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Kitchenware that is perfected by professional chefs

Professional pans at home

Sweden-based Professional Secrets (PS) was born from a simple idea: To serve passionate home cooks who want nothing more than to be able to cook like the pros. That is why the company has made it their business to make tools and tips from the professional kitchen available to anyone who loves cooking.

With the help of Professional Secret’s network of leading chefs, the company evaluates what is worth borrowing from the professional kitchen. Home cooks will enjoy access to chef insider information as well as designer kitchen utensils.

Most of the professional chefs are of Swedish origin, brought up in the Scandinavian kitchen, and many have long and distinguished international careers. Some of the great chefs and food influencers who are part of the PS network include Goran Trninic, Kin Tsui, William Ahlberg, Martin Isaksson, Micke Björkman, Per Renhed, Anna Lindblad, Mac Donald Lundgren, Christophe Buchet, Johan Jureskog, Michael Bischofer, Stefan Eckert, Nina Arvidsson, Magnus Bentzer, Albert “Abbe” Lindo, Joel Aronsson, KC Wallberg, “Peppe” Elmqvist, Carina and Ulrika Brydling, and Linn Söderström.

Sauteuse by Professional-Secrets

The kitchen tools – from stainless steel pots and mixing bowls to precision thermometers and ergonomic knives – have been developed in close collaboration with, and perfected by this group of professional chefs. Designed in Sweden by top designers, the collection strikes a balance between aesthetics, functionality and chef-grade quality. Each product is made from durable, environmentally sustainable and quality materials.

The goal is professional quality that meets the demands of a professional kitchen, ensuring that the tools are good enough to be used by the pros. If necessary, small changes are made that work best for a home cook. A helpful booklet with knowledge and tips straight from the network of outstanding chefs is included with every product.

Professional Secrets was founded by foodie Niklas Wakeus, who discovered a gap between recipes that were not detailed enough and food science literature that was too complicated. He went straight to the best source – leading restaurant chefs – to share their knowledge, tips and tools. With the help of the company’s network of chefs, he has created what is likely Europe’s largest online culinary academy on cooking techniques, ingredients and chefs’ secrets. This online resource is available for the passionate home chef.


When it comes to essential kitchen tools, durable pots are up at the top of my list. Indispensable in any kitchen, quality pots made of the right materials really can improve the home cook’s success.

However, not all pots are the same, and choosing the perfect one can be a surprisingly challenging task. There are significant differences between each, such as materials used, heating qualities, plus design of the bottom, lid and handles.

PS pots and pans have quickly become my favourites. Designed and engineered to provide superior cooking performance and lasting beauty, PS pots are made with an eye for the small details, quality materials and good, functional solutions.

Collage - pots from Professional Secrets

PS pots offer a variety of outstanding qualities. Some of the most notable highlights are:

Quality material: Stainless steel is far superior as a choice for cookware to many other materials. It withstands high temperatures without losing its shape and qualities. It is resilient and does not end up being thrown away as fast as a pot with a non-stick layer, for example. A stainless steel pot does not release any substances that might end up in the food. Also, stainless steel is non-reactive, which means it does not react with the food being cooked. Problem foods typically feature ingredients that are acidic, such as tomatoes, wine, vinegar, lemon and rhubarb.

Five functional layers: For perfect heating qualities and extreme durability, PS cooking pots are made with two outer layers of stainless steel enclosing three layers of aluminium. The sides also have these layers all the way up, to allow for optimal heat properties.

Thick and flat bottom: The thick bottom of the pot serves two key functions: optimal heat absorption and distribution. This makes it easy to control the cooking process. The thick bottom also helps maintain the shape of the pot when it gets hot. And the flatter the bottom, the better the contact with a flat source of heat.

Seamless design: The pots have a seamless design with five layers from base to top, optimising heat distribution and stability.

Compatible with all heat sources: The pots are compatible with all types of heat sources such as gas, electric and induction cookers. They also allow you to go from stovetop to oven with ease.

No cavities: All handles and grips are made from solid metal. There are no cavities that might trap water and dirt.

Stable handles: The ergonomically shaped handles are generous and horizontally stable. This strengthens the grip when lifting, holding and pouring.

Different sizes: They are available in multiple sizes – 1.5-litre, 3-litre and 6-litre – to outfit your kitchen with a complete set.

Stackable: All three cooking pots from PS have lids that fit inside the larger pots when stacked.

Professional Secrets supports a food program in Kajado, Kenya. Run by World Friends, the programme aims to develop improved nutrition amongst local schoolchildren. Every kitchen tool sold by Professional Secrets contributes to one school meal. To date, the company has provided 20,000 meals to pupils in vulnerable areas.

A worthy investment, this well-made and chef-tested kitchenware range brings professional quality and cooking comfort into the kitchen. The PS collection is a true star performer, so get ready to cook like a pro – effortlessly.

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