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The best at-home RF facial device for firmer skin

Beauty meets tech for a natural lift without surgery

High-tech, at-home skincare tools are more accessible now than ever before, and the latest RF facial device to enter our radar is Nebulyft. As the world’s first MicroRF anti-ageing device, Nebulyft uses an advanced, non-invasive radio frequency (RF) therapy, called µRFthera(R). It can tighten the skin and stimulate natural collagen production and elastin production which will make your skin appear tighter, plumper, more radiant, and younger-looking. Apart from the revolutionary multi-polar RF MEMS Technology, Nebulyft incorporates several innovative features such as Intelligent 42°C (107.6°F) Thermal Control, five levels of RF energy for deep, effective treatment and Qi wireless charging. Pushing the boundaries of modern beauty, Nebulyft is the best radio frequency facial machine for home use.

I have been looking to add an RF device for face treatments to my skin arsenal, as one of my top concerns is sagging skin on the face and neck. In the last year, I have noticed more wrinkles and a loss of jawline definition. Radio Frequency technology is considered one of the most effective non-invasive means of reducing wrinkles and addressing the loss of firmness.

I researched home radio frequency machines for months and eventually decided on the Nebulyft because of innovative technologies such as its proprietary microRF technology – to promote subcutaneous collagen tightening and regrowth – and its Intelligent Temperature Control. Also, Nebulyft’s RF device offers wireless charging.

This at home RF facial machine uses Radio Frequency energy to rejuvenate facial features without any downtime. This energy induces heat within the dermis without affecting the skin’s outer layers (the epidermis). It is stimulating collagen production resulting in skin tightening and firming of the skin.

After having used it regularly for three months, I have had impressive results. I see skin tightening in my jaw and laugh lines and plumper skin. My wrinkles are less pronounced. 

Nebulyft has quickly become one of my favourite facial devices. Out of all the skincare devices I have, it is the easiest to use (along with my light therapy mask), and I use it religiously. It is also the quickest treatment, clocking in at as little as 10 minutes. I like that this powerful device integrates right into my existing skincare routine, working with products I’m already using.

It may be one of the easiest devices to use, but this RF facial device is packed with cutting-edge technology. Hence, we are so excited to sit down with Dr. Arthur Zhang, the Founder/CEO behind Nebulyft to discuss the technology and what the device does, how to use it and much more.


TELL US MORE ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND ITS TRACK-RECORD? We started with a team of scientists and engineers from the University of California, Irvine. Our mission has been to make people live longer and younger through innovations in micro medical devices. For almost five years, we have built a series of medical rated devices that are going to change the way doctors treat patients. A 2019 NSF (National Science Foundation) iCorp program jump-started our application in skincare and we have just completed our second round of private funding.

Nebulyft RF device

WHY DID YOU CREATE NEBULYFT? WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR IT? My wife has been this inspiration. For years I have worked on RF fast-ion sources, RF switches for telecommunications and RF surgical tools. I remember that summer day of 2017 she came home to me after a skincare visit at her favourite Dr Shum’s Clinic. “Why can’t you build something that doesn’t hurt this much!” Tears in her eyes and redness all across her face from a very recent clinical dosage RF treatment. That’s when I thought to myself, “That’s gotta change.”


WHAT IS NEBULYFT? Nebulyft is the world’s first MicroRF skincare device that is truly non-intrusive. Nebulyft also represents the technology that applies a nebula of gold electrodes to form a uniform and controllable electromagnetic field. Nebulyft’s innovative Radio Frequency technology combines the delivery of controlled energy deep into the skin while preserving the overlying epidermis.

WHAT EXACTLY DOES NEBULYFT DO FOR THE SKIN? Nebulyft is designed to provide top anti-ageing results in the comfort of your home.

The cutting-edge RF MEMS technology (Radio Frequency Micro-Electromechanical System) delivers controlled energy deep into your skin, without any pain or risk, heating the skin tissue to the optimum level that stimulates natural collagen production and elastin production: reducing wrinkles, leaving skin firmer, tighter and more radiant.

FOR WHOM IS NEBULYFT IDEAL? Nebulyft is ideal for anyone whose main skin concerns are sagging skin, skin laxity and wrinkles. It can safely be used on all skin types.


WHAT RESULTS CAN BE EXPECTED? Nebulyft features innovative anti-ageing technology with advanced features that address signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. It delivers a comprehensive anti-ageing treatment, which comes with numerous benefits such as:

  • Strengthens deeper layers and improves the structure and elasticity of the skin
  • Skin tightening
  • Lifts facial contours
  • Brightens dull colour and skin tone for a fresher, younger appearance
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture resulting in soft and smooth skin
  • Improves the appearance of pore size
  • Reduces the appearance of eye bags
  • Reduces acne marks

Several problem areas can be improved by using Nebulyft: cheeks, smile wrinkles, chin, neck, the skin around the eyes and the forehead. Nebulyft leaves the jawline more defined.

Most users experience results after four weeks, although this may vary based on skin type and individual metabolism rate.

Nebulyft skincare tool with charging plate

HAS THE RF FACIAL DEVICE BEEN CLINICALLY TESTED AND PROVEN TO WORK? CLINICAL TRIALS? In 2019, we conducted over 300 clinical trials with successful rejuvenation results.

These initial clinical trials show that most users can see visible wrinkle reduction and skin tightening within a month. It effectively reduces forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial fold wrinkles and stretch mark as well. We also have early indications of efficacy with growth and stretch marks on the body. More results will be released with new models designed for the body.

Some of the highlights from these clinical trials are:

  • 94% of users reported dramatic results, after four weeks
  • 85% saw improvement in skin texture, after four weeks
  • 73% saw visible improvement in more than one area, after four weeks
  • 69% saw a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, after four weeks

Results may vary based on skin type and texture.

HOW SOON CAN YOU SEE THE RESULTS? Noticeable results can happen soon after the first use. Since collagen regeneration and reflowing take two to four weeks, we encourage our users to take before and after pictures for this period of transition.

THERE HAVE BEEN SOME REPORTS OF FAT LOSS OR ATROPHY WITH SOME RF DEVICES. IS THERE A RISK THAT NEBULYFT CAN CAUSE FAT LOSS? Nebulyft focuses on the collagen layer which is right above the fat layer of skin. Compared to devices that melt fat, Nebulyft operates at 1/10th or smaller total power.


GENERALLY SPEAKING, WHAT IS RADIO FREQUENCY? A Radio Frequency device sends a fastly alternating electrical current (more than a million times per second) into your skin through various kinds of electrodes. This heats your skin tissues to different degrees, causing an immediate skin tightening effect. It also kick-starts the natural production of collagen. So, over time, you build fresh collagen and elastin fibres to support your face. The result is firmer, tighter, more radiant skin.

On the face, it is often used to treat skin laxity, diminish laugh lines, fade wrinkles, and improve skin tightening and circulation for healthy, naturally rejuvenated skin.

Nebulyft qi charging

WHAT TECHNOLOGIES ARE USED FOR NEBULYFT RF FACIAL DEVICE? As the world’s first MicroRF anti-ageing device, Nebulyft’s top three differentiators are:

Multi-polar Radio Frequency Micro-electromechanical System (RF MEMS) Technology: The primary technology is Rebeccatech’s fifth-generation RFMEMS technology that promotes subcutaneous collagen tightening and regrowth. This revolutionary multi-polar RF technology is safe and effective for all skin types.

The Nebulyft skincare device employs hundreds of microelectrodes to work collectively to generate a uniform electromagnetic field. When you press Nebulyft RFMEMS beauty device against your face, the 256 micron RF sensors will transmit energy automatically. This evenly distributed RF energy reaches 2-3mm underneath the skin where collagen reflow and regrowth begin.

Intelligent Thermal Control Technology:  The Nebulyft beauty device warms your skin to the perfect temperature that allows the RF energy to stimulate your skin’s dermis layers for a total solution. With five sensors and real-time technology, Nebulyft keeps your skin at 42 degrees Celsius/107.6 degrees Fahrenheit or below at all times. The multiple thermal sensors are designed to detect skin temperature and automatically control the power output real-time. This intelligent thermal control detection helps to achieve the anti-ageing goal with zero burning and overheating side-effects. The microprocessor computes data 200 times per second to precisely control the RF energy and duration and alerts users to change areas through micromotor vibrations and indicator lights.

Bio-compatible materials and manufacturing: In terms of selection of the materials, Nebulyft is manufactured with 100% FDA approved bio-compatible materials. We choose gold electrodes, for example, since Gold has excellent biocompatibility with skin. All Nebulyft devices are manufactured in ISO13485 qualified GMP factories.

HOW DOES THE RF FACIAL DEVICE WORK? Nebulyft’s technology delivers five intensity levels of RF energy for deep, effective treatment. This energy creates focused and controlled heat that stimulates dermal activity, thus accelerating the natural production of collagen and elastin. This accelerated skin cell regeneration will revive the skin to reveal a fresher, healthier and younger-looking complexion.

WHY IS 42°C /107.6°F THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE? This temperature is the denaturation threshold for most of human cells and proteins. Skin cells and collagen protein both subject to this law of nature.

IS THERE ANY SCIENCE THAT BACKS UP THIS CLAIM OF 42°C /107.6°F? There are ample theoretical and experimental scientific studies on this topic. One example is a joint publication of Duke University and Dartmouth Medical School on single-cell survival time in different temperatures, which demonstrated plummeting survival time when cells are exposed to a temperature above 42C.

WHY IS THE LOWER TEMPERATURE BETTER THAN A HIGHER TEMPERATURE? Once we established that exposure of skin cells to higher temperature causes cell death, it is obvious that any treatment should avoid high temperature at all cost. Intelligently controlled cellular temperature at 42 degrees is both safe and effective.

Radio frequency device for face

DOES THE RF MACHINE HEAT BENEATH THE DERMIS? The RF energy will be directed to underneath the dermis. Once the energy gets absorbed by collagen layer, it will be heated up to reflow and regenerate.

Are there science-backed papers/research documents to prove that this technology work?

Rebeccatech have developed a series of medical grade surgical tools using this advanced RF technology. Nebulyft has benefited from this state-of-the-art technology.

WHAT PATENTS AND CERTIFICATIONS DO YOU HAVE FOR NEBULYFT DEVICE? For advanced radio frequency technology, we have patents dated back as early as 2008. For Nebulyft devices, we have over a dozen USPTO patents pending/granted.

The device is CE cleared and in the process for FDA Class II medical devices approval.


TELL US ABOUT THE FIVE ADJUSTABLE ENERGY LEVELS? Nebulyft possesses five adjustable energy settings on a natural scale. As you can control the intensity, the device is equally perfect for those with sensitive skin as for those who can tolerate high settings. We advise our users to practice common sense and only use the level they are comfortable with. Level one is always safe to begin with.

TELL US ABOUT THE WIRELESS CHARGING? Nebulyft R1 is a light-weight device, 120g, powered by an 800 mAh lithium battery, which supports up to four days of standard treatment sessions before recharging. It is also the first personal beauty device to adopt Qi-standard wireless charging.

With its – IP54 water- and dust-proof design, the Nebulyft device is convenient to use at home or on the go.


CAN ALL SKIN TYPES USE NEBULYFT? The technology behind Nebulyft makes this device suitable for all skin types and all skin colours. Therefore, dark skin colours (Fitzpatrick skin types V or VI) can also be treated. This is a significant advantage compared to many other devices.

As it is a face-based treatment, it is likely to cause further inflammation and make redness worse if you have got rosacea, and it is not advisable if you have got broken blood vessels or capillaries.

Nebulyft wireless and ready to use

IS THERE ANYONE WHO SHOULD NOT USE NEBULYFT? Nebulyft’s RF device is generally safe with no down-time. As with most aesthetic treatments, it is not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For a complete list of warnings, precautions and contraindications, you can contact us. If in doubt about any medical condition or medication that may affect the treatment, we would recommend that you contact your doctor.

IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM RESULTS, HOW OFTEN SHOULD NEBULYFT BE USED? IS THERE AN INTENSIVE TREATMENT PERIOD TO START WITH, AND THEN A MAINTENANCE MOOD? A short-term lifting and firming effect is visible even after the first session, which lasts for up to several hours. Longer-term results, however, take more time and patience to see and feel.

One month should be long enough to see an improvement in the skin’s surface texture and luminosity, although people with more mature skin and smokers may need more time. After two months, you should notice a reduction in the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, and the skin should feel firmer.

You can achieve a more lasting effect by continuing to use the machine two or three times a week. Real collagen regeneration can take three months or more to show.

WILL YOU STILL SEE ANY RESULTS USING NEBULYFT JUST TWO OR THREE TIMES A WEEK? One should discover his or her own weekly regimen in terms of Nebulyft application. Among the over 1500 units shipped world-wide, we have users who “Nebulyft” twice a day, as well as users who only have time for long, extended treatments over the weekend.

HOW LONG IS EACH TREATMENT? This RF facial device covers a large treatment area allowing for a much faster treatment time. For each area – such as the forehead, right cheek, left cheek, upper lip and nasolabial folds, chin and neck – you want to treat, the skincare session takes two minutes. After each area, the device will vibrate to remind you that it is time to move to the next area.

CAN YOU USE NEBULYFT WITH A DIFFERENT CONDUCTIVE GEL? To ensure safety and effectiveness, we recommend that you use the device with Nebulyft’s botanical soothing gel. We are looking to compile a list of approved conductive gels over time, but in the meantime, you can send us the gel you want to use, and we will investigate whether it will work or not.

CAN THE RF MACHINE BE USED ON THE EYE AREA? ON THE NECK AND CHEST? Nebulyft is safe for all areas of the face and the neck. Typical treatment areas are under the eyes, the crow’s feet, the cheeks, the forehead, around the mouth and the neck. It is recommended not to use over eyelids, on closed eyes, on the thyroid area, lips or ears.

WHAT ABOUT AGE? WILL SOMEONE AGED 60+ YEARS STILL BE ABLE TO SEE RESULTS? About 15% of our customers are 60+. Higher intensity, longer minutes of treatment and more frequency application have been observed with this customer group. Nebulyft helps ageing gracefully.

CAN IT BE USED BY ANYONE WHO HAS HAD BOTOX? FILLERS? As long as it is after two weeks of the latest treatment.

HOW WOULD YOU USE THIS RF FACIAL DEVICE WITH OTHER MODALITIES? HOME MICRONEEDLING? HOME MICROCURRENT? You can combine Nebulyft RF facial device with microcurrent and Light Therapy. Treatment with Nebulyft can be resumed three to ten days post home microneedling (time will depend on whether it is cosmetic or medical needling). RF cannot be combined with IPL or laser (need alternate months).

CAN I DO ANYTHING ELSE TO AUGMENT/FURTHER ENHANCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE NEBULYFT? Building a good habit is MOST important. Think of Nebulyft as an exercise for your “collagen muscle”.

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