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Time to upgrade your dental care with a sonic toothbrush 

The dentist-approved way to keep your teeth healthy

Founded by leading Swiss dentist Dr. Lorenza Dahm, SNOW PEARL helps you to achieve dental care greatness, effortlessly

Are you ready to kick-start your dental care routine? SNOW PEARL offers a thoughtfully conceived collection of high-quality, multifunctional and innovative dental care products that address every aspect of perfect oral hygiene and gum care. SNOW PEARL was developed by Dr. Lorenza Dahm, whose motto is “keep it simple but as complete, effective and efficient as possible”. She is a leading Swiss dentist in the fields of dental aesthetics and prophylaxis and has long been devoted to the topic of optimal and efficient dental teeth and gums care. With a medical-cosmetic approach, the SNOW PEARL products create a natural, fresh look while promoting gum and tooth health.

Snow Pearl Sonic Toothbrush

The star of the show is undoubtedly the sonic toothbrush, which cleans your teeth thoroughly and is gentle on the gums at the same time. It is perfect for elevating your oral health and taking it to the next level.

A healthier and a more clean mouth is guaranteed

If your toothbrush needs an upgrade, look no further than SNOW PEARL’s sonic toothbrush, the brand’s hero product. We have been loyal to our trusty electric toothbrush for years but could not believe the difference when using this performance-driven electric toothbrush.

Clinically tested, a study by the University of Basel has shown that this sonic toothbrush can successfully remove up to 76% of the bacteria biofilm even in hard-to-reach areas (interdental spaces and below the gum line), thus achieving the best cleaning performance.

Brush head for Snow Pearl electric tooth brush

As a total game-changer, the sonic toothbrush is among the most powerful sonic toothbrushes on the market, but what makes it stand out from the crowd is its high-quality brush heads. They are made of KONEX HD super-soft bristles, which are exceptionally strong and durable yet gentle. The bristles are eight times thinner at their tips than those of a conventional soft toothbrush. As a result, they clean efficiently even in the tightest interdental spaces without irritating or damaging the gums. This is why Konex HD bristles clean more deeply than those of other toothbrushes. It is an effective daily meticulous cleaning routine that will make the most difference in improving oral health.

Other notable features include efficient, high-frequency brush movements — up to 42,000 gentle yet effective sonic vibrations per minute — ensuring both toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to every corner of the mouth to leave your mouth feeling dentist-clean, every time. There are four modes —Sensitive, Intensive, Deep Cleansing and Massage. Its rechargeable battery and the travel-lock function allow you to take it with you on your travel for about two weeks.

Gums will also be happier

For perfect cleaning of your teeth without the risk of injuring the gums, SNOW PEARL’s electric toothbrush features KONEX HD bristles that are gentle yet extremely flexible and strong. These ultra-soft bristles are able to clean in tight spaces without damaging the gums and irritating the sensitive tooth necks.

Thanks to its hydro-active function, the sonic toothbrush pulsates streams of liquid that reach the narrowest interdental spaces and below the gum line, thus significantly increasing cleaning performance. It also comes with a brushing and quadrant timer to ensure you are not over-brushing your teeth and that you are protecting your gums in the process. Injured gums are, therefore, a thing of the past.


A natural, radiant smile is restored

If, like us, you are on a mission for a brighter, whiter smile, SNOW PEARL has you covered. For example, the Whitening Foam — tooth whitening and dental care in one — has become a daily beauty staple.

The multifunctional SNOW PEARL Whitening Foam is a cutting-edge Swiss innovation for dental aesthetics and dental care. After the first few applications, teeth seem whiter and brighter while also being repaired and protected at the same time. This, in combination with the propolis, lavender oil and sage extract contained in the product, clearly distinguishes SNOW PEARL Whitening Foam from conventional whitening products, which should not be used on exposed tooth necks as they may cause hypersensitivity.

Swiss dental experts

The SNOW PEARL line was developed by Dr. Lorenza Dahm, who has been running her private dental clinic in the centre of Zurich for 20 years. The dental practice offers a wide range of dental treatments that promote both the health and beauty of teeth and gums.


As a highly experienced dentist in Switzerland, Dr. Lorenza Dahm was regularly asked how to care for one’s oral hygiene between visits. That inspired her to create her own brand, allowing everyone the opportunity to have access to high-quality and effective products that have been developed by a dentist.

The latest technological and medical advances are incorporated into high-performing dental care products that effectively help you to maintain perfect oral health and enhance the natural beauty of the teeth, at home, effortlessly.

A game-changer in oral health

Packed with effective ingredients to transform your dental care and restore radiance, the quality products by SNOW PEARL get our vote. Designed to elevate at-home oral care, the line delivers professional results every time.

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