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If you are still blissfully unaware of it, CBD is the current buzzword in health and wellness. Preliminary studies have shown that CBD oil may have a number of health benefits, including easing symptoms of anxiety and stress and tackling physical pain and even more serious illnesses.

Those looking for a potential method to alleviate these issues may want to consider adding a CBD formula to their lifestyle. The trouble with finding the right CBD product is that there are many low-quality formulas on the market.

After discovering CBD oil as a treatment for everything from anxiety and stress to insomnia and back pain, a group of friends realised there was an opportunity to launch KLORIS. They were especially frustrated about the lack of ethical, reliable, science-backed CBD products available in the marketplace. With efficacy as the core purpose, they launched a unique range that provides the purest and highest quality CBD products.

KLORIS’ CBD products are created and manufactured responsibly and sustainably in the UK, using the finest hemp extracts. They are formulated by a leading Cambridge plant scientist for maximum efficacy. All of the CBD products manufactured by KLORIS are certified and independently tested by a CTA-approved lab for potency and purity.

KLORIS prides itself on product integrity, and the brand provides, undoubtedly, some of the best quality CBD products in the UK market.

What is CBD?

Hemp, a type of cannabis plant, contains many potent organic compounds called cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Over 100 of these have been discovered so far, including psychoactive THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and calming and balancing Cannabidiol (CBD) – the current star of the super plant.

CBD comes from the non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant, thereby rendering it free of THC content. CBD does not cause intoxication, but it has shown positive therapeutic properties, including aiding anxiety, sleep and pain, to name a few. The intoxication or ‘high’ only happens when THC is involved.

In the UK, CBD is derived (extracted) from industrial hemp, but what ‘industrial hemp’ really means is a strain of cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L.) with a THC content of 0.2% or less. Cannabis is the name given to plants with 0.2% THC or more. This limit varies in different countries.

CBD, the compound, is completely legal in the UK and many other countries. The problem comes from the sister compound found in the same plant, THC, which is illegal in many countries, including the UK. THC is the intoxicating, psychotropic compound found in cannabis that causes the ‘high’.

In the UK, the legal limit for THC in finished products is exceptionally low – no more than 1mg per container. That is equivalent to less than 0.01% of a 10ml bottle, below detectable limits in most commercial tests. The 0.2% rule only applies to the source plant’s dry weight, finished products with greater than 0.01% are illegal.

It means that CBD products you buy in the UK should, legally, never contain anything like enough THC to get you high, despite being derived from a flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family.

Texture of Kloris CBD balm

How does CBD work?

As a result of being outlawed for so long, research into the benefits of CBD and fellow cannabinoids is still in fairly early stages (ongoing since around 1995), but what has been discovered so far is quite remarkable.

Preliminary studies have been in favour of CBD as a natural remedy for those seeking relief from a range of conditions, from anxiety to chronic pain.

This is thanks to CDB’s ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system – a complex intercellular communication system involved in regulating almost all bodily processes whilst maintaining equilibrium in your mind and body, even when external factors and certain lifestyle choices try to throw it off balance. You will find endocannabinoids everywhere from the immune system, brain, and central nervous system, to major organs, connective tissues, and glands.

Incredibly, this system was only discovered in the 1990s and is considered essential to your body’s ability to cultivate good health. The endocannabinoid system plays an essential role in many processes, including pain, inflammation, memory, mood, stress, sleep, digestion, metabolism, immune function, hormones and ageing. Many ailments have been linked to imbalances in the endocannabinoid system. Amazingly, CBD works with receptors in this system to encourage greater communication, balance and function.

KLORIS’ CBD formulations are perfected

When looking for CBD products, it is important to know that not all CBD products are the same, and the quality of CBD products varies significantly between different manufacturers. The methods used to manufacture CBD directly affect the safety and quality of the products. Look for a CBD product that is as pure and as potent as possible.

We are fans of KLORIS, who are creators of science-backed, premium-grade CBD products. The company possesses a multitude of qualities that make them stand out in the marketplace.

There are several guiding principles used in the development of KLORIS’ products that set them apart from other CBD companies:

The highest quality organic European grown hemp: All CBD in KLORIS products is obtained from the very best organically farmed, European grown Cannabis Sativa L. industrial hemp. This is important as the Cannabis plant is a bio-accumulator, absorbing whatever is in its immediate environment. Any toxins or chemicals which are present in non-organic Cannabis may end up in the final product.

Expertly formulated: KLORIS’ products have been intelligently formulated for maximum efficacy,  benefiting from the company’s Cambridge Scientist’s 26-years experience in Plant Sciences.

Independently tested and certified by a CTA-approved lab: Third-party lab testing is the only way to ensure that a product actually contains what it announces on the label. It means checking CBD and THC content, as well as other additives.

All KLORIS’ CBD products undergo rigorous independent third-party lab testing by PhytoVista. The testing process ensures that the brand’s CBD products include what the brand indicates on the label – including the CBD and THC content – and, also the formulas’ potency and purity.

KLORIS’ latest independent lab test certificates for each product can be viewed on their website. It will give users that extra peace of mind, as not every brand provides certificates, and those that do, tend to be more transparent.

Free of THC: KLORIS’ products are free of THC – the psychoactive component in cannabis plants. In reality, it means that there is no “quantifiable” or “detectable” amount of THC in the product. KLORIS’ lab tests provide information on the content of THC or CBD.

It is important to check the percentage of THC in any CBD product you are considering to buy. If it has higher THC levels  (≥ 0.2% according to UK regulations), the product is illegal and unregulated.

CBD products from Kloris, body oil, face oil and balm

Gold-standard Supercritical CO2 extraction:The best extraction method, and what KLORIS uses, is called Supercritical CO2 extraction which basically uses carbon dioxide (CO2) under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to pull out as much CBD from the hemp plant as possible without the use of any chemicals.

This process is precise and environmentally friendly while using no nasty solvents that could possibly remain in the finished product. As well as Cannabidiol, the CO2 extraction process also preserves a broad spectrum of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients, essential for achieving what is known as the “entourage effect.” This effect occurs only when all the elements of the cannabis plant are present and working together in synergy. Without all of these elements working together, the full efficiency of the CBD would not be achieved.

Once extracted, KLORIS further purifies to remove any traces of THC – to ensure it is completely legal in the UK, and that you get no unwanted side effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD: During the refining process of crafting CBD products, it is possible to remove certain Cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum CBD is created by removing all traces of psychoactive THC, while still keeping all the other Cannabinoids for that all-important synergy.

For instance, KLORIS’ CBD oil drops also contain a wide range of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and potent nutrients. These purely organic ingredients are responsible for the so-called “entourage effect” – that is, for optimal effectiveness.

Non-GMO & no flavourings, colourants or preservatives:KLORIS only uses plants that have been grown without pesticides, herbicides and other nasty chemicals. The company adds no flavourings, colourants, or preservatives – only high-quality MCT oil (from coconut) – to maximise bioavailability and ensure even CBD concentration and effectiveness.

Complete transparency:KLORIS shows an impressive commitment to complete transparency. KLORIS freely offers information not only about the processes of how their products are made but also proving the efficacy and potency of the end result. They publish all of their lab reports on their website.

A focus on education: KLORIS is leading the way in educating the market about best practices, how to read labels and reasons for incorporating CBD on a daily basis. The brand hosts talks and workshops throughout the UK to educate people about CBD.

Zero waste and sustainability: All of KLORIS’ packaging is 100% recyclable, and 95% of their entire product and mailing materials are biodegradable. They use minimal packaging for their products and select materials that have low environmental impact and are readily reusable and recyclable. For example, KLORIS uses kraft board and untreated or recycled paper for most of their postage materials and 95% glass for their product packaging.

For the products themselves, all of KLORIS’ ingredients are naturally sourced wherever possible, and they work with suppliers who farm responsibly, using sustainable methods without environment damaging pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides. In its own operations, they seek to minimise waste, including unnecessary travel, power, water and materials.

KLORIS are proud partners of the World Land Trust. For every face oil sold, KLORIS fund protecting and replanting 40m² of threatened habitats in Colombia, Mexico and Zambia. This not only creates more carbon-absorbing and oxygen-giving forestland but also protects habitat for endangered species.

A range of premium CBD-based skin and wellness products

A product line that is immersed with healing benefits to incorporate into life’s daily journey, KLORIS’ award-winning collection includes CDB oils, skin products and bath products.

KLORIS CBD tinctures were named the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020. The company offers premium quality 5% and 10% strength CBD oil drops in individual bottles, as well as multipacks and subscriptions.

CBD oil and balm

For a truly luxurious treatment CBD oil, the skin collection includes an Uplifting CBD Body Oil. Scented with Blood Orange, Vanilla and Oud and packed with 300mg of KLORIS’ premium CBD, it is perfect for a nurturing self-care ritual in the bath or shower, or for an indulgent massage. KLORIS crafted this product to be the ideal aid for relieving anxiety and inducing calm and relaxation.

There is also the Luxury CBD Balm. The high strength (800mg) CBD balm is ideal for directly targeting specific areas of the body quickly. It can be used as a muscle rub (Bvlgari Spa use this balm in their signature CBD massage) or applied gently to painful, inflamed or irritated skin and joints (many athletes use our balm for recovery). The lower strength (300mg) CBD balm is a luxurious balm to soothe and nourish dry or irritated skin, inflammation and aching joints.

Another standout product is the CBD Superboost Face Oil. It is supercharged with high-performing ingredients that nurture your skin’s vitality and protect against skin cell degeneration.

The face CBD oil is formulated with 600mg of KLORIS Superior CBD. A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, CBD helps fight the ageing process and nurtures the brightness, tone and texture of the skin. The Superboost Face oil is also boosted with three superhero oils: Squalane – clinically proven non-irritant, helping to protect against ageing free radicals;  Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil – bursting with Omegas 3 and 6, essential for healthy skin texture and hydration; and  Cucumber Seed Oil – Vitamin E rich, to promote cell regeneration.

Their Bath Blocks and Bath Melts help to melt away stress and tension for the most relaxing “zero gravity” bath experience.

The premium CDB collection also includes a Soothing No-Rinse CBD Hand Sanitiser.

KLORIS leads the way with the production of superior grade CBD skincare and health products

KLORIS’ pure quality CBD product line is infused with only the highest quality ingredients that are carefully sourced and scientifically formulated for your overall beauty and wellness. The brand’s perfectly balanced products are each formulated to heal, calm and soothe your face, body and mind.

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