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Rebounding: this NASA-approved trampoline workout could be your 
new fitness obsession

The bellicon is the world's best rebounder

Bellicon rebounder
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Rebounding, a low-impact workout that involves jumping on a mini-trampoline (also called a rebounder), stands out amongst other workouts and fitness exercises for its overall effect on the body. And it has as many skin benefits as it does health and fitness benefits – it is twice the fun, too. Bellicon Rebounders are the very best that money can buy. It is very hard to beat German workmanship and engineering, top construction materials, the patented soft, bungee cord system, the customisation capability and other features that are a part of these rebounders. They deliver unsurpassed excellence with supreme performance.

Jumping on a rebounder is perhaps the best exercise ever devised by man. The simple rhythmic up-and-down motion due to gravity engages every muscle and stimulates every cell producing incredible healing and rejuvenating effects. And it is fun. International research has found that the mild but continuous G-Force created by this low bounce offers far-reaching benefits that go way beyond exercise. Rebounding not only makes you fit, tones your body and assists with weight loss, but when done correctly, it is one of the most effective ways to boost your lymphatic system, detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

Not all rebounders are created equal. bellicon trampoline with bungees is by far the Rolls-Royce of rebounders. Designed and engineered in Germany, it stands head and shoulders above the rest because of its superior specs.

Why is bellicon the best rebounder

Engineered for industry-leading performance, nothing comes close to the one-and-only bellicon rebounder.

With a quality that is second to none, the rebounders are silent and solid, and they create the most bounce with the lowest impact on the body. Uniquely designed to provide maximum results with minimal effort, the many outstanding features of the bellicon truly set it apart from other rebounders:

Only using the finest materials and components available, bellicon builds bespoke, ultra-elastic trampolines distinguished by their special, patented bungees (bungees are the sturdy, flexible cords that connect the trampoline mat to the frame). Thanks to this system, exercising on the bellicon mini-trampoline is superior to all other types of rebounders available on the market, which typically utilise much harder spring systems. Nothing comes close to the performance of this state-of-the-art bellicon rebounder.

It offers a total-body solution for incredible cardio, muscle-toning, fitness, fat-burning and health-boosting.

Getting fit on a bellicon rebounder

The bellicon is made in Germany with high-quality materials

Known for its strict quality control procedures, bellicon is made in Germany.

Each rebounder is made from premium materials and is perfectly finished down to the smallest details – from the jumping mat to the patented suspension system. The company combines the best in German engineering, years of research and extensive real-world experience. It has created a new worldwide benchmark for rebounder quality using intelligent product design, the highest quality materials and precise workmanship.

bellicon is dedicated to using the best environmentally safe materials. bellicon mats and bungees, having been subjected to a rigorously independent and scientific testing process, pass all safety and toxicity tests, according to the international Oeko-Tex Standard. The Oeko-Tex network of independent institutes has stood for environmental friendliness, safety and social responsibility in textile production since 1992.

Patented bungee technology for a super smooth bounce quality

With rebounders, the magic is in the suspension – this is where the wow is.

There is a lot more to bungee technology than meets the eye. Most rebounder manufacturers have not made the move from springs to bungees, let alone the leap from bungees to the bellicon bungees. They continue to use the same design that has been around since the 80s, often with minor variations to make it appear different than the others. bellicon has, since 1995, been systematically refining its patented bungee-based system to ensure superior elasticity.

Close up of the straps on a bellicon rebounder

When comparing steel-spring trampolines and the bellicon, there are some very clear differences.

Instead of the hard, squeaky metal springs found on conventional mini-trampolines, the bellicon boasts an advanced suspension system with patented bungee cords. These bungees make for an incomparably buoyant and blissful bounce you have to feel to believe. That is because, compared to steel springs, bellicon’s bungees stretch further.

Knowing that a deeper bounce engages muscles longer, giving them a better workout, bellicon designed its bungees to stretch up to three times their original length and paired them with frames almost twice the height (14 inches) of conventional mini-trampolines: giving you room for a deep, smooth bellicon bounce.

Some manufacturers have started using bungee, so you might be led to believe that a bungee is a bungee. This could not be further from the truth.

It is how you move between the top and the bottom – what is called the bounce cycle – that separates an ordinary rebounder from a bellicon. For the healthiest rebounding experience, the acceleration on rising to the apex of a bounce should be exactly matched by the deceleration before bottoming out.

bellicon has spent 25 years smoothing out the ups and downs of the bounce so that your body gets all the benefits of a perfectly balanced, flowing movement. While cushioning any impact on your back and joints, this incredibly springy bounce helps you get the maximum benefits of rebounding.

bellicon’s exceptionally elastic and stretchy bungees fully absorb the impact of your landing. Unlike on conventional mini-trampolines, there is no nasty jolt at the bottom of the bounce. Considering how many times you hit the mat when rebounding, your joints will thank you for a bellicon.

Only bellicon delivers the ideal bounce for your unique needs. That is because bellicon’s custom-formulated bungees are designed to balance resistance with elasticity perfectly, giving you the most effective, most enjoyable performance of any exercise trampoline. Only bellicon has five different bungee strengths (soft, medium, strong, extra strong, ultra-strong) to suit every body weight and training objectives, as well as guaranteeing the best possible bounce cycle that is low-impact and simultaneously dynamic.

And since the bungees are easy to change, you can adjust your resistance level as your weight and workout style evolves. There is a helpful chart on the bellicon website to help you choose the bungee strength that is right for you.

A bellicon trampolin is not only for cardio but also for stretching and meditation

German precision-engineered frames made of high-quality stainless steel

Beautifully designed, industrial-strength and German engineered, both bellicon’s frame styles (the Classic and the Premium) begin with high-grade, high-gauge steel and a high level of precision welding that is unmatched by other rebounders. This gives the Bellicon an extremely strong, rigid, durable yet relatively lightweight frame that easily and securely accommodates users weighing up to 200 kilos.

The bellicon mat is extremely durable while guaranteeing optimal flexibility and support

bellicon’s mats are made from high-quality polypropylene rather than nylon or canvas. They have been specially designed for comfort and durability and enhance the elasticity of the company’s bungees. The rebounders can be used indoors or out and are resistant to weather conditions, including UV rays’ destructive effects. bellicon’s patented, super-sturdy mat hooks, which hold the bungees to the mat, are made of non-toxic, reinforced polyamide to prevent the bungee sheaths from fraying.

Fully customised with endless configuration options

Each trampoline is tailored precisely to an individual customer’s specifications –  from frame size and leg style to bungee strengths and mat type. bellicon offers over 400,000 custom-assembled configuration options, including different sizes, tension types and colours.

FOUR MODELS: There is a choice of four models. The bellicon Classic and bellicon Premium: for intensive and versatile training and therapeutic use; the bellicon Plus: with an adjustable T-bar, the bellicon Plus opens up completely new dimensions for the most diverse training units; and the bellicon Jumping: for demanding and highly intensive rebounding training

FRAME SIZES: The bellicon is available in the following sizes – Ø137cm / 54 in.; Ø125cm / 49 in.; Ø112cm / 44 in.; and Ø100cm / 39 in. The bellicon rebounder weight limit is 200 kilos.

FRAMES: The bellicon is available in stainless steel or steel, powder-coated.

LEG TYPES: The bellicon comes with the following legs: screw-in legs or fold-up legs. To have your bellicon in a fixed place increases the likelihood that you will use it regularly. In this case, the screw-in-leg version is suitable. If you want to stow your trampoline away, the legs can be removed or mounted in less than three minutes. This option also offers the firmest stand without any leeway for the legs. If you prefer to store your bellicon out of sight or regularly take it with you, the folding legs are the right choice. Your mini-trampoline can be folded up in a few moments and stowed away or ready to take with you in the practical carrying bag.

BUNGEE STRENGTHS: To suit every conceivable application, bellicon offers bungees in five different strengths – soft (silver clip); middle (blue chip); strong (yellow clip); extra-strong (red clip); and ultra-strong (green clip).

By selecting the appropriate bungee strength, your bellicon can be adjusted to your body weight and preferred training intensity. When choosing bungee strength, your body weight is the most important factor to consider. Selecting the optimum strength recommended for your weight will give you the most complete and beneficial bounce cycle – what is known as health bouncing.

BUNGEE COLOURS: All five elasticities are available in all bungee colours. The thickness of the respective elastic ring is indicated by the coloured metal clip on each rope ring. Choose from 11 bungee colours to suit your mood.

MAT TYPES: There are two options – standard or comfort. The standard jumping mat is made of high-quality woven polypropylene – it is extremely robust and guarantees point-elastic swinging. The coloured decorative band of the jumping mat not only looks good but also helps you to recognise the edge of the swinging surface when jumping and to stay in the inner mat area. The comfort mat has been extended by padding in an innovative design, which offers a 30% larger training surface compared to the classic mat with the same frame diameter, thus creating extended exercise possibilities.

MAT COLOURS: The mat is available in nine colours to suit your taste.

A RANGE OF ACCESSORIES: There are optional extras, such as support handles, frame cushions and carry bags as well as bellicon replacement bungees.

This customisation level allows you to start rebounding in your own way, irrespective of age, weight or fitness levels.

3 different kinds of bellicon trampolins

An impressive online exercise platform

As a bellicon owner, you have access to the amazing online platform bellicon Home that helps you get the most out of your rebounding workout.

With bellicon Home, you can start training in the best possible way and get new ideas and motivation on the constantly growing training platform with currently over 400 videos.

The bellicon Home video platform helps you condition your entire body by converting gravity into a cardio-boosting, muscle-toning, fat-burning workout that improves balance, strengthens bones and increases flexibility without straining muscles or joints. Sessions include Power training; Cardio training; Flexibility training; Balance training; and Relaxation.

bellicon Home not only features videos in German and English, it is also an all-in-one virtual trainer that will customise a fitness plan just for you, track your progress and guide you, jump-by-jump, to the best shape of your life.

All the bellicon Home workout plans provide a daily dose of head-to-toe, cardiovascular, muscle-toning exercise, but the company has also created plans designed to achieve specific fitness and health goals.

Guarantees that go above and beyond industry standards

When purchasing a bellicon rebounder, you acquire a qualitatively incomparable, premium product. Therefore, bellicon is happy to offer warranties that exceed the legally prescribed guarantee period.

The warranty period for individual trampoline parts is as follows: five years on stainless steel frames (bellicon Premium); three years on lacquered steel frames (bellicon Classic); three years on rebounding mats and rubber caps; two years warranty on bungee rings, excluding wear-and-tear (wear, “flaking”, etc.); three years on frame cushions; and three years on support bars.

A notable range of endorsements and accreditations

Everyone from fitness experts, doctors, health practitioners, athletes, sports teachers and trainers to health institution representatives and award jury members agrees that bellicon is the world’s best mini-trampoline.

The accreditations and the many endorsements that bellicon has been awarded are good indications of the high quality of their products: a German engineered rebounder, crafted with care from top-grade materials, meticulous attention to detail and a firm commitment to the highest environmental standards, available in 1,500 configuration options.

The Bellicon mini-trampoline is the only one of its kind available today to receive the Healthy Back Campaign’s (AGR’s) quality seal of approval. The AGR finalised its decision based solid scientific evidence:  The “Bellicon Bounce”, due to its patented, highly-elastic bungee cord system, is not only incredibly effective, but is also gentle – naturally having a beneficial effect on the back musculature, spinal discs, and the spine itself.

The endless health benefits of rebounding

Although training on the bellicon is gentle on the joints, it is still highly effective. Regular exercise on the bellicon mini-trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on this rebounder not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscles, but also activates the metabolism of each cell. The moderate movement on the bellicon also promotes the body’s self-healing functions. This, in turn, has positive effects on some of our societal diseases.

Bellicon rebounding is ideal for:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Training the whole body
  • Muscle building
  • Lymphatic drainage and detoxification
  • Increased muscle activity and metabolism
  • Strengthening of the joints
  • Intervertebral discs
  • Immune system
  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Energy- and mood-boost
  • Life-long health
  • and much more

Bellicon helps with:

  • Back pain
  • Fat burning and weight control
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Oedema
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Muscular atrophy
  • Pelvic floor problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Stress and burnout
  • Body posture
  • and much more

If you want to learn more about the benefits of rebounding you can find useful research documents and studies around the subject of rebounding on the bellicon resource library

bellicon ensure deliverable, transformative results

The most important and best health decision I have made in recent years is upgrading my old rebounder to a bellicon. There simply is no comparison between bellicon and any other rebounder.

I’m completely obsessed with mine.

I get the best of both worlds – transformative health benefits and an enjoyable way to train the whole body.

I’m rebounding almost daily – between 10 and 20 minutes each time – I have noticed improved physical well-being and fitness. My legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips have firmed up. I have also seen increased stamina and muscular endurance. Both my balance and posture have improved dramatically. Rebounding makes me feeling de-stressed, invigorated and energised.

One of the very best benefits of the bungee design is that not only does it allow for a cushioned smooth jump which is kind to your joints, but it is super quiet during use. Although you do not feel the exercise is strenuous, you are actually training your whole body with every jump.

This is the one piece of equipment in my house that is guaranteed to be used daily – by both myself and my husband – and not sit idly in the corner collecting dust like so many well-intentioned exercise purchases of the past.

As one of the best – and most fun – thing you can do for your body and health, the bellicon is a lifelong investment in terms of fitness and preventative conditions. I cannot recommend bellicon and rebounding more highly; it allows you to experience a whole new level of improved fitness and healthy well-being.

bellicon is the gold standard in rebounders

bellicon is the best rebounder in so many ways: uncompromising German workmanship, patented state-of-the-art bungees, steel frame, non-toxic materials, impressive customisation and user-friendly results-oriented training programmes.

With just ten minutes of exercise a day and one piece of equipment, bellicon can help you gain health benefits you never thought possible.

bellicon is one of the best investments you can make in your health and fitness.

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