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A burr coffee grinder developed by a top barista

For precision grinding at its absolute best

Wilfa burr coffee grinder
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A must-have for coffee aficionados, the Wilfa Uniform burr coffee grinder will give you great coffee time and time again. By grinding whole beans at home, you can treat yourself to the richest, most full-bodied brew possible. Wilfa Uniform precision coffee grinders have impressive features that make the machine truly state-of-the-art. It has 41 different grind settings, meaning it can handle anything between espresso and French press. The 58-millimetre flat burr grinder for coffee guarantees an impeccably even grind. Combining sleek aesthetics and high-performance mechanics, Wilfa has produced one of the finest high-end automatic coffee grinders on the market.

Tim Wendelboe is an espresso bar, coffee roastery and coffee training centre in Oslo, aspiring to be the best coffee roaster and espresso bar in the world and to be the preferred source for quality coffee, knowledge and innovation. The place is run by Tim Wendelboe, a coffee guru whose opinions are widely respected in the speciality coffee industry. He is also the 2004 World Barista Champion, 2005 World Cup Tasters Champion, and multiple Nordic Roaster of the Year awards.

Serious coffee lovers can benefit from Tim Wendelboe’s vast knowledge as Norweigan-based Wilfa, the company behind the Uniform coffee grinder, has worked with him for several years in developing products that give you the optimal coffee taste.

Grinding coffee beans is probably one of the most overlooked steps when it comes to making a great cup of coffee, and as Tim Wendelboe says, “The key to good coffee lies in the grinder.” So if you are searching for coffee perfection, whether French Press, pour over or espresso, a quality coffee grinder is supremely important and worth the investment. It allows the coffee’s power to be expressed, revealing the richness and depth of its aromatic varieties.

Wilfa’s Uniform grinder is the ultimate home coffee grinder. With understated, sleek aesthetics and a super-functional design, the strikingly black burr grinder is engineered for effortless performance and timeless beauty.

Wilfa burr grinder for coffee

It is simply a fantastic coffee grinder. The build quality is excellent, but more importantly, the grind is consistent and delivered with precision. It feels like the coffee tastes more like barista-made coffee from your favourite coffee shop rather than homebrew coffee. By Wilfa Uniform, the coffee comes out rich, balanced and with a very long aftertaste.

What did Tim Wendelboe have to say about these burr grinders? He said, “The Wilfa Uniform burr coffee grinders have unique, wide and flat burrs made from high-quality steel that grind the beans slowly and precisely, getting a high quality and consistent result. You’ll get tasty, aromatic and full-bodied coffee.”

With many well-thought-out features, there is no doubt that Wilfa Uniform is a seriously good burr coffee grinder

Boasting every feature you could hope to have when it is time to grind coffee beans, Wilfa’s Uniform grinder carries many intelligent features that make grinding coffee easier than ever. It combines aesthetics with ingenuity to bring out the myriad pleasures of freshly ground coffee, rich in aromas and sensations. Wilfa Uniform Svart automatic coffee grinders come equipped with a host of state-of-the-art details such as:

HIGH-QUALITY 58MM FLAT BURR GRINDING DISKS: Thanks to Uniform’s hefty set of stainless steel flat burrs, the grind quality is superb.

For the highest level of grind consistency and precision, which are essential for even extraction, Wilfa Uniform uses 58mm wide and flat stainless steel burrs made in Italy. Compared to a conical burr coffee grinder, large flat burrs can grind the beans more uniformly and also give you more control over your grind.

Guaranteeing an impeccably even grind, Wilfa’s quality grinder heads allow you to preserve maximum richness and flavour from your coffee beans.

Burr grinder for coffee

POWERFUL BUT LOW-SPEED MOTOR: The coffee grinder’s high torque motor is slow on purpose. It is not a drawback but an advantage – by reducing the heat generation, the grinder enables to keep the maximum aroma intact of the coffee bean’s original flavour. It also leaves out the excess bitterness that comes along with heating.

41 GRIND SETTINGS FOR PRECISE RESULT: Wilfa Uniform burr grinder for coffee is hard to beat for flexibility and precision – there are 41 different grind settings from fine to coarse.

Uniform’s adjustment steps grind slowly and precisely for espresso, Aeropress, “pour over”, filter coffee, French press and steep, making it an excellent all-around grinder that you can use for virtually any coffee-making method.

Wilfa Uniform coffee grinder with scale

BUILT-IN DIGITAL SCALE: There is a built-in digital scale with LED display, enabling you to brew precisely and consistently. Intelligently hidden in the grinder’s lid, the scale boasts impressive measurement accuracy of 0.1g, The scale comes equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

AUTO SHUT-OFF FEATURE: Conveniently, the grinder switches off automatically, when it detects there are no more coffee beans in the hopper.

ICONIC CLEAN-LINED DESIGN: Elegant and minimalistic, Wilfa Uniform’s stunning aesthetic is defined by clean lines, a matte black finish and an impeccable, modern sleekness. With a strikingly smooth and streamlined silhouette, this understated designer coffee grinder lends a touch of simple sophistication to your home.

SOLID CONSTRUCTION: The build quality is excellent. Made out of sturdy materials – steel and aluminium – the Uniform is durable, reliable, and sure to get the job done every time.

EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Using the Wilfa Uniform home coffee grinder is incredibly simple: There is just an on/off button, but with the automatic shut-off, you rarely have to press it more than once.

The anti-static stainless metal coffee container reduces coffee dust, making it easy to clean.

SMARTPHONE APP: The Wilfa Uniform App is available on iOS and Android and has been creatively designed to deliver a superior coffee grind every time. Features include Precision scale Bluetooth connection; Pour-over mode with built-in timer and scale interface; Customisable grinding guide with water volume, bean weight and grind size; superstar barista and roaster Tim Wendelboe’s pour-over guide; and Helpful tips.

WILFA’S LONG HISTORY: Wilfa is a Norwegian company established in 1948 and is today one of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers of small electrical items. The company has a strong focus on design, quality, safety and innovation. Since Wilfa began investing in design, the company has received two Red Dot design awards, one iF award and a design prize from the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. Wilfa has a strong commitment to environmental issues and is now certified as an Eco-lighthouse company. The environmental lighthouse approval shows that Wilfa meets the environmental requirements for energy use, waste, transport, purchasing and the working environment set by the Environmental Lighthouse Foundation.

A world barista champion-designed coffee maker

To the Norwegians, great coffee is defined by freshly ground beans roasted and tasted within seconds of their brewing. So, apart from the stunning, high-performance coffee grinders, it is worth checking out Wilfa’s coffee makers that have been developed in cooperation with Tim Wendelboe. The two coffee machines are part of Wilfa’s collection Svart/Black and are designed to brew the world’s best coffee.

Wilfa coffee maker and grinder

Both coffee brewers – The Svart Precision Coffee Machine and the Performance Coffee Machine – not only give you great control over the process of making coffee but ensure that all the elements of fresh water, flow, brewing time, and brewing temperature are all properly optimised for maximum success.

More than just a smart-looking and eye-catching design, they come with superior functionality. Impressive features include Advanced technology that guarantees perfect brewing temperature from the first to the last drop; Unique technology – the pump empties the funnel of water at each draft to always have fresh, clean water at draft; and a Detachable water tank that guarantees clean and fresh water.

It is time to step up your coffee game

It is practically unanimous: every great cup of coffee starts with freshly ground coffee. For precision grinding at its absolute best, go for the Wilfa Uniform burr grinder with 41 grind settings for coffee. It reflects the simple yet state-of-the-art brew technology of Norway’s avid coffee culture. So if you just take your at-home brew very seriously, this machine will not fail to impress.

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