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Swoon-worthy, sustainable shoes that are affordable and made to order

Sustainable luxury

Barcelona-based footwear and fashion brand ALOHAS is deservedly an influencer-favourite thanks to its designer-inspired sustainable shoes, which include a range of chunky sandals and square toe heels, as well as on-trend clogs and timeless boots. ALOHAS’ sustainability stance is also one of the main selling points – all purchases are on a pre-order basis to anticipate demand and avoid overproduction and waste, while pieces are all produced locally in Alicante to minimise their carbon footprint. Offering both stylish, sustainable shoes and more recently clothing, ALOHAS proves that you do not need to sacrifice the Earth for fashion.

In an age of increasing consciousness, a classy fashion piece is no longer enough for the discerning buyer, and the demand for more sustainably conscious brands is growing. Now, it is not just about looking stylish but about practising conscious, mindful consumption while doing something good for the environment.

Collage, Harper sustainable shoes by Alohas

The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. The production and distribution of the crops, fibres, and garments used in fashion all contribute to different forms of environmental pollution. Fashion brands have to shift from an era of mass production to an era of mass customisation, where the main focus is to create a super-empowered customer and produce only what is sold.

Luxury and sustainability are one and the same at ALOHAS, a Barcelona-based sustainable fashion-forward brand. The company tackles many issues in the fashion industry at once – avoiding overproduction and waste, taking the guesswork out of what to produce and in which quantities.

What started as a Spanish brand in Hawaii for traditional Menorcan avarca sandals, today has become an international on-demand sustainable fashion brand that is Made in Spain.

Praised by influencers, stylists, editors and celebrities, what makes ALOHAS different is an on-demand business model. Thanks to this revolutionary concept, the brand not only offers a sustainable and responsible shopping option, but it does not generate surplus products and excess stock. Moreover, ALOHAS offers customers sustainable fashion of premium quality crafted in Spain by artisans, at a discounted price.

Alohas ballet flats

On-demand production and sustainability are at the core of ALOHAS’ philosophy

Overproduction and the vast amounts of unsold goods in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats. Radical changes in the textile industry are essential to stand any chance of stopping further environmental and climate breakdown.

Not only is the traditional fashion system detrimental to the environment, but it is also financially wasteful. The old concept of seasonally manufacturing items abroad and then, months later, trusting that retailers around the world would sell what was produced is not sustainable. The seasonal collections, often designed with no input from customers and manufactured in large-scale factories, result in an industry overproduction of an astonishing 30-40%.

ALOHAS wants to be part of the solution and is committed to improving the industry and helping the planet. Sustainability lies at the heart of everything it stands for. The brand creatively tackles fashion’s main challenge of overproduction and waste and addresses with vigour the question ‘how much to produce’.

ALOHAS works on an on-demand basis, meaning the brand holds off on production until customers have placed their orders. This means that you as the consumer have a high degree of influence over the business and that the company relies on customers’ decisions to determine the optimal levels of production

Collage, 3 different colours of Alohas Trailblazer sustainable shoes

ALOHAS’ pre-order system allows the company to precisely anticipate demand levels prior to production, so the company only produces the quantities that they are truly going to sell. On-demand manufacturing is both more economical and sustainable, minimising waste and leftover stock at the end of every product cycle.

The result is: No guesswork. No overproduction. No landfills.

How customers benefit from on-demand production

Reducing waste and overproduction is not only beneficial to the earth, but it is also of benefit to the customer and company – ALOHAS saves money by not producing items that they will never sell, and the company is able to return these savings to its customers. This is how ALOHAS can offer such high quality sustainable shoes and fashion at an affordable price point.

Every month, a new collection drop on ALOHAS’ website, where customers can buy the latest must-haves at a discount and at the same time support the company’s sustainability efforts.

In terms of pricing, this on-demand model reverses the sales cycle: 30% off at launch, 15% off when production begins, and full price once in stock.  This more focused and efficient approach also allows ALOHAS to take designs from inspiration to finished products within four to eight weeks and do so sustainably.

Collage: Sophie shoe range by Alohas

ALOHAS equals responsible shopping of sustainable shoes and fashion for consumers who value quality and beauty, all at discounted prices.

Local production

All ALOHAS shoes and garments are being produced in Spain, maintaining a lower carbon footprint and a transparent supply chain. It also means that the team can regularly visit the manufacturing facilities to ensure that labour conditions and quality standards align with ALOHAS’s values.

ALOHAS also works with suppliers certified by the Leather Working Group, the world’s largest leather sustainability program and a world-renowned certification body. It assesses and promotes sustainable environmental practices across the leather industry. The brand is committed to using LWG-approved leather as much as possible for its sustainable shoes.

Craftsmanship and artisan shoemaking

ALOHAS’ on-demand model’s main objective is to fight against overproduction, one of the biggest problems of the fashion industry. This production system offers a sustainable alternative and also guarantees higher quality since the brand produces small batches with utmost care for the manufacturing process.

Fireplace Chain series of sustainable footwear from Alohas

Designed in Barcelona and handcrafted in the coastal region of Alicante, all of ALOHAS’ sustainable shoes are produced by experienced artisans. Skilled workmanship, specialised in making high-quality shoes, reinvent the link between traditional craft and contemporary design with the finest leathers and materials.

Responsible shopping for the conscious fashionista

ALOHAS is helping to preserve the environment by encouraging more responsible, sustainable fashion consumption.

The company has been persistent in seeking and adopting new practices whilst also refining the current ones. To minimise the carbon footprint on the environment, ALOHAS adopted a carbon offset feature. This feature gives customers the choice to donate in order to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of e-commerce. Customers are also given the option of choosing which project the donation will help. Active projects currently include native forest regeneration and international renewable energy projects, both falling under the umbrella of fighting climate change. Offering customers the option to reduce the impact their purchase has on the environment facilitates a responsible way to shop within the fashion industry.

ALOHAS has also launched the Mindful Tips series on Instagram, designed to inspire each customer to become a more environmentally conscious fashionista. Past chapters have covered: how to give a second life to clothes you already own, shoe care practices to make every pair last longer, and how to build a timeless capsule wardrobe.

A stylish, sustainable shoe and fashion collection

With an elegant design, ALOHAS displays a timeless-meet-trendy style. Designed and made in Spain, the high-quality and exquisitely crafted footwear form the cornerstone of this sustainable brand.

There is a wide range of options, with various heel heights, colour palettes and eco-friendly materials like certified leather. The beautiful lines of the models are mainly reflected in the chic sandals. The mules are comfy without compromising your fashion style. The brand also has stylish boots and the most striking is the various multi-colour boots. The beautiful combination of colours makes the boot a real eye-catcher.

Boots by Alohas

ALOHAS: The Spanish sustainable fashion brand making a positive impact on people and the planet

Buying footwear and clothing, it seems, is no longer about making a style statement alone, and the luxury connoisseurs of today are looking for considered and sustainable fashion brands. And ALOHAS ticks all the right boxes, with its luxurious and high-quality sustainable shoe and fashion designs backed with good intentions and the positive impact that comes with it. For the style-conscious consumer, it is the ideal solution.

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