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Redefining timeless elegance in interior textiles

Effortless beauty. Everyday luxury. Addictive comfort.

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If you love stylish bedding and interior textiles that are inspired by tradition with contemporary appeal, Mikmax not only embraces these qualities, it evokes them through modern simplicity and understated aesthetic. The beauty of everyday life, timelessness, comfort, and the relationship between textiles in interior design and nature – are all central values in Mikmax’s design. With a palette of soothing, muted and earthy colours ranging from white to stone tones, the collection is evocative of the natural essence of the Mediterranean. Crafted in Spain, the harmonious designs, and the purity of the materials create a naturally sensuous effect.

We are huge fans of the Spanish interior textiles brand Mikmax – and we cannot get enough of their stylish products. Mikmax believes in finding enjoyment in the things we use most frequently. That the brand’s collection of textiles in interior design brings us comfort and joy does not detract from its style, together this brings timeless ease, and an effortless look, to our favourite spaces.

Each product sensitively illustrates Mikmax’s dedication to having quality and beauty in the objects we use in our homes every day. Little luxuries, moments of appreciation, living experiences that make life that little bit sweeter.

After a prolific career in the textile sector, designer Cristina Montaña founded Mikmax in 2007 – a company that creates bedding and interior textiles collections, which always look effortlessly classy with an overall feel of casual elegance. Working from an office set in the middle of a forest with massive windows, Cristina’s designs draw on her idyllic rural surroundings graced by beautiful natural scenes, amazingly gorgeous colours and mesmerising light.

Collage - interior textiles

Mikmax textiles for interior designs are inspired by that easy-going Mediterranean spirit, where quality and usability are fused with a relaxed yet stylish look. Blending references to crafts traditions with a modern aesthetic, the understated designs, subtle colours and harmonious combinations give Mikmax’s products a timeless yet contemporary appeal that suits all styles and spaces.

The company’s design approach is based on creating beauty without sacrificing usability, simplicity, quality and sustainability.

Mikmax works from a carefully selected palette of materials, so whilst the designs are unique, there is a connection throughout the range and a focus on the natural beauty of the material. A strong emphasis is placed on using high-quality raw materials, such as the best quality cotton, linen, Mulberry silk and natural fibres. Also, Mikmax applies cold dyeing techniques to achieve pieces with a special finish, such as their collection of stonewashed jersey bedlinen.

The company’s carefully selected palette of warm, comforting hues strikes a perfect balance between understated beauty and quiet luxury, creating effortlessly peaceful atmospheres.

Mikmax interior textiles for hotels

The range is packed with gorgeous textiles for interior design, including bed linen, cushions, throws and loungewear. The thoughtfully crafted pieces feel and look amazing anywhere in the house; whether in the living room, on the table or in the bedroom.

The decorative products bring beauty, well-being and comfort to any interior – from homes to hotels to restaurants.

With this conscious and serene philosophy, it is not surprising that we found the perfect bedlinen for our new home from Mikmax’s range.

With a curated selection of elegantly toned bedlinen, we settled for Mikmax’s Calella set, which consists of a duvet cover, a fitted sheet and one or two pillowcases – all delivered in a practical jersey cotton bag.

Bed linen textiles in interior design

With its wonderfully beautiful quality, this bedlinen set is well worth the splurge with its timeless appeal and indulgent simplicity. Designed and developed with the utmost comfort and well-being in mind, the bedlinen series is super-soft and incredibly cosy. The Calella bedlinen is crafted from 100% jersey cotton, creating a sense of being cocooned. We truly love jersey bedding for its stretchy and relaxed feel with the same broken-in softness as your favourite t-shirt.

We adore the well-defined colour range of muted, peaceful tones. The Mikmax bedlinen not only indulges your sleep but also creates an elegant ambience in your bedroom.

With designs that can be enjoyed on a daily basis, it is easy to fall in love with Mikmax’s entire collection of bedding and textiles. Their products make for an elegant and luxurious way to complement the decoration of any indoor or outdoor space.

We love everything from Mikmax. Their collection of interior textiles always walks, effortlessly, the line between casual and quietly sophisticated.

Photography: Maria Algara Photography | Mireia Rodríguez

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