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Slow living, the new luxury

A permanent collection that is a manifestation of sustainable aesthetics

The Great Address celebrates and enjoys stylish aesthetics while believing in the beauty of simplicity and thoughtful minimalism. Trends – both in fashion and design – change so quickly that we do not even have time to understand or appreciate them. We love design that brings in enduring beauty and a cool quotient to everyday objects with an understated attitude. We are always looking for brands that are in line with this philosophy. 

Creating useful objects with an aesthetic intention, the Munich-based Standard Project recently caught our attention. Their ethos is rooted in the belief that good design has a place in everyday life.

Standard Project turns simple and conscious living into intelligent and sustainable design, seamlessly combining minimal aesthetics with modern timelessness. 

Standard Project’s work is imbued with an intrinsic quality: a simplicity that carries more significant ideas. 

Through their designs, focused on minimalism, utilitarian aesthetic with a functional approach and the use of hand-selected premium materials, Standard Projects brings a high-quality approach into the realm of mindful living that is underscored by sustainable qualities.

With a streamlined design, Standard Project’s permanent collection has been reduced to the essentials, revealing an alluring progressivity.

Standard Project offers a tightly edited, permanent collection of newly interpreted classics, marked by minimalism, quality and sustainability

Standard Projects delights in distilling their designs to the elemental and also in the essential sincerity of products, authentic materials and primary forms.

The brand relies on minimalism and understatement in its creations: it creates universal, well-thought-out products of the highest quality designed for living, working and travelling. Instead of chasing the latest fashion trends and seasonal collections, Standard Project focuses on the essentials, and intentionally develops a permanent portfolio of timeless classics with a modern appeal. 

Black wool throw hanging on concrete wall

The brand breaks the common rule that fashion has to innovate constantly to encourage consumption. Instead, the company sets new standards with a season-independent collection, creating thoughtful reinterpretations of elementary basics. In this way, Standard Project plays with the possibility of being “trendy” and timeless at the same time, unique but also universal and accessible to everyone.

Following the principle “less is more”, the brand aims to find interesting and significant pieces to revive them with pure looks and high-quality material and therefore reduce the design to its core. 

Reflected in Standard Project’s minimalist style and mindful philosophy, this ethos is truly forward-looking and inspiring.

From No. 1 up to the current one, every product stands for thoughtful and conscious living.

Timeless classics for your everyday life

Standard Project designs universal products that fit anytime and anywhere and thus simplify customers’ lives. Each product always stays relevant, beyond time and fashion trends.

Since its foundation, the brand has been reinterpreting classics and designing durable, universal articles with a timeless aesthetic for living, working and travelling. 

Standard Project sees sustainability in the longevity and quality of a design and presents a carefully designed line of lifestyle classics.

The company started in 2019 with a simple, black unisex T-shirt, the epitome of an essential: The brand’s Item No. 1 is a T-shirt for all occasions, a versatile wardrobe essential. The T-shirts’ careful weave and high-quality, long-staple cotton provide a durable and sustainable option.

The brand’s Item No. 2 is a puristic titanium bike: built to last, the material of the Titan Cruiser bike convinces with its durability and robustness, so it defies all weather and loads.

In addition to fashion and mobility, THE GREAT ADDRESS is enthusiastic about Standard Project’s collection of everyday objects – be it the morning coffee, the pencil in the office or the wool blanket at home.

A luxury wool blanket for the ultimate indulgence

Item No. 8 is a soft wool blanket that is one of the stand-out products in Standard Project’s inspirational collection.

So, if you really want to spoil yourself, the black blanket from Standard Project is the last word in indulgent comfort. It is effortlessly elegant, exuding the undeniable cosiness of wool in an alluringly understated way.

The elegant black throw with monochrome black decorative stitching makes for a real eye-catcher for your home. A stylish addition to any bedroom decor, this is pure indulgent luxury and can also be used as a warm wool throw for your sitting room.

Neatly folded wool blanket

The blanket is made of 100% pure virgin wool, giving it a beautiful look and lush texture. Entirely manufactured in Germany, the oversized blanket – 200cm x 150cm – is made to last.

Thanks to the breathable natural fibre, the luxuriously soft blanket is lightweight yet pleasantly warm throughout the year.

Stay elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable at home as Standard Project’s wool blanket adds a touch of luxury to the simplest moments, transforming everyday living into a truly indulgent experience.

Standard Project creates timelessly beautiful and minimalistic clothing and lifestyle products for design lovers

With a design philosophy that is about simplicity, harmony and functionality, Standard Project emphasises a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to everyday life.

The brand’s pared-down, quietly elegant style focusing on material quality and functionality, has won the company many ardent followers. Each product is a testament to the fact that good design is always relevant.

Dedicated to sustainability as much as to aesthetics, Standard Project is a brand to keep an eye on.

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