife is painstakingly hand-honed using the 3-step Honbazuke process to a 9.5- to 12-degree edge. This is applied with the help of fine grindstones, in careful handwork by experienced blacksmiths.

The steak knives are slender and powerful and designed to fit well in the hand. The classic three-rivet handle, made of glass bead-enhanced POM, is a nice feature that helps with the balance of the knife.

Topping off all of the wonderful features of the steak knives is their incredible beauty with a striking Damascus design. There is no doubt these knives could easily grace the most elegant of dining tables.

Along with Germany’s Solingen, Seki City in Japan is one of the best-known and highly regarded blade-producing areas in the world, with a history of blade-making dating back to the 13th century.
In 2004, the ZWILLING Group acquired a knife factory in Seki. Today, MIYABI incorporates the German engineering excellence perfected in ZWILLING’s Solingen workshops with the finest Japanese craftsmanship honed in Seki. Following the rich tradition of Japanese samurai swords, MIYABI knives are renowned for being extraordinarily sharp whilst being beautiful to behold. Each MIYABI knife is synonymous with purity, grace and elegance – three quintessential attributes that are highly appreciated in Japanese culture.

It takes more than 100 steps and 42 days to create one knife worthy of the MIYABI brand. Each authentic knife is masterfully crafted true to Japanese tradition by skilled artisans and precision-forged from premium steel and state-of-the art technology. Each blade boasts long-lasting sharpness, superbly precise cutting and extraordinary performance.

Boasting refined style, elaborate detail and an ergonomic design with an exceptional sharpness, the MIYABI 600S steak knives look and perform fabulously from one dinner party to the next. They have a great feel, balance and simply glide through any meat with luxurious ease.

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