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The tableware brand to have at home

Tableware that elevates your meals, no matter what you are cooking

Tableware from Asa Selection
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We think great design should be part of everyday life and ASA Selection tableware range Saisons represents clean lines that unite fine aesthetics and comfort. The thoughtful colour scheme adds a subtle personality to your table whilst adding the right amount of ambience. Designed to be used and enjoyed, ASA Selection’s Saisons dinnerware range is perfect for everything from hearty family feasts to elegant dinner parties.

I have always had a passion for stylish and aesthetic dinnerware as it enriches daily living. Your table is where you nourish yourself, your friendships and your family. Effortlessly adding flair and personal expression to any occasion, classy dinnerware makes for an elegantly styled dining table, or truly elevates everyday meals. That is why it is worth investing a quality dinnerware, as it will bring you a lot of joy for many years to come.

With a beautiful timelessness and a modern sensibility, the beautiful ASA Selection dinnerware collection Saisons offers instant elegance for the table. A consciously discreet design with clean lines and fluid forms, a fine colour palette and harmonious proportions are all used to create a minimalist vibe that nonetheless exudes quality and warmth.

Expertly crafted from stoneware, it captivates with refined aesthetics. The stoneware dinnerware is fired at 1180°C, which provides the dishes with wonderful durability. Finished with a reactive glaze – a technique admired for its variegated colouring – each piece is subtly one-of-a-kind. I love the uniqueness of the speckled pattern against the exquisitely hued glaze.

The Saisons dinnerware series includes cups, bowls and plates in various shapes and sizes and leaves nothing to be desired creating inviting tables for every dining occasion.

Dinner plates from ASA Selection

The ASA Selection plates are just right for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, dessert and everything in between. The big bowls come with absolutely no limits – they will take you effortlessly from soup season to salad indulgence, from paleo experimentations to risotto nights. The pasta plate is truly an ode to one’s love affair with pasta. The small bowls can be used for cereal, yoghurt or ice cream. The presentation plate is great for a distinctive food display.

Choose from a variety of rich, timeless tones; green, cream, grey-blue and blue. For modern simplicity, select a singular palette. Alternatively, mix and match colours to obtain a more eclectic setting.

ASA Selection was founded in 1976 in Germany by the designer Yvonne Schubkegel. A second-generation family-run company, ASA Selection is a manufacturer of stylish ceramic tableware and home accessories. The company believes that thoughtful, beautiful design elevates the ordinary to the exquisite, with pieces that are timeless in their aesthetics and useful in their purpose.

Collage - tableware from ASA Selection

The company’s mission is to always inject everyday things with beautiful simplicity and clarity in a complicated life. As tasteful in style as it is in function ASA Selection has a refreshing design aesthetic; classically minimal with fine proportions and a soft modern edge.

Most of their production sites are kept in typical ceramic regions. In addition to production in Eastern Europe and the Far East, three companies in Portugal and Germany solely manufacture products that bear the ASA Selection brand.

With a range of over 2,400 products, sold in over 80 countries, the immense selection will easily satisfy individual stylistic preferences and tastes.

ASA Selection is the recipient of many design awards, including iF DESIGN AWARD; Red Dot Design Award; German Design Award; Good Design Award; DINEUS; and Interior Innovation Award.

Elegant and naturally stunning tableware, Saisons’ simple design echoes timeless beauty and works in almost any setting. Since staying in is the new going out, the ASA Selection dinnerware series will become a staple piece for your home – from sophisticated dinner parties to casual dining. Here is an opportunity to discover that setting the table with the Saisons collection is one of the joys for the serious home cook or the avid entertainer.

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