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Sustainable travel luggage, bags and accessories

A leading force in sustainable travel

If you are in the market for buying luggage, there is a brand you will want to put on your radar as soon as possible. Built for adventure and styled for the city, Horizn Studios is at the forefront of forward-thinking, sustainable travel. Blending super-sleek aesthetics and superior quality with eco-friendly credentials and hi-tech add-ons like a phone charger and compression pad, Horizn Studios’ luggage series has it all.

Horizn Studios will simultaneously take care of your journey and the environment, thanks to cutting-edge materials made to last for life and a timelessly chic style that will never go out of fashion. Travel sustainably has never been easier with Horizn Studios either since the brand creates everything from  smart-looking luggage and backpacks to clever accessories

The team at THE GREAT ADDRESS are massive fans of progressive brands that prioritise environmental consciousness, impeccable quality, and sleek timelessness. And Horizn Studios delivers on all three accounts. Founded in 2015, Horizn Studios was born in Germany with the aim of creating a sustainable luggage brand with the lowest possible environmental impacts, ethical and eco-friendly, underscored by fine aesthetics and smart technology.

Circle One luggage from Horizn

The brand’s stellar credentials include a 99% waste-free sustainability luggage production, carbon-neutral logistics, the elimination of single-use plastics for its packaging, the use of recycled fabrics and materials, as well as a recycling program in Horizn Studios’ flagship stores. The sleek travel brand is also one of the most impressive around when it comes to pioneering the use of innovative sustainable materials such as aerospace-grade polycarbonate and flax (one of the strongest and fastest-growing renewable fibers available) to avoid unnecessary landfill waste and reduce environmental impact. Horizn Studios is the first sustainable luggage brand to be PETA-Approved Vegan and the winner of the 2021 PETA Travel Award.

Highlighted by a sleek design language, the brand’s aesthetics stand the test of time with pared-back styles — embodied in its iconic horizontal lines and thoughtful features. There is a timeless quality to Horizn Studios’ work, yet the designs are understatedly cool too. Smart technology — Horizn Studios’ smart luggage products include in-built portable chargers — is used to cater to the next generation of travellers and their digital lifestyles.

Smart luggage from Horizn

Horizn Studios has long stood for revolutionising the future of travel and redefining boundaries through innovation. In 2016, the brand launched the world’s first luggage with a removable charging function. Three years later, it collaborated with NASA-astronaut in training Alyssa Carson to give space luggage its world debut. And never one to rest on its laurels, the brand continues to smartly and conscientiously innovate. In 2021, Horizn Studios created Circle One, the world’s most sustainable luxury luggage. Made in Europe, this eco-innovation is 100% plant-based and biodegradable. Its design mission is built on the principles of circularity: Circle One is designed to be repaired and never replaced, which means it will never see a landfill.

Horizn Studios is also passionate about partnering with different creatives and world-class artists and brands, from BMW to NASA. The result? Avant-garde styles that simultaneously transcend trends and last a lifetime while creating a sustainable future.

There is an enduring appeal to travel. But travel also has an undeniable environmental impact. Compared to just a few years ago, there is a more sustainable way of travelling, and that movement is spearheaded by Horizn Studios. Be part of changing the travelling industry into a more sustainable one – while also making your travels more practical and stylish.

The story

In 2015, a couple of travel enthusiasts concluded that the available sustainable options of luggage were not optimal. The two founders — Jan Roosen and Stefan Holwe — noticed a disconnect between design/quality and environmental sustainability. Everyone enjoys exploring the world, but the company’s founders were aware of the damaging impact of travelling on the environment. Thus, they felt the need to develop a better option for the mindful sustainable traveller. With a passion for excellent design, the environment, and adventures, they decided to address the urgent need to mitigate the negative impacts of travelling and create what they felt was lacking in the travel industry.

Sustainable, eco friendly designer luggage

That is how Horizn Studios became a pioneer in sustainable luggage and travel, and it continues to be an innovator. The design-driven brand wants you to travel as effortlessly yet as consciously as possible, knowing that your stylish travel companions will not just stand the test of time but also allow you to become a sustainable traveller and travel responsibly.

Impeccable quality luggage

Horizn Studios’ products will accompany you for life. It not only applies the highest standards of German engineering and rigorous testing methods but also works with the most creative developers and manufacturers around the world. Its dedicated team of designers and engineers carefully sources the highest-quality materials.

Horizn Studios ensures that its bags will last for years and can withstand even the most demanding travel. The only genuinely sustainable choice is to make products that last—and to make them using the most sustainable materials possible.

Stellar sustainability credentials

As a next-generation travel brand, Horizn Studios pushes sustainability to the forefront of travel. The company has a strong commitment to generating a positive impact on society and the environment. From the longevity of its products to prioritising eco-friendly materials and using recycled packaging, Horizn Studios makes sure that your travel companions will not just stand the test of time but are made responsibly.

Sustainable weekend bag

With sustainability woven into the brand’s DNA, all its endeavours have always been to expand the horizons for innovative and sustainable solutions. As it enters a new era of sustainable travel, Horizn Studios is not only prioritising its responsibility to protect our planet but also continuing its commitment to fighting social injustices.

As a driving force for sustainable travel, Horizn Studios stands out for its many eco-friendly efforts and initiatives, including:

CIRCLE ONE: Taking travel towards a sustainable future, Horizn Studios’ Circle One is the world’s most sustainable luggage. With the most significant material science innovation the industry has experienced in decades, Circle One is an unrivalled eco-innovation. Made in Europe and designed to be repaired — never replaced — Circle One introduces BioX, the brand’s proprietary durable outer shell made from a flax-fibre weave. This makes Circle One lighter than aluminium, longer.

LONG-LASTING MATERIALS: When travelling with Horizn Studios’ luggage, backpacks, and accessories, your companions will last a lifetime. In practice, this means rigorous testing, quality assurance and meticulous attention to detail. The most eco-friendly products are products that you only need to buy once.

Group of travellers with Horizn luggage

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Increasing the use of recycled materials is an important goal for Horizn Studios as it works towards realising its vision of a circular travel economy. The brand’s sustainable luggage features recycled zippers and interior lining, and, by 2022, all of its other synthetic fibers will be as well. The bags and backpacks in the Chiado collection are Horizn Studios’ first line to be created entirely from recycled materials.

WASTE-FREE PRODUCTION: With the circular design of its luggage products, Horizn Studios aims to achieve waste-free production for a zero-impact production chain. The brand’s high-end virgin polycarbonate offcuts are collected and recycled — when it hands them over to other brands’ production chains, they are given a second life.

ANIMAL-FRIENDLY PRODUCTION: Horizn Studios’ collection not only demonstrates that travel products can be high-performing, sleek in design, and cruelty-free all at once but that they can also be produced in accordance with PETA’s standards. Horizn Studios is the first luggage company in the world to hold the PETA-Approved Vegan label. In 2020, Horizn Studios won PETA’S Vegan Travel Award for Best Luggage.

TIMELESS DESIGN: Aesthetics can be sustainable, too. Smart-looking, timeless design rather than following trends is at the core of Horizn Studios’ sustainable business. The brand’s sustainable luggage features a streamlined, functional, forward-thinking design. The result is an enduring aesthetic that transcends trends.

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: One of Horizn Studios’ key sustainability milestones was the complete elimination of disposable plastic waste. The luggage is delivered in reusable cotton dust bags, while backpacks and accessories are delivered in plant-based compostable PLA bags. Additionally, Horizn Studios uses recycled cardboard boxes — which are naturally recyclable — to ship your item to you.

Horizn studio lugguage made of sustainable and recyclable materials

CARBON-NEUTRAL LOGISTICS: As Horizn Studios’ manufacturing and community are spread across the world, it works on reducing the company’s carbon footprint and offset its carbon emissions. That is why Horizn Studios donates carbon credits directly through its partners, who give offset fees to verified climate initiatives.

DESIGNED AND PRODUCED WITH CIRCULARITY IN MIND: Horizn Studios’ collection is designed with circularity principles in mind. This means that when there are unwanted products, they can be passed on to new owners, repaired with ease, or recycled into something new. They go back into the supply chain instead of the landfill.

FREE RECYCLING PROGRAMME: Recycling is key to avoiding unnecessary resource consumption. Hence, Horizn Studios encourages you to take advantage of the brand’s free recycling program, Stop, Drop & Roll. Simply stop by one of Horizn Studio’s flagship stores, drop off your old luggage — from any brand — and get up to €30 store credit. The company will ensure that your luggage is recycled correctly, so it will not end up in a landfill.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: In 2020, Horizn Studios launched its social program, Horizn Together, which, in collaboration with the online learning platform Kiron, provides displaced and disadvantaged youth with access to free, high-quality digital education.

Horizn Studios follows the rule of “never enough”—that is why the brand will always improve its processes and never stop researching and learning the latest technologies, innovations, and possible partnerships to be at the state-of-the-art of responsibility.

Eco-friendly materials

From day one, Horizn Studios decided to focus on quality and sustainability. Fabric innovation is one of Horizn Studios’ true passions and it utilises renewable, organic and recycled materials. The brand does more than just look carefully at the quality of the materials; it solely relies on those that will help the company get closer to a circularly-driven world.

Horizn Studios is constantly exploring and experimenting with new sustainable materials and innovative technology, including:

CIRCLE ONE: The Circle One luggage is made of 100% renewable materials. It features BioX, the brand’s patented plant-based hardshell innovation made from flax, a fibre with much higher tensile strength than polycarbonate when suspended in resin. This makes it lighter than aluminium, more durable than polycarbonate, and more environmentally friendly than any of its competitors. Circle One features a seed and nutshell-infused handle and a magnesium telescopic handle.

RECYCLED AEROSPACE-GRADE POLYCARBONATE: For both durability and sustainability, the luggage’s signature hardshell is made of the ideal combination of virgin and recycled polycarbonate. Horizn Studios only uses its own recycled content in a strict closed-loop system that sees no strength degradation of the material. Additionally, none of its polycarbonates will ever end up in a landfill, thanks to this process.

Suitcase made of recycled polycarbonate

VEGAN HI-CORE: Frequently used in high-end sportswear, Horizn Studios’ signature fabric is waterproof, UV-resistant, very durable, and completely animal-friendly. Unlike tarpaulin, it is softer to touch and more flexible but will still withstand even the harshest conditions. Water and any other additives used in the manufacturing process are recycled in a closed-loop system.

RECYCLED WATER-RESISTANT LINING: A high-density, water-resistant lining is present in most of Horizn Studios’ travel goods. The coated lining’s ability to repel liquids minimises the risk of leaks and spills soaking through. In 2021, the brand began using 100% recycled polyester made from post-consumer waste.

PREMIUM RECYCLED MESH: The brand’s luggage and backpacks feature high-performance mesh screens to seal off the main inner compartments. These screens also organise and secure belongings without compressing them. In 2021, Horizn Studios began using 100% recycled polyester made from post-consumer waste.

RECYCLED LIGHTWEIGHT NYLON: In 2021, for selected lines, Horizn Studios introduced a new lightweight and long-lasting recycled nylon that is water-resistant, ultra-durable, and gentle to the touch. It is created from post-consumer consumer waste.

Backpack made of sustainable waterproof tarpaulin

TARPAULIN: Tarpaulin is a heavy-duty flexible composite textile consisting of thermo-laminated synthetic yarns. Horizn Studios is testing a newly developed sustainable substitute that is set to be introduced in 2022: 100% recycled, its production will save greenhouse gas emissions and wastewater by up to 60%.

WATER-SEALED COTTON CANVAS: This heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas is woven from premium cotton threads soaked in synthetic wax. The waxed finish adds an additional layer of protection against external elements such as weather and, with time, takes on a distinctive patina that serves as a reminder of your travels.

BALLISTIC NYLON: A global team of material scientists engineered Horizn Studios’ water-resistant ballistic nylon. This material is the same used in bulletproof vests and flak jackets, making it incredibly durable and resistant to wear. It is waterproof when paired with the brand’s hydrophobic lining.

The company is committed to sustainable and ethical production, so its cotton is 100% organic and FairTrade certified. Horizn Studios’ travel hoodie is made from a cutting-edge, new fabric that uses natural fibres of jade and coffee charcoal. The result is a dye-free garment made in Europe that dries quickly and controls moisture, ensuring you stay comfortable as you travel from one climate to the next.

Luxury and creative partnerships

To create cool, covetable, sustainable styles, Horizn Studios has collaborated with luxury design brands like Beats by Dre, BMW, Soho House, and Design Hotels. As the leading travel brand for the next generation, the brand continues to explore partnerships within the digital, travel and design space, as well as collaborators from within the creative community like DJs, photographers and artists.

Some partners Horizn Studios has collaborated with already include:

BMW: Like no other brand in the automotive industry, BMW represents the greatest standards in engineering, design and technical excellence. Horizn Studios partnered with BMW to launch a special luggage edition for the global community of smart auto and design enthusiasts. With its distinctive and subtle design elements, this special edition is the perfect symbiosis of Horizn Studios’ pioneering contemporary travel vision and BMW’s legacy of forward-thinking mobility and lifestyle. Check out BMW x Horizn Studios luggage here.

Horizn partnershops with BMW and NASA

HABITAS: Known for its globally curated experiences that focus on music, wellness, food, adventure, learning, art and giving back, Habitas is a globally recognised, award-winning hospitality brand. Together, Habitas and Horizn Studios are finding ways to make a positive and lasting impact. Check out the Limited Edition Backpack here.

EMEKA OGBOH: Horizn Studios teamed up with celebrated sound and installation artist Emeka Ogboh and Beats by Dre for a limited-edition series of luggage and travel essentials inspired by the vibrant Nigerian megacity Lagos and its iconic people mover: the black-striped, yellow danfo bus. Check out the Lagos Edition here.

SOHO HOUSE: From New York and Mumbai to London and West Hollywood, Soho House serves as the global creative community’s home-away-from-home all over the globe. Celebrating shared values, Horizn Studios and Soho House launched a limited-edition luggage set to help get you from House to House.

SETH TROXLER: Horizn Studios, the leading travel brand for the global creative community, teamed up with renowned DJ and producer Seth Troxler to create the first edition of the Professional Line collection. Thanks to the crucial expertise of internationally acclaimed DJ Seth Troxler, this DJ case perfectly embodies all Horizn Studios stands for, fusing professional craftsmanship with travel technology. Check out the Pro Model ST DJ case here. There is also a limited-edition Cabin Luggage and a series of travel essentials.

DESIGN HOTELS: Highlighted by Design Hotels’ penchant for cutting-edge design, Horizn Studios developed a limited-edition cabin model for the Design Hotels Community. Sold out in a blink, this partnership marked the start of a long-lasting relationship with Design Hotels.

SUPPORTING NEW TALENTS IN THE ARTS: Horizn Studios’ entire brand is deeply rooted in creative culture, from music to visual art. Through the Horizn Art Programme, Horizn Studios supports young emerging artists from all over the world who thus far work mostly under the radar of the established international art scene. The curatorial team of the Horizn Art Programme appoints one Advisory Board Member per year who nominates upcoming artists from a certain region with new works without any format restraints. The Horizn Discovery Award funds one project per year.

Smart, stylish-looking travel luggage for international travel, and weekend getaways as well as backpacks and everyday bags

Horizn Studios’ range of smart luggage, backpacks, everyday bags and travel accessories perfectly fuse design with sustainability and technology to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy digital travellers. Skilled designers and engineers carefully consider every material and detail and build your luggage to last. The products are made from premium polycarbonate, coated canvas and nylon, among other things, and are extremely robust, waterproof and durable. The wide array of colours – such as all black, graphite, night blue, dark olive, true red and pale rose — not only makes the suitcases and cabin luggage the perfect travel companions but also makes them look smart and stylish.

Find your bag wherever you go with Horizn Studios’ smart luggage—carry-on cabin bags and check-in suitcases—as well as stylish backpacks, practical cross-body bags, and good-looking weekenders.

The luxury range consists of:

CIRCLE ONE: It is the world’s most sustainable luxury luggage, designed and engineered for a new era of conscious travel. Made in Europe, Circle One has been produced with circularity in mind. This means always repairing instead of replacing. The world’s most eco-friendly luggage is made from BioX, Horizn’ Studios patented hard-shell innovation. 100% plant-based and biodegradable, it features a multi-density flax weave. Flax is one of the strongest and most productive renewable fibres and suspended in resin, its tensile strength is much higher than that of aluminium.

Circle one cabin bag

CABIN LUGGAGE: A great cabin suitcase can make all the difference when it comes to effortless travelling. Striking a perfect balance between design and technology, Horizn Studios’ cabin luggage comes complete with innovative and cutting-edge features such as a premium polycarbonate hard shell, four Japanese 360°-degree spinner wheels, a TSA-approved lock and a laptop-friendly front pocket. The smart luggage version comes with a One-click removable built in charger — cabin approved for all airlines — and a built-in compression pad.

CHECK-IN LUGGAGE: Want a big, beautiful suitcase that will get you around the world without compromising your trip or your look? No other checked bag out there does a better job of combining style, durability, and environmental sustainability than Horizn Studios’ check-in suitcases. Engineered for all kinds of travels, the suitcases offer the brand’s signature features, such as four high-end Japanese 360° spinner wheels, a premium polycarbonate hard shell and a TSA-approved lock. Its smart luggage version comes with a removable charger and an in-built compression pad.

Collage of three different backpacks from Horizn

BACKPACKS: Horizin Studios’ high-performing backpacks are a beautifully cohesive marriage of technology, form, and sustainability. The intentionally uncluttered design allows the backpacks to blend and adapt to multiple tasks and environments. They are a must-have for everything from travel to daily commutes to errands around town. Moreover, the hand-picked environmentally friendly materials demonstrate the brand’s commitment to producing designer bags with a cool, sustainable edge.

WEEKEND BAGS: Versatile, stylish, compact yet spacious, a weekender bag is the unsung hero of every traveller’s luggage collection. Fusing functionality, performance and sleek aesthetics, Horizn Studios’ go-anywhere-do-anything bags boast features like spacious main compartments, smaller interior pockets and adjustable straps, all wrapped up in sophisticated style. Its super-sleek aesthetic makes it just as ideal for a business trip as a weekend countryside escape. The recycled water-sealed cotton canvas construction promises to keep everything safe and bone dry no matter what the weather.

Horizn cross body bags

CROSS-BODY BAGS: For an effortlessly chic look, Horizn Studios’ fashion-forward cross-body bags are a must-have for anyone on the move. With a simple and smart design, the cross-body bags are spacious enough to store essentials like wallet, phone, keys, passport, and credit cards. They deliver on style and storage and will take you effortlessly from day to night, from the gym to the city to the airport. Durable and good-looking, the sustainable cross-body bags are made from lightweight, 100% animal-friendly durable materials.

Next-generation sustainable travel luggage and everyday bags

Sustainable practices and innovation with a cutting-edge spirit: Horizn Studios offers smart luggage that is responsibly produced. The combination of excellence in performance and fine aesthetics in design has propelled the studio to the forefront of sustainable travel.

Go beyond the merely functional with Horizn Studios’ range of exquisitely designed, ultra-stylish travel luggage and smart accessories.

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