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A smart garden does all the work

Enjoy fresh herbs year-round

If you are not the most green-fingered person or lack outdoor space, but long to enjoy homegrown produce and fresh herbs, an indoor smart garden is a great option. When using an indoor plant system, growing plants becomes a stress-free experience. Once the smart garden is set up, you can sit back and relax knowing your plants are being cared for, year-round.

The benefits of an indoor smart garden

A Smart Garden is a meticulously designed indoor garden that allows you to grow fresh food and flowers all year round from the comfort of your home.

There are several benefits of growing in a Smart Garden compared to growing outdoors, including:

Works in almost any indoor space: With more and more people living in cities and bustling urban areas, it can be difficult to find outdoor land to grow plants. With a Smart Garden, however, you can grow plants in virtually any indoor space.

Virtually effortless: With incredible convenience and ease of use, a Smart Garden will do all of the hard work for you. It automatically waters your plants and provides them with an optimal amount of nutrients and light so they can thrive.

Super fresh and tasty: Homegrown greens guarantee a superior flavour, aroma and health benefits compared to store-bought greens. Fresh herbs and vegetables picked at peak ripeness taste better and have higher nutrient content since produce loses a high portion of its nutrients within a couple of days of harvesting. Also, you can harvest aromatic herbs according to your needs.

Fresh greens at hand, all year round: A smart garden simulates the perfect amount of sunlight that your produce needs to thrive. There is no more worrying about in which seasons to grow your produce. No matter the conditions outside – a smart garden allows you to always have fresh food at your fingertips.

High-quality, nutrient-dense greens: One of the most significant benefits of homegrown herbs and plants is their richness in taste. Most plants grown in indoor smart gardens are organic or natural. They are not composed of GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or other suspicious substances. They are all-natural and pure.

Collage of black and white Veritable smart gardens

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a foodie and love all things pertaining to food, including fresh herbs and vegetables. I love the idea of having a low-maintenance smart garden as I want to grow my own greens indoors whilst having year-round access to fresh foods.

After having tested indoor gardens for several months, I’m a massive fan of Véritable Smart Gardens. The range is among the most advanced smart gardens currently available and provides the easiest indoor gardening solution.

Why We Love the Smart Gardens from Véritable

The Véritable indoor garden is an amazing product for growing various herbs, greens and vegetables in your kitchen. It automates most aspects of growing indoor plants by controlling lighting, water and nutrient delivery to your plants. All you have to do is add water every so often, and the plants will look after themselves.

The Véritable is different from other smart indoor gardens on the market because each lingot (a composition of organic seeds, natural substrate and nutrients) produces a whopping four to six months of generous harvests with rich aroma and taste. The indoor garden also has integrated LED grow lights to ensure that your plants can grow anywhere in your house.

With all these smart features, you simply cannot go wrong with Véritable’s indoor gardens.

Packed with smart technology for foolproof gardening

With automatically controlled technology, Véritable is one of the best indoor smart gardens. It makes sure the plants have enough light, water and nutrients at all times.

Defined by appealing aesthetics, it combines the latest technologies in terms of high-performance horticultural LED grow lights, organic agriculture, and irrigation systems. Thanks to this technology, plants grow two to three times faster than in a garden.

The range from Véritable is powered with a host of highly sophisticated technology features…

Cutting-edge LED technology: Véritable’s smart gardens come with a unique LED grow light system, ensuring your herbs get the correct amount of light they need automatically.

Véritable’s sophisticated LED technology is the result of two years of research and development. Thanks to this cutting-edge LED light technology, the indoor garden does not need any natural light to grow. This means you can put your indoor garden anywhere – not worrying about putting it in a room with no windows, as the intelligent system would still provide the optimum lighting.

Combining high-efficiency LEDs, the garden’s two separate LED grow lights have been intelligently designed to provide the optimal light wavelength to deliver maximum results. Véritable’s horticultural LED lighting (blue and white) accelerates plant growth while increasing your greens’ flavour intensity. The technology also provides an enhanced colour spectrum that is adapted specifically for edible plants.

The lights are automatically controlled so that the indoor garden will provide the exact level of light your produce needs. It produces a day and night light cycle, turning on for 16 hours and off for eight hours – replicating the natural daylight cycle. Plug your Véritable Indoor Garden, and the cycle starts.

The two separated and adjustable lighting poles allow you to grow plants of different sizes and at various stages of growth.

AdaptLight Technology: The Smart and the Connect versions are further enhanced by AdaptLight Technology, which automatically increases or decreases the LEDs’ intensity depending on the surrounding ambient light. This gives the right amount of light to your plants, at all times. Plants receive the most precise amount of light all day long, whether the sun is beaming or in the darkest corner. The plants will flourish to their maximum potential. The Smart and the Connect indoor gardens are ideal for sunny rooms.

Automatic watering: The Véritable smart garden contains an integrated reservoir tank, which automatically delivers to the plants the optimum amount of water and nutrients for them to thrive.

The irrigation system detects moisture levels and automatically waters your plants when needed, with the 2-litre water tank holding about three to four weeks’ worth of water. You can go on holiday assured that your Véritable garden will take care of everything while you are away.

Filling up the water tank could not be easier – a visual water-level alarm will indicate when to refill the reservoir. When the water reservoir is almost empty, the LEDs start blinking blue, making it impossible to forget to water the plants.

Patented seed pods: Unlike most indoor smart gardens, Véritable gardens do not require you to periodically add a nutrient solution to keep your plants growing and staying healthy. This is all due to Véritable’s unique and patented lingots – plant pods – that will gradually release all of the nutrients that your plants need to thrive while automatically stabilising pH levels and oxygenating the roots even while wet.

Ready made seed packs for the smart garden

Lingots: ready-to-use seed packs for bountiful harvests that are healthy and natural

We truly adore the company’s lingots, which are Véritable’s patented and innovative pre-packed pods for easy and fast set-up.

The eco-friendly pods contain all the essential elements for an optimum harvest: organic or untreated seeds, a natural substrate adapted to hydroponics and all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth. There is nothing to add.

Unlike the potting soil, the lingots’ substrate is specifically developed to assure optimum oxygenation and root anchoring in a small space. It acts as a sponge compatible with Véritable’s capillary irrigation system allowing an ideal humidity level at all times.

The substrate is composed of coconut fibre and peat. These plant materials are renewable resources. The lingot’s honeycomb texture enables optimal rooting and oxygenation, which guarantees fast and healthy growth of your plants.

Each lingot’s composition is specific to the requirements of each plant variety – PH levels, nutrient concentration, root aeration, the spacing between seeds and their depth, are all optimised to ensure a plentiful, regular harvest.

You can grow up to four different types of plants simultaneously, and you will have ready-to-eat plants in just three to four weeks. The lingots are the perfect size to pop into your Véritable Garden for super-easy planting.

The majority of the seeds are certified organic. They are GMO-free and do not contain any pesticides, insecticides or other toxic ingredients that are harmful to human health and the environment. Thanks to their natural composition, the lingots are entirely biodegradable and compostable.

Lingots can be stored for up to one year before use, so any that you do not use immediately will be ready for planting once your first crop is finished.

More than 70 herbs, greens, mini fruits and vegetables

Working with certified organic seed producers in France, Véritable works hard to ensure only the best quality seeds are selected, testing new seeds for a year before releasing them to market. This means you can enjoy the most vibrant, fragrant and tasty produce possible.

From leafy greens to baby salads to edible flowers, you can grow anything you want. Healthy and natural.

A wide array of over 70 seeds will meet all your culinary desires: aromatic herbs, leafy greens, mini vegetables and edible flowers. Discover mint, chives, basil, parsley, tomato, chilli, arugula, romaine lettuce… and many more. You can grow up to four different lingots at the same time.

The species are selected for their flavour quality, and compact size adapted to the garden. Enjoy and taste the best of your aromatic herbs.

High-quality and plentiful harvests

The Véritable garden is a combination of technologies that provide the perfect growing conditions for each plant type and ensure high quality and plentiful harvests.

Once planted, one single lingot continuously provides you with a flavoursome bounty for four to six months, providing an average of one harvest per week.

After each harvest, your plant will grow back. The duration of a lingot depends on each species and how you harvest. The Véritable lingots are one of the most economical refills on the market.

Two Veritable Smart Gardens in black and white

Success guaranteed

Véritable’s lingots and its indoor smart gardens combine all the elements to offer you abundant harvests. However, nature can sometimes play tricks. If more than one-third of your lingot has not grown after 20 days, Véritable will replace it.

Flexibility and modularity

Thanks to its two separate and adjustable lighting poles, the plants will always get the best lighting according to their growth stage and variety, ensuring optimal development. The removable lingot pods allow for great modularity: you can easily interchange them during the cycle.

Simple to set up & easy to operate

Setting up your smart garden could not be simpler – or quicker – just plug it in, fill the reservoir with water, insert up to four lingots and watch things grow day by day. In as little as three to four weeks, you could be enjoying your own homegrown produce.

The Véritable LED lighting system has a lifespan of 60,000 hours, which means ten years in regular operation (at 16 hours of lighting per day). The smart garden is very energy efficient, consuming 9.5W when lit. This represents 46 kWh of electricity per annum.

For peace of mind, the smart gardens come with a 2-year warranty.

Sleek design

Compact with smooth, rounded edges, Véritable’s indoor garden has a stylish and attractive design that will blend flawlessly with any home decor style.

There are three models; the Classic Edition (2 or 4 plants), the Smart Edition (2 or 4 plants), and the Connect Edition (4 plants).

There is a choice of colours: white, black and teal blue. The lighting poles are available in silver or copper.

Made in France, with a focus on quality and sustainability

Combining local French agricultural know-how and engineering expertise, all Véritable’s smart gardens are designed, manufactured and assembled in France.

The award-winning company has full control of the product manufacturing process, ensuring that customers receive nothing but the best quality products. Véritable also guarantees its product traceability; from seeds to plants.

veritable-connect smart gardens connects via an app to your phone

The company has selected the best national and local partners for the production, product assembly and logistics needs. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region boasts a rich manufacturing heritage and 90% of Véritable’s partners are located within 200 kilometres of the company’s headquarters, near Lyon. Each smart garden is individually tested before being boxed.

Founded in 2015 by Nicolas Géhin – an electronics engineer – and Chloé Verneuil, an industrial designer, who has transformed Nicolas’ series of tech innovations into a stylish, ergonomic and easy-to-use product.

Véritable continues to create pioneering indoor smart gardens. Research, product development and testing are carried out in-house. The company currently owns four patents to deliver the best user experience.

With a strong focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability, all of Véritable’s products and packaging are recyclable or biodegradable. The company only uses plant-based ink and sustainably sourced paper. The lingots are all compostable and biodegradable, so you can pop them on the compost heap, or into your compost bin once you have harvested all that they can give.

Véritable Smart Garden is a set-it-and-forget-it garden system that will grow plants for you with zero effort

The Véritable Smart Garden is a fully automated gardening system that lets anybody grow herbs, vegetables and edible flowers year-round, in any environment, with absolutely no effort

A brilliant way to enjoy a year-round indoor garden and ideal for anyone who loves to cook – but might not have space for a garden – it is a fabulous way to grow the freshest possible ingredients, without any need for gardening know-how.

This amazing self-sufficient indoor smart garden from Véritable is the ultimate solution for growing herbs and leafy greens indoors. Flavorful herbs, edible flowers and mini vegetables are fresh and available all year round in your home.

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