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Indoor garden from Plantui
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The smart indoor garden by Plantui is an innovative home gardening system that allows you to grow plants and herbs indoors, no matter what the season. Literally smart, it is built with technology that recognises the growth period of each plant and automatically adjusts its light and watering schedule to produce lush, verdant crops. Toxin-free herbs, salad greens, and even edible flowers are all on the menu with these easy-to-use smart indoor gardens.

Beautifully designed, the soil-free indoor gardening device from Plantui combines innovative plant technology with an intelligent lighting system and automatic watering pump to grow pure, great-tasting and healthy plants with ease.

Plants grow very fast – in just six to eight weeks, the home gardener can grow those favourite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers – from seed to fully grown plant. Seeds are non-GMO, natural, and not treated with chemicals. Each capsule comes with selected nutrients to suit the plant’s needs. You can either make your own selection of plants or choose among the indoor herb garden kits.

White and grey smart indoor gardens from Plantui

You can grow up to six plants at a time, and the current plant selection includes, among others, basil, coriander, violets and many Asian plants.

Plants have different light requirements at each stage of their life. The indoor smart gardens with 18 high-end LED lights provide the best spectrums and intensity needed to create perfect germination and growth conditions for those greens.

The indoor smart gardens use the same irrigation method as professional greenhouses: it quietly pumps water to the roots 1-8 times a day, 30 seconds per time, depending on the growth stage. It has an adjustable automatic daily rhythm, with a sleep mode of eight hours (lights and pump are turned off).

While it is not quite as energy efficient as letting nature do the watering and lighting, the garden consumes little electricity. Being a low voltage (12V) device, it consumes less than 60kWh of energy per year, with continuous use, and should cost less than €10.

With the two innovative height blocks included in the package, the height of the light unit may be adjusted to suit the growth stage of any plant.

With ease of use, optimised growth conditions and lights, superior technology and low energy consumption, growing herbs and fresh greens in style has never been easier. This smart herb garden is sure to leave friends and neighbours in awe.

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