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Sustainable household products for taking care of the entire house

Everyday essentials for your home

Eco-friendly beauty products, ranging from skincare to haircare, are readily available. However, one area where sustainably-made products have been tougher to come across are household items, both for cleaning and home care. Obtaining sustainable household products for wood care, leather care, and marble care has been nearly impossible – until now. A Swedish company called Act of Caring makes a range of sustainable household and cleaning products for taking care of everything in your home. The brand defines its products as “skincare for objects.”

In our everyday life, we use and are surrounded by so many different objects – IT and tech products, leather goods, sneakers, toys, furniture, and much more. Maybe we have a marble worktop in our kitchen or got this beautiful old wooden chair from our grandparents with leather details. Taking care of the things we love helps to make them last longer. A little love keeps our belonging in our care (and out of the landfill) for as long as possible.

Swedish-based Act of Caring is all about caring for the parts of your home that perhaps do not get too much attention yet support us in our everyday life. The brand produces natural sustainable household products that are non-toxic, life-styled and designed, which will make you love caring for your things and your home. From all-surface cleaners and dish soaps to marble care and cutting-board oil, it has you sorted from kitchen to office and on the go.

Act-of-Caring toolbox with household care products

Act of Caring’s non-toxic, plant-based formulas harness the power of natural ingredients, creating eco-friendly care and cleaning products that will get the job done without damaging the earth. The brand’s innovative refill system makes it easy for consumers to clean sustainably, with 100% recyclable bottles and natural, vegan formulas. The company’s products are manufactured in a small workshop on the west coast of Sweden.

Take a look at Act of Caring products and get inspired to care for your most treasured possessions and all the essential products in your life.

The story of Act of Caring

Act of Caring started with an idea and project trying to solve the dilemma of over-consumption and “lack of joy” caring for what we already own.

The founders asked questions such as how can we contribute to a change for a better and more conscious world? They were looking for something that would help us appreciate quality, natural materials and the things we already have. Act of Caring was created as a lifestyle concept for how to make things last.

Sustainability is at the heart of every aspect of Act of Caring – a brand with a strong ethos of environmental consciousness and responsibility. With minimal impact on the planet, the brand makes its products with natural ingredients. It adopts a responsible approach for the packaging, which is recycled and recyclable. Sustainable, circular and caring, a perfect formula.

Products for leather care from Act of Caring

An inspirational product range of sustainable household products

Discover Act of Caring’s care and cleaning routines and products so you can take care of your belongings in the best way. Be inspired by this modern Swedish brand, with its different categories of care and cleaning products:

MATERIAL CARE: You will find natural and eco-friendly products for specific materials here. If you have not cleaned your wooden tabletop or desk in a while, try the Nourishing Wood Oil. Whether it is your leather chair, your beloved leather bag or your favourite leather jacket, regular maintenance is key if you want to enjoy your leather piece for a lifetime. The Leather Care Kit will give your leather items the ultimate care. Keep your wooden cutting boards moisturised and keep them from cracking with the brand’s food-safe cutting board oil. This will keep your cutting boards in pristine condition. Also, the brand’s helpful care routines and tips for surfaces made of wood, leather, and marble will help keep your objects beautiful for generations to come.

HOME CARE: Everyday touch-up cleaning and caring products for your home. For instance, the All-Surface Cleanser is great for cleaning surfaces such as stainless steel, laminate, tile, plastics and finished wood, and is, of course, safe to use around children and food. For marble and fine stone surfaces, it is recommended that you use the brand’s Restoring Marble Cleanser.

Eco friendly dish soap

WORKSPACE CARE: Uplift your workspace environment with conscious clean and caring products. The Purifying Screen Cleanser is an all-day mist for screens, smartphones, and eyewear. It effectively cleanses surfaces for a fresh and clear view.

PERSONAL CARE: Be kind to nature and yourself with the company’s personal care products. The gentle, natural, and moisturising liquid hand soaps will keep your hands hydrated and germ-free all day long. Or have a look at the Blue Light Face Mist – a moisturising face mist packed with butterfly ginger, aloe vera and natural cucumber water, developed to protect and care for your skin against digital damage and the effects of air pollution.

ON-THE-GO CARE: Discover the company’s useful on-the-go kits such as the On-the-go Hand Kit; An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit For Gaming & IT; and On-the-Go Sani kit that cleans your hands and computer screens.

Sustainability initiatives

Act of Caring is among a new generation of companies that have built sustainability into their brand from the off-set. Some of its initiatives include:

ORGANIC AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All of Act of Caring’s products are based on natural ingredients and are vegan and biodegradable. Whenever possible, the brand uses organic ingredients.

Eco cleaning cloth from Act of Caring

The company has gone the extra mile to find the kindest non-toxic preservatives, which often is the biggest challenge when producing sustainable and commercial natural products. This means that in some cases, the Act of Caring may need to use smaller amounts of nature-identical ingredients, such as preservatives that occur in natural plants – for example, lingonberry – but it is not possible to produce large scale. The products are free of parabens, silicones and sulphates, and are not tested on animals.

LOCAL SOURCING & PRODUCTION: Act of Caring’s ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, which helps cut down carbon emissions. The products are made in Sweden by A local partner and manufacturer who has a long experience in making natural care products.

RECYCLABLE BOTTLES: The bottles are made from 100% recycled PET milk bottles. It gives them a slightly smoked glass feeling. Caps and pumps are partially made from recycled plastics, although the company is committed to finding a solution where the caps are made from 100% recycled material.

Refill bottles

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Act of Caring decided not to use any external packaging for each bottle. Using protective wrapping when transporting our products is a must. The brand uses FSC-certified paper to protect the products from being damaged during transport.

REFILLS: Act of Caring offers refill sizes to all products that are frequently used, such as Reviving All Surface Cleanser; Pampering Bathroom Cleanser; Reviving Table Cleanser; Hydrating Hand Sanitiser; and Restoring Marble Cleanser. Refilling is the best alternative to reduce waste and lower environmental impact.

SPARE PARTS: You can purchase spare parts for many of the items. For example, if the spray nozzle breaks, buying a new one is possible rather than throwing away the entire bottle.

ROAD TRANSPORTATION: Act of Caring strives to limit carbon emissions by choosing land transportation whenever possible.

Eco-friendly material care products

By appreciating the items we already have, we take better care of them. This makes them last longer and makes us less likely to seek updated versions just to have something new. Act of Caring creates great products because the company wants to help you make sure your favourite belongings look better for longer. Take a look at its care and cleaning products and get inspired to care for the essential products in your life.

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