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Klarstein Herakles blender for great smoothies
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Anyone who has ever been awestruck by the texture of a purée or a soup in a posh restaurant, odds are that a high-performance versatile kitchen blender such as Klarstein blender Herakles 8G was responsible. For the creative home cook, the Herakles 8G food blender from Klarstein is a fantastic option. This high-performing kitchen appliance is capable of blending everything from smoothies to soups and sauces at a record pace. It is a versatile blender that can handle all kinds of food effectively – everything from fruits and vegetables to grains, meat and even ice. It blends, chops and grinds food quickly, helping to whip up effortlessly delicious meals and desserts, as well as healthy smoothies and frozen iced drinks.

At the heart of the Klarstein blender, Herakles 8G kitchen is a powerful 1800-watt motor that keeps six stainless steel blades turning at a speed of up to 38,000 revolutions per minute.

With a streamlined design and a range of functions that make it the ideal kitchen appliance to process many types of foods, the versatile kitchen blender has many user-friendly features that make it a delight to operate.

Klarstein herakles 8G blender

My favourite amongst the blender’s many functions is the three-speed settings (high, middle and low) and the built-in timer. Allowing the kitchen blender to be switched on for the desired time and speed is so helpful when one is trying to multitask in the kitchen.

Another highlight of the blender is the seven preset programs, which take so much guesswork out of food preparation. Just do it all with a simple press of a button. The stylish blender comes with settings for sauces, grinding, fruits, bisque, defrosted food, meat and grains. It is also equipped with a pulse option.

With its 2-litre capacity BPA-free jug, the Klarstein blender is perfect for the whole family. For ease of operation, the modern blender is equipped with a glass touch panel and a large LCD display.

A built-in overheating protection sensor ensures the engine is not damaged, even at high crushing action.

It is hard not to fall in love with a versatile kitchen blender that delivers such a shining performance, time after time.

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