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Bosidin hair removal device
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Bereft of our beloved facialists for much of the year, we have turned to skin treatments and face tools that can be done in the comfort of our homes. Hair removal devices rank pretty much near the top of the list of the most popular home beauty treatments. The next-generation hair removal device, BoSidin, is the first salon-standard device of its kind to remove unwanted hair and treat signs of ageing. A revolutionary, permanent hair removal system, BoSidin combines optimal pulse technology (OPT), frequently used in cosmetics centres, with its medical-grade continuous pulse process and red light rejuvenation for optimum results. Get salon-worthy results at home with Bosidin – an FDA-approved hair removal system.

A classy looking teal (or white) and gold creation, the BoSidin Hair Removal Device captivates with cutting-edge technology, an ergonomically designed head and a range of functions such as hair removal and anti-ageing treatments. For a super-efficient hair removal treatment at home, BoSidin is painless and precise.

It is the first company to utilise medical-grade technologies in an at-home hair removal device. Suitable for almost all skin types, it can be used for both the body and the face.

BoSidin worked with a team of experts in the field of medical beauty to develop a revolutionary new hair removal system, one that targets and removes hair in each region of the body differently (face, body, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, etc.). The result is a device that is more effective and more precise than other home hair removal devices on the market.

This IPL hair removal device offers six different targeted modes from which you can choose according to your needs. A world-first, the ingenious 180° rotating head makes it easy to find a comfortable angle for use, especially when trying to reach more fiddly areas.

As an added benefit, this device also comes with a built-in photo-facial function for professional-level skin rejuvenation.

Impressively effective, we wanted to learn more about Bosidin’s dazzling functionality. As an innovative hair removal device, we were thrilled to sit down with visionaries behind BoSidin to discuss the technology, as well as what this device does, how to use it and much more.

White and green Bosidin devices


How did the project to create BoSidin start – what inspired you to create BoSidin hair removal device?

We began creating products to help women celebrate their beauty back in 1986, investing in research and development to produce high-tech solutions that were as effective as they were aesthetically pleasing.

When Gloria became the CEO, she created our London-based brand Bosidin and encouraged the women in our team to think about the beauty products they wished to have – all to inspire new ideas based on what women want.

Gloria led the way by focusing on creating an OPT hair removal device that could be used at home.

She wanted it to be so effective that with time women could use it less and less. It needed to be safe for use everywhere, easy to manage and beautiful.

The idea came from her own childhood when she began to suffer from bullying as soon as she hit puberty. Teased for her darker body hair, this lively and cheerful schoolgirl retreated into herself and lost her confidence. After the bullying became particularly bad, she dropped out of school for six months, suffering from depression, before changing to a new college where she went on to study science, and later engineering, at university.

Gloria shared her story and inspired our team to create a beautiful handheld device that brought together the most advanced technology in an easy to use and beautiful product.


What is BoSidin?

BoSidin is one of the world’s most advanced hair removal device for home use.

What exactly does BoSidin do?

BoSidin quickly and easily eliminates all kinds of facial and body hair without leaving any roots or dark spots.


What results can I expect?

Taking only ten minutes to complete a full-body treatment, most users notice lasting results in just eight weeks following the recommended treatment plan (see more information below).

After eight weeks, you will only need to complete top-up treatments as and when necessary.

White version of Bosidin hair removal device

Does BoSidin have clinical trials to prove the claimed results?

We worked with hair removal experts to randomly select 500 volunteers and conduct a hair removal effect test. The specific results are as follows:

  • Among them, 213 volunteers had black hair. After three treatments, the original hair of volunteers with black hair was generally reduced by 96%.
  • There were 107 volunteers with grey hair. After three treatments, the original hair of grey volunteers was generally reduced by 73%.
  • The number of red hair volunteers was 94. After three treatments, the original hair of red hair volunteers was generally reduced by 67%.
  • And there were 86 volunteers with blond hair. After three treatments, the original hair of the volunteers with blond hair was generally reduced by 60%.

How quickly can you see the results? How many treatments do you have to do to start seeing results?

The treatment tends to work best in people with light skin tones who have dark hair. BoSidin laser hair removal requires multiple sessions for best results. Depending on the area of hair removal, you may need about four to six treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart.

Will there be uneven hair removal?

There are two main reasons for uneven hair removal. First, the uneven energy distribution of each flash, and second, the uneven spatial distribution of energy that is mainly concentrated in the middle area of the light exit window.

BoSidin uses super constant energy technology to ensure the constant of each energy. Moreover, BoSidin uses a professional trapezoidal reflector lens inside the window based on gradient reflection, which promises the uniform energy distribution in every area from centre to the window’s edge. What is more, it realises every hair follicle to absorb balanced energy and removes hair evenly for every inch of your skin.

Will new hair grow after use?

The main reason for repeated hair removal, using devices currently available in the market, is mainly due to insufficient energy delivered by the IPL, which can only temporarily inhibit the hair growth. However, adjusting the energy of the pulse to enhance the effect may cause damage to the epidermis.

BoSidin uses the same technology as medical laser to provide sufficient energy to the hair follicles while providing gentle care for the skin. It adopts Multi-frequency Continuous Pulse so that hair follicles can continuously accumulate heat by multiple outputs of soft pulsed light to strongly inhibit hair regrowth and make hair follicles enter dormancy without damaging the epidermis.

You will see many brands use the words ‘permanent hair removal’, but it is worth bearing in mind that only electrolysis is classed as 100% permanent by the FDA. You can realistically expect BoSidin to target around 90% of hairs. 

Will the hair become thicker after hair removal?

Hair getting thicker is mainly due to frequent shaving, which cannot remove the root of the hair. On the contrary, it may result in more hair growth factors that give more nutrition for hair, and the new hair may get thicker.

BoSidin uses Multi-frequency Continuous Pulse Technology, which makes hair follicles continuously accumulate heat by multiple outputs of soft pulsed light. It can provide sufficient energy to the hair follicles and directly inhibit hair regrowth from the hair root, and your hair will not become thick.

Tell us more about the Skin Rejuvenation (SR) mode?

The SR mode is an independent skin rejuvenation mode of the device. BoSidin takes the sixth generation of Photorejuvenation as standard and utilises the OPT light source employed in this device to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, which leads to stimulation and activation of collagen. Thus wrinkles are reduced, elasticity restored and skin tone improved, resulting in brighter, firmer skin.

To use the SR mode, remove the sensitive head and attach the SR attachment head. Use it in the same way as you would the hair removal function, by moving it gradually across the skin. We do not recommend that you treat the area upper eyes, forehead and around the eyebrow, but you can treat the facial area 2cm below the eyes.

It is recommended that you use the skin rejuvenation function two to three times a week. You should wear goggles during the treatment.

At home hair removal device


The type of light technology BoSidin uses is the central aspect that differentiates the BoSidin hair removal device from more tried-and-trusted brands such as Philips and Braun.

Most at-home hair removal devices use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). BoSidin, on the other hand, uses OPT, which stands for Optimal Light Pulse Technology – a more advanced form of IPL.

How would you explain the underlying technologies behind BoSidin hair removal device to someone who is not a scientist?

BoSidin collaborated with Stanford Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery (BioADD) Laboratory. After a rigorous two-and-a-half-year R&D process, BoSidin’s experts created a state-of-the-art medical-grade hair removal device that uses cutting-edge technologies, high-end medical-grade material and strictly controlling the manufacturing process.

We use medical-grade technologies; the three main ones are:

Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT): It is an advanced and improved version of Intense Pulse Light (IPL). It realises the perfect combination of energy and wavelength. Thus, the energy that penetrates deeply into hair follicles has a qualitative upgrade. During the treatment, 95% of harmful light energy can be filtered out, which significantly reduces the effect of unwanted wavelengths on the surface skin, and will not cause damage to the surface skin during treatment.

Continuous Pulse Technology (CPT): By rapidly emitting soft pulses of light, medical-grade continuous pulse technology allows heat to build up at the root and effectively suppress hair regrowth.

Dynamic Cooling Technology: It can provide you with an ultra-fast cool feeling. A 5oC cooling protective layer is formed on the skin surface during treatment, which promises gentle and effective even on the body’s most sensitive areas.

In addition to the above three key technologies, we also use ‘Motion Depi’ Technology: This technology targets the whole area, not just the area in the centre of the treatment window.

What is Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT)?

OPT is fashioned to streamline the active light that penetrates the hair follicles. It does this by filtering out 95% of the light that cannot get in. It also means that it strengthens each pulse, giving you the same intensity typically only found in medical hair removal devices. Light strikes follicles deep at the root, efficiently removing even the toughest hair.

IPL does not have this filter, meaning light can ‘escape’ the intended course and scatter across the skin. This is what causes irritation during the hair removal process.

What is Continuous Pulse Technology (CPT), and what does it do?

Being extremely stable frequency technology, the Continuous Pulse Technology (CPT) divides the light into shorter, lower-intensity pulses. In short, this means it is designed not only to be gentler on your skin but more effective too.

BoSidin’s Multi-frequency of NC Optimal Pulse Technology uses soft pulsed light, which can continuously accumulate heat in the hair follicles during thermal relaxation time while leaving the surface skin in a state of continuous heat dissipation. It can ensure that there is no effect on the skin during the treatment, and can effectively inhibit hair regeneration.

Also, it features a continuous pulse mode, during which the device can slide slowly up and down the skin, removing hair as it goes. This means you do not have to press a button to activate the flash, just move across the skin, pausing for one or two seconds each time to allow the flash to activate automatically.

What exactly is Dynamic Cooling Technology and what does it do?

Dynamic cooling, an innovative technique developed by BoSidin, simultaneously creates a cooling sensation as pulsed light is emitted onto the skin.

With this built-in skin-cooling technology, the device creates a protective layer over the treatment area to maintain a temperature of 5°C, ensuring treatments are always entirely painless, even in sensitive areas. This is also great for users who have a low pain tolerance.

Green Bosidin hair removal device

What approvals do you have for BoSidin hair removal device?

As a medical-grade hair removal system, BoSidin is fully cleared by the FDA for home use. It complies with all EU CE regulations.

Also, its quality and safety level have been approved by the FCC and ROHS.


Tell us about the innovative rotating head? What is the purpose of that?

The precision head rotates 180 degrees in both directions, helping you to access difficult-to-reach places, whilst still sitting comfortably in your hand.

There are six modes, can you tell us what each mode does?

Designed for multi-area usage, the BoSidin device includes six optimised hair removal modes, each of which is engineered to precisely target a different area of the body.

Five modes correspond to different areas of the body like legs, face, arms, underarms and bikini line, and the sixth is the SR Rejuvenation (SR) mode.

The scientifically crafted modes define precisely the energy level acceptable to each of these parts to prevent the skin from being burnt by unnecessary heat.

The modes for face and bikini line use the lowest frequencies and are suitable for sensitive areas.The arm and leg modes are more powerful, enabling quick coverage of larger areas.

The smart thing about this device is you can select which area you want to treat with just a tap on the LCD screen. Additionally, you have the option of choosing the severity level from 1 to 6.

There is a fully-adjustable energy output knob; what does it do?

BoSidin’s hair removal treatment includes a fully-adjustable energy output knob that allows you to choose the perfect energy level for each treatment area, making hair removal gentler and safer. The knob offers six different energy levels, and the energy is increased from one to six. Level 1 is the lowest, and Level 6 is the strongest.


Can all skin types use BoSidin?

With the support of these cutting-edge technologies, BoSidin’s range is wider than other brands of hair removal devices, and even darker skin users can enjoy safe and comfortable hair removal experience.

This means that the device can be used by anyone with skin types I to V on the Fitzpatrick Scale, although with some caution if you have dark brown skin, ie type V. If you have a very dark skin tone (type VI), this device should not be used.

Because it is difficult to determine the skin tone through text, and if you are not sure whether your skin tone is suitable for using our device, please take a photo of your skin and BoSidin will have professionals to analyse it for you.

Can darker skin types use BoSidin?

If you have previously been excluded from the IPL or laser hair removal due to a low skin/hair contrast, you will love BoSidin.

As dark skin contains more melanin, part of the energy may be absorbed by the skin during the treatment. Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of hair removal of dark skin users is a problem faced by almost all hair removal devices on the market.

Having solved these problems, BoSidin has developed and applied three major hair removal safety technologies to expand the treatment range of dark skin. This means the device can be used on 95% of all skin tones. It is only unsafe for the very darkest tones.

On which hair colours can BoSidin work?

BoSidin uses the same technology as the beauty salon, which energy reacts with melanin to generate heat, and makes the hair follicles enter permanent dormancy to inhibit hair regeneration.

BoSidin can treat most colours of hair. BoSidin can treat short and thin villus and the very light hair such as grey, white hair and the red, golden hair that is less than 0.5cm. The hair colour of brown is moderate, which contains an amount of melanin so that BoSidin can be used on brown hair.

Black hair has the highest melanin content, so the hair removal device is most effective for black hair. However, brown, grey, white, and red hair has less melanin content than black hair, so we recommend you extend the treatment cycle to get a better effect.

How often should I use it?

Hair removal can be divided into the treatment phase and the maintenance phase.

During the first one to three months, it is recommended to use BoSidin once a week. You can do the next treatment as soon as the visible hair grows, and the minimum interval should not be less than three days. After eight weeks, it can be used once every four to eight weeks to maintain the overall effect.

However, the hair cycle has individual differences, so the effect varies from person to person. We have made a detailed plan according to the hair cycle of different parts. Please refer to it on

How long is each treatment?

The legs usually take 3-5 minutes to complete. The armpit and bikini area typically take about 2-3 minutes. The upper lip treatment area is small, and the treatment can be completed in 1-2 minutes.

BoSidin uses the unique AI Control technology, which significantly reduces the flash interval whilst ensuring the treatment’s efficacy. The auto-flash method will provide you with an instant flash, with no waiting.

Can I use it for my face?

Facial hair, also called peach fuzz, is finer, shorter, softer, and very often lighter in colour. It is difficult to detect and makes it equally tricky to remove.

The standard hair removal device uses ordinary IPL, which releases all the energy in one flash. However, the facial skin is fragile and sensitive, so the excess energy will directly damage the facial skin.

However, BoSidin has developed a unique facial mode, using OPT. This technology uses soft pulsed light, which can continuously accumulate heat in the hair follicles during the thermal time while leaving the surface skin in a state of continuous heat dissipation. It can ensure the safety of the skin and effectively suppressing hair regrowth.

BoSidin should not be used on the scalp, eyebrows or anywhere near or around the eyes, as it may permanently damage your eyes.

Will BoSidin hair removal device work on my bikini area?

To solve the bikini area’s hair, which is most sensitive and coarse, BoSidin’s research team has developed a special mode for this area that adopts Multi-frequency Continuous Pulse Technology. It makes hair follicles continuously accumulate heat by multiple outputs of soft pulsed light. It not only can provide sufficient energy to the hair follicles but also ensure the safety of the epidermis to inhibit hair regrowth and protect your skin.

BoSidin is equipped with Omnidirectional Dynamic Cooling Technology that treats and protects the skin throughout the entire process. A 5℃ cooling protective layer will be formed on the epidermis to make hair removal gentle and painless in even the most sensitive areas.

Can it be used to remove the beard of a male?

As male’s beard grows based on DHT in hormones, it is essentially different from other hair growth. Since DHT continuously secrete, the beard grows faster than others which means it may need more treatments.

BoSidin adopts Multi-frequency Continuous Pulse Technology, which makes hair follicles continuously accumulate heat by multiple outputs of soft pulsed light to inhibit hair regrowth.

It usually takes at least ten weeks to see a significant improvement in the beard problem, and you can say goodbye to the trouble of repeated daily shaving.

Is there anyone who should not use BoSidin? E.g. pregnant women.

BoSidin is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also, it is recommended to avoid a tattoo or permanent makeup in the treatment area.

There are also a few contraindications for people using BoSidin. If in doubt about any medical condition or medication that may affect the treatment, we would recommend that you contact your doctor. BoSidin, as a company, also provides a list of contraindications.

Do I need to buy replacement cartridges?

No. The device comes pre-loaded with 500,000 flashes – enough for a lifetime of treatments.

Generally, a person performs 18-25 treatments a year, and about 2, 000 flashes are used for full body hair removal. So this device can provide you with hair removal treatment for nearly 20 years.

Besides, most brands’ hair removal devices on the market will lose energy as the number of flashes decreases. However, we use the high-performance quartz lamp from American Excelitas, which has a longer service life, and its energy will not have any attenuation as the number of flashes decrease.

Tell us about your after-sales service?

BoSidin provides customised services for users after having purchased the product. You can provide us with your photos, and we will offer you professional, personalised services according to your actual situation. We also offer a 180-day money-back and a 2-year warranty for you.

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