Vitka minimalist lighting from Intra-Lighting
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Striking modern sculptural lighting

An almost poetic demonstration of minimalism

The complex art of being deceptively simple is not lost on those with a penchant for pared-down minimalism. Designed by Janez Mesarič (Mashoni) for Intra Lighting, the visually stunning Vitka collection exemplifies what restraint can achieve. Boasting practical and aesthetic excellence, this elegantly clean-lined range of lights beautifully encapsulates the art of minimalism.

Contemporary and timeless, the lamp is on the borderline between art and design, yet achieves extreme levels of functionality and lighting performance.

A sculptural statement piece that enhances each room, Vitka is a lighting collection that manages to be delicately elegant and subtle, whilst simultaneously being strong and impactful. Here, beauty and perfection reveal themselves quietly.

Designed with an ultra-slim silhouette, the geometric form creates a striking framework that houses powerful light sources that intelligently illuminate the surrounding area. The lights are dimmable, using sophisticated sensorial electronics that provide the optimal amount of light needed for any activity and environment. The aesthetic elements of the Vitka luminaire collection have been designed to have a strong graphic impression, even when the light is not on.

The designer conceived the product with a slew of possibilities, from the drama of a directional lighting source to the soothing and gentle light in an ambient setting. Keeping the style but changes its purpose, the supremely versatile lamp is available in floor, table/desk or suspended versions. The lamp.

With five different versions – suspended linear, suspended rectangular, floor linear, floor rectangular and desk/table – Vitka lighting works well alone or in multiple compositions. Revealing clean, uniform lines of illumination, there are dynamics to expand or combine the Vitka to create a stunning lighting installation.

A subtle, sleek linear light source with restrained style makes the award-winning Vitka collection a beautiful addition to commercial and residential spaces alike. It confidently rewards the interior with contemporary appeal, and is adaptable for every space – from public areas to home, from hotels to offices.

Available in white or black, Vitka is made of an aluminium profile, housing the light source inside its lean silhouette. It comes with a 7-year warranty.

A masterful expression of minimalism, the aesthetic appeal of Vitka lighting is undeniable, making it a modern classic that will last for years to come.

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