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Ultra stylish designer sneakers from JAK
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Premium designer sneakers made in Europe

Ultra-stylish sneakers that go with everything

Luxury designer sneakers are a must-have for their stylish look and inherent ability to instantly amp up any outfit — from a tailored suit to a summer maxi dress. If you are looking for new perfect pair of trainers that are both versatile and effortlessly cool, minimalist designer sneakers should be high on your wish list. Few do comfortable, minimalist trainers better than JAK — and its collection of stylish, clean-lined and made-to-last shoes is perfect.

Sneakers have moved beyond sports attire to becoming a fashion staple that simultaneously transcends trends and seasons, gender and generations. They are arguably the most versatile type of footwear there is and something that no one should be without. There is no denying that sneakers instantly elevate any look — from streetwear to evening wear.

As the most versatile and easiest to wear of all styles, you cannot go wrong with a timeless pair of minimalist sneakers. Their sleek, streamlined and sophisticated silhouettes do wonders for a wardrobe, guaranteeing that effortlessly cool vibe every time.

Atom designer sneakers by JAK

Since its inception in 2014, Lisbon-based label JAK has made a name for itself as a fail-safe go-to for thoughtfully crafted minimalist leather sneakers that combine pared-back aesthetics and top-notch workmanship. The wearable styles reflect JAK’s principles of high-quality craftsmanship and slow fashion: Its elegant and understated designer trainers for both men and women are made from locally sourced full-grain leather and are completely produced in Portugal in family-owned factories that have been around for generations

The label has become known for being a perfectionist when it comes to premium leather sneakers.

What are smart casual sneakers

With supreme versatility and everyday comfort, add a perfect pair of smart casual leather trainers to your shoe collection and be ready for almost any occasion.

But what exactly are ‘smart casual sneakers’? Essentially, they are minimally designed trainers made from luxurious materials like leather, nubuck or suede.

Woman modelling white leather trainers

Smart casual designer sneakers are inspired by classic tennis shoe styles. With refined and clean lines, the aesthetic is pared-back, and the silhouettes are sleek and devoid of unnecessary detailing and panelling. Fine materiality highlights the shoes’ simple beauty and timeless elegance. The most versatile options come in muted colourways, so if you are on the hunt for a pair that will go with anything from jeans to dresses to suit trousers, stick to neutrals like white, beige, stone, brown, grey, navy or black.

As one of the best minimalist designer sneaker brands, JAK deserves a top spot on your radar. Designed to last and ethically made in Portugal, the label’s collection of genderless luxury sneakers champions fine aesthetics, comfort and sustainability.

The story — JAK has elevated the designer sneaker landscape to new heights

JAK made its debut in 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Focusing on precision and perfection, its vision was to create a range of modern, minimal trainers made with clean-lined aesthetics, enduring quality and fine craftsmanship.

Fashion sneakers

With an understated urban vibe, the designer sneakers are perfect for everyday use and can transcend from day to evening with both comfort and style. The designs are based on stylish simplicity and a minimalistic and monochromatic palette, highlighting the beauty of the materials sourced and the workmanship of its “Made in Portugal” shoes.

JAK designs and produces considered collections using sustainable and innovative materials, considering every component, from carefully sourced fabrics down to shoelaces made from natural cotton.

JAK continues setting the bar for change and is redefining what premium stands for in the luxury sneakers market: unquestionable quality, elegant design, durable materials and extreme comfort, all consciously crafted at the fairest prices.

Design philosophy — Minimalist inspiration with a casually elegant attitude and conscious soul

When it comes to luxury sneakers, JAK continually stands out from the rest. Every pair, every piece, is an attempt to rethink simplicity.

Vegan sneaker on grass

Each sneaker displays a timeless elegance borne of the design’s inherent simplicity and visual beauty, while its overall understated silhouette is unmistakably JAK. Its designs are decidedly minimalistic, using clean lines and simple shapes to create a refined look.

The discreet and reassuring elegance of the collections, with their quiet beauty, disarming authenticity and sober, clean forms, is where the aesthetic value of elegance lies in subtraction.

Their pared-down designs are made with fewer stitches and softer leathers, putting comfort and style at the forefront of every pair. There is no bold branding or flashy features. The luxury leather shoes are perfected by sober colours, ranging from the classic Dark Blue and Black hues to the more progressive and equally popular Berry and Hazel designs. They are superbly easy to style, each radiating on-trend timelessness with a nod to urban coolness.

The art of shoemaking and craftmanship

JAK continues re-dreaming sneakers, and the label’s work is sustainable, genderless, seasonless and innovative.

The art of shoemaking — True craftsmanship

JAK’s sneakers are all expertly crafted in the northern region of Portugal. Rigorous craftsmanship, the unrelenting pursuit of high-quality materials and a sensibility for timeless design make the Portuguese region recognised worldwide as a home of top-quality shoemaking.

Producing high-quality, well-made shoes is an extensive collaborative process. That is why JAK maintains a close and personal relationship with small, family-owned workshops and factories, where the obsession with craftsmanship, quality and authenticity matches its own.

The team is passionate about materiality in its purest expression, timeless silhouettes, craft techniques and industrial processes. There is a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability and the ethics of fair trade.

Sneakers made of high quality leather

For comfort, style, and durability, JAK’s luxury designer sneakers are crafted from premium materials, from full-grain leather to rubberised leather and natural cotton. Due to its combination of flexibility and durability over time, JAK mainly uses full-grain leather, which is the highest quality and most valued part of the hide. Full-grain leathers carry natural markings that add character and age beautifully over time.

The result is stylish designer footwear that exude perfectly understated luxury, down to the very last detail.

JAK best sellers: Best leather sneakers

Whether you choose to wear trainers with your everyday uniform of trousers and a light wool sweater or take them up a notch with tailored separates, JAK’s footwear will prove their worth time and again, transcending trends and seasons.

Following clean lines and relaxed silhouettes, celebrating the beauty of simplicity, the unisex sneaker collection lends itself to a timeless, genderless style. The label’s stellar line-up of smart-looking sneakers is overflowing with style, comfort and environmental consciousness.

Some of its most popular leather sneakers are:

Sand coloured designer sneakers by JAK

ROYAL: The Royal is the very first model developed by JAK. It represents the brand’s best interpretation of a luxe, minimalistic sneaker. It is all about simplicity: with clean lines and a pared-back silhouette. For workdays or weekends, they are easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

White vegan sneakers from Jak Shoes

S01 VEGAN: JAK’s best-selling silhouette goes vegan. The same craftsmanship, the same attention and an extensive research and development process enabled JAK to deliver its first vegan trainers. The focus here is on the quality of materials over extraneous aesthetic detailing. Clean lines, a classic cut and a lack of colour are in keeping with JAK’s distinctively elegant look. Distilling innovative materials into a sleek and simple silhouette, JAK has combined AppleSkin uppers and ultra-absorbent microfibre linings with recycled rubber soles and midsoles.

Vantage designer sneakers from Jak Shoes

VANTAGE: Taking style cues from the 1970’s sneaker culture, JAK stamps its Vantage leather sneakers with understated luxury and signature minimalism. The sleek, streamlined court shoe silhouette is infused with modern flair, crafted with superior materials and created with urban modernity in mind. It combines JAK’s best-selling leather uppers with an embroidered logo on a raw-edged tongue, side eyelets, and precision-finished waxed edges. This is the new minimal.

Minimalist white sneakers

ATOM: After many iterations and fitting tests, Atom represents one of the most iconic styles created by JAK. With fuss-free simplicity at their core, the sneakers boast a low profile and clean silhouette, void of the unnecessary. A one-piece, tongueless leather upper distinguishes them from other minimalist styles and provides them with a soft, seamless design. The essential lines emphasise the premium quality of the selected materials and the made-to-last craftsmanship.

Collage of designer sneakers

ROYAL LITE: The sneaker Royal Lite is the first special edition of JAK’s best-selling style. A slimmer sole keeps it as light as possible, and a little touch of colour creates a discrete highlight in a classic cut.

Each luxury leather sneaker has a removable shockproof innersole, and all pairs come with an extra set of insoles, a branded cotton travel bag and extra laces, which are natural cotton.

Luxury sneakers made consciously, ethically and sustainably

The Portuguese label’s footwear rates not only high on style and aesthetics but also on ethics and sustainability. It produces premium sneakers that are not only functional and beautiful but also make for a sustainable lifestyle.

Going the sustainable, eco-friendly and fair route… This is one of the driving forces for JAK. Some of its key initiatives include:

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN & QUALITY: JAK consciously produces each of its sneakers and tries to make the collections more sustainable every time. This means using premium natural and recycled materials that are not only more sustainable but more durable. The result: Timeless, long-lasting trainers with high material efficiency and high quality.

Designer sneakers

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Designed and handcrafted in Portugal, the artisans pride themselves on combining deep-rooted skills passed on by generations with utmost care and precision, to ensure all products are crafted to the highest standard.

CONSCIOUS MATERIALS: The brand sources materials locally and responsibly, ensuring the raw materials it uses have minimal environmental impact. Because of the combination of durability and flexibility, full-grain leather, the finest and most valuable part of the hide, is usually used. The shoe soles are both glued and stitched to make sure they last longer over time.

MADE TO LAST: JAK makes shoes without an expiration date. Every shoe is made to last and age beautifully. The premium shoes can be easily resoled, extending their lifetime. Better quality means longer durability, which translates into less waste.

MADE IN EUROPE: JAK produces all of its shoes in Europe, more precisely in Portugal. Short purchasing and transportation pathways save resources and improve the label’s CO2 footprint.

FAIR & ETHICAL PRODUCTION: All of JAK’s luxury designer sneakers are made in the north of Portugal, a region renowned for its multi-generation, family-owned shoe production factories. The brand follows a strict ethical code that includes fair labour practices, such as good working conditions, reasonable working hours, and fair pay. JAK works with a select group of handpicked artisans, craftsmen and suppliers who share the label’s values of integrity, transparency and responsible manufacturing.

At a fair price – Removing the barriers to luxury

JAK’s sustainable business model is designed to provide customers with the best quality, durability and quality control possible while retailing at a fair price.

Model wearing grey sneakers

By cutting out traditional retail mark-ups and streamlining the process, JAK offers Made in Europe luxury leather sneakers at a significantly low price without sacrificing quality and service. The label is built on a ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’ ethos, with each collection designed around a seasonless and trendless model. This means there are no sales, as the prices are calculated fairly from the beginning.

JAK also sells through its own branded stores in Lisbon and Porto.

Setting the benchmark for minimalist sneakers

For the greatest minimalist designer sneakers you will find anywhere, JAK deserves a place in your wardrobe. This is sneaker perfectionism at its best.

The label champions everyday elegance, with its premium leather sneakers featuring sleek lines and a clean-cut aesthetic. Blending fine leather craftsmanship with effortless contemporary style and timeless versatility, JAK’S minimalist trainers deliver an unparalleled tier of stylish versatility. The luxury shoes combine equally well with casual attire as they do with fine tailoring.

Transcending conventional notions of men’s and women’s footwear, JAK’s line-up of unisex sneakers goes beyond trends, genres, ages. Wearable, classy and universally cool.

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