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Red light therapy benefits offer great health and lifestyle improvements

Backed by science, used by professionals

Your body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself. And light plays a crucial role. Scientists have discovered that light at specific red and near-infrared wavelengths can stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Based on years of study, researchers have identified a “therapeutic window” of certain wavelengths — red and near-infrared light — that appear to have significant biological benefits without any known side effects. A simple, non-invasive treatment, red light therapy is more than just “red” light. It uses LEDs to deliver wavelengths in the visible (red) and the invisible (near-infrared) spectrum. These healing wavelengths of light boost cellular energy that can lead to systemic improvements across your entire body:

Red light treatment with a small portable device

RED LIGHT: Delivered at wavelengths ranging from 600-700nm, red light is readily absorbed by surface tissues and cells and is mainly used for skin conditions. Red light boosts collagen and elastin formation and assists cell communication, leading to enhanced skin health and healing.

NEAR-INFRARED (NIR) LIGHT: Delivered at wavelengths ranging from 700–900nm, near-infrared (NIR) light is invisible to the human eye. NIR penetrates into deeper tissues, stimulating healing, increasing mitochondrial function, and improving blood flow and tissue oxygenation.

You will get the best results by using red and near-infrared wavelengths simultaneously. By combining multiple wavelengths of red and NIR light, you will experience superior results, not only targetting skin cells but muscle tissue, organ tissue, connective tissue, brain tissue, and bone tissue.

Close-up of next generation Joovv red light panels

Since the Nobel Prize-winning scientific work of Niels Finsen in 1903, the effects and benefits of red light therapy have been well documented in well over 1,000 clinical studies. This cutting-edge therapy was developed in the 1990s by NASA to grow plants in space. It is now used by astronauts, elite athletes and anyone keen to improve their health and well-being – both mentally and physically.

Joovv is the world’s leading light therapy brand for athletic performance, recovery and overall health. Some of the world’s greatest athletes, trainers, practitioners, weekend warriors, and 200+ businesses trust Joovv for its light therapy benefits.

Close up - red light panel

The clinical research on red light therapy benefits is very compelling for both effectiveness and safety. Joovv is a science-first company that puts a massive amount of its resources towards education, research, and independent testing. It believes it is important to explain the science behind light therapy benefits and educate consumers about the process. Joovv prioritises education and knowledge more than any other light therapy brand. Joovv has created an entire library of articles about light therapy science to help consumers understand these concepts and how they have a positive impact on their daily lives. You can also explore Joovv’s database of over 1000 clinical studies about red and near-infrared light therapy.

With a long list of benefits, supported by data and user cases alike, there is something for everyone to gain by incorporating red light therapy into their beauty, wellness and recovery routine. Wall-sized panels can be easily installed for full-body home treatment, and smaller panels are perfect for spot specificity and travel convenience. With a variety of sizes, there is total flexibility in the ways red light therapy can be used as a long-term investment in your health and wellness.

Joovv sets the bar when it comes to safe, effective red light therapy, and you can shop Joovv’s medical-grade red light therapy devices for home use here.

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Red light therapy devices from Joovv

Man having a red light therapy session
The Elite 3.0 full body kit is a combination of 6 Joovv Solo devices which can be combined with the Nano Wall System or Mobile Stand
Joovv Quad 3.0
The Quad 3.0 is a full-body kit consisting of 4 Joovv Solo devices.
Woman preparing a red light therapy session with a Joovv Max 3.0 setup
Joovv Max 3.0 offers convenient full-body red light therapy treatments by combining 2 Joovv Minis and 2 Joovv Solos.
Joovv Duo
The Duo 3.0 Kit is a full-height system and is available with the Door Mount System or Nano Wall System.
Red light treatment with Joovv Half Max
The Half-Max 3.0 Kit is a combination of 1 Joovv Mini and 1 Joovv Solo device and is available with the Door Mount System or Nano Wall System.
Joovv Solo
The Joovv Solo 3.0 is ideal for moderately sized treatment areas and is available with the Boot Floor Stand, Door Mount System, or Nano Wall System
Woman sitting on the floor doing red light therapy with a Joovv Mini
The Joovv Mini 3.0 is ideal for targeted treatment areas.
The Go targets a small area on the body, making it ideal for spot treating areas such as sore muscles and achy joints.
Detail image of Joovv floor boot stand
Boot Floor Stand 3.0 is designed for ease and versatility. Just slide in your Mini 3.0 or Solo 3.0.
Joovv mini stand
Engineered for the Mini 3.0
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