Stylish trays from XLBOOM designed by Co. Studio
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For a stylish presentation

For a stylish presentation

Bring style and elegance to the presentation of culinary creations by using these classy trays.
Designed by Co.Studio for XLBoom, the food-safe trays can be used for a variety of items, including luxurious canapés, amuse bouches, chocolate truffles and many other indulgences.

With the trays’ streamlined graphic shape, they resemble more of a sculpture with an architectural allure. Elegant and refined in their linearity, they are aesthetically understated yet stunningly stylish.

The minimalist design gives the tray set visual lightness and purity, making it a wonderful centrepiece to accentuate the gourmet treats. Folded edges and timeless colours create a subtle play of light and shade.

Each tray is unique, having been hand-made. The versatile ensemble consists of three trays, which allows one to combine various sizes for a striking presentation.

The raised design puts delectable small bites in the spotlight, whilst the luxuriant finish adds dimensional appeal to the presentation. Boasting a quality aluminium steel build, the 3-piece tray set is available in two finishes: brass and black.

Luxurious and timeless, the elegant trays from XLBoom will effortlessly elevate the display of those wonderful culinary creations.

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