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As far as hair tools go, the powers of a good brush – the unsung heroes of hair styling and haircare – are frequently overlooked. A hairbrush might not be as exciting to buy as a new hairdryer, straightener or curling iron, but the right one can be a serious game changer for both the look and health of the hair.

It is easy to take hairbrushes for granted: something to be run quickly over the hair before rushing out of the house. But selecting the right brush for one’s hair type can transform hair and add health, gloss and polish.

Quality hairbrushes should be an integral part of anyone’s haircare routine. Therefore, proper thought and care should be taken in choosing the perfect hairbrush. The issue: All hairbrushes are not created equal. Selecting one that is optimal for one’s hair type, texture and style, as well as the task at hand, will deliver the best results, with less breakage and more good hair days.

And of course, just like one’s arsenal of make-up brushes, more than just one hairbrush will be required to keep up to the task at hand. Whether selecting one to highlight natural waves, detangle those stubborn knots or achieve the ultimate blowout, each brush is designed for a specific purpose or hair type.

After having used a selection of the luxury RAINCRY brushes since early this year, I promise no one will ever underestimate the power of a high-quality hairbrush again.

RAINCRY offers a great collection of luxury, superior-performing hairbrushes, each designed to help in hair health, vitality and results.

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I have tried two brushes from RAINCRY’s Care Collection. There are three brushes in this collection: Detangling Paddle Brush, Restore Reinforced Natural Bristle Paddle Brush and Condition Pure Natural Bristle Paddle Brush. Each of the elegant-looking brushes in the Care Collection is handmade by French craftsmen.

The brushes use a pneumatic cushion, which is made from materials that provide the perfect balance between soft and stiff and deliver enjoyable and effective brushing results. Softness is required for comfortable scalp exfoliation and to help increase blood flow to the scalp. This makes for healthier hair follicles, which improves growth rate and overall hair vitality. Stiffness is required to penetrate all hair types without creating unwanted damage or breakage.

The brushes boast heirloom construction. Each pneumatic cushion contains an exclusive, second hidden pad to ensure that the bristles do not puncture the cushion over time.

When it comes to tough tangles and frizz, not just any brush will do. In fact, using the wrong one can make or break hair. Serious knots call for an intelligently conceived brush.

The Detangling Paddle Brush from RAINCRY is a professional paddle brush that helps to detangle without snagging, breaking or damaging hair. Whether hair is fine, thick, curly, straight, wet or dry, hair brushing becomes effortless. Featuring specially tipped metal bristles for ultimate comfort and gentle combing of hair, it removes tangles from root to end with ease and without ripping. The flexible, latex pneumatic cushion assists with blood circulation, scalp vitality and growth rates by gently massaging the scalp.

Details of hair brush heads

With this brush, I am able to get every knot out of my hair without damaging or breaking. The brush glides through tangles with ease and leaves strands silky smooth.

The Restore Reinforced Paddle Brush from RAINCRY is used for daily grooming and helps to restore hairstyle. It is recommended for all hair types and is safe to use with extensions. It helps to enhance hair vitality as it gently massages the scalp.

RAINCRY’s Condition Pure Natural Bristle Paddle Brush is ideal for conditioning the scalp and the hair. This professional paddle brush has the unique ability to transfer natural scalp oils – which are the best conditioner for hair – all the way from the roots, down the strand and through to the ends. This ensures conditioning to the entire hair shaft, creating stronger hair and reducing split ends.

The conditioning brush also helps to close the hair strand cuticles for maximum vitality, shine and colour retention. For frizzy hair textures, the Condition Pure Natural Bristle Paddle Brush helps to retain moisture and reduce dryness.

Recommended for all hair types, the luxury boar bristle brushes use only the highest quality portion of the bristle that comes from the Himalayas. This is referred to as “root boar bristle” (or in France: “Premier Sanglier” or “first-cut”).

Boar bristle is usually about 30 centimetres long and is cut into three quality levels: “root” (most expensive), “mid- shaft” (considerably cheaper) and “ends” (the cheapest). Each quality level is then divided into how strong and stiff the bristles are. Quality, performance and cost increase as bristles become stronger/stiffer within each category.

RAINCRY uses only the strongest and stiffest root-quality boar bristles. Then, the brush’s flexible, latex pneumatic cushion stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the scalp by gently massaging the scalp.

Think of the old story of brushing hair 100 strokes each night to have shiny, healthy, luxurious hair. This was done with a boar bristle brush.

After using this conditioning brush, I cannot see myself going back to any of my others. It really does feel like I am conditioning my hair with less breakage and fewer split ends. The style of the bristles, paired with the large head, turns brushing my hair into a massage. Over time, my hair has become a lot shinier and less dull.

As a company, RAINCRY combines brush-making tradition and fine craftsmanship with technological innovation, premium materials and professional hair stylist experience to create brushes of quality and performance that produce enhanced results.

Accomplished salon and session artist Feisal Qureshi, who has two decades of experience ranging from red carpets and runway, to editorial and education, founded RAINCRY in hopes of recreating the traditional hairbrushes that peddlers used to sell in France. With a rich tradition in European hairbrush making, each RAINCRY brush is sustainably hand-crafted by French and Italian artisans with a combined total of about two centuries experience.

Being a green brand, RAINCRY is committed to fair compensation to help preserve these skills and continue its rich tradition and heritage. Also ethically responsible, RAINCRY uses only environmentally conscious materials that are harvested through renewable resources.

A backstage secret of fashion shows and award ceremonies, RAINCRY brushes are designed to ensure that one’s hair is well cared-for. These luxurious brushes are critical to achieving effortless, fabulously healthy hair.

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