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A precision pepper grinder for perfectionist cooks

Beautifully designed and flawlessly crafted

With a team of former Apple designers and engineers, Weber Workshops is renowned for its mastery of engineering and craftsmanship. Their know-how and attention to detail are clearly demonstrated in the Moulin, which may be the best pepper mill ever made. Not content with what was available in the world of pepper grinders, Weber Workshops set out to apply their knowledge of coffee grinder design to make the ultimate precision cooking pepper grinder.

With a perfectly balanced design, the Moulin pepper mill uses the brand’s signature coffee grinder technology. Made specifically for pepper, Weber Workshops miniaturised the grind adjustment mechanism from their coffee grinders to create a perfectly repeatable and unwavering grind size.

With functionality, precision and ease of use in mind, the robustly engineered pepper grinder is built of “heirloom-quality” materials.

The Moulin gives way more pepper volume per turn (no more constant cranking) and a grind quality that has won over hard-to-impress Michelin-starred chefs. It is the only pepper mill with an engineered adjustment mechanism that allows you to dial in your grind numerically and repeatably. The Moulin has 20 different grind settings so that you can determine precisely whether you want coarse flakes or fine powder depending on your specific dish.

Weber pepper and salt grinders

One tool that pro chefs and home cooks alike rely on for a quick burst of fragrant, potent flavour is a pepper mill. Outperforming any other pepper grinder, the Moulin is the world’s first true premium precision cooking pepper grinder. This is functional artistry at its best.

With a focus on details and perfection, the state-of-the-art features are unrivalled

Designed, engineered, and manufactured to the highest quality standards, the result is a pepper grinder far better than any the culinary world has ever seen. The Moulin grinder comes with a host of impressive qualities, such as:

State-of-the-art engineering and unmatched build quality: Weber Workshops’ has a team of former Apple designers and engineers come, and their long-standing experience of materials and manufacturing has been applied in each aspect of the Moulin pepper mill. Here, meticulous workmanship combines with heirloom-quality construction, built to last a lifetime or two.

With a case made of solid aerospace-grade aluminium, peppercorns will not be subjected to damaging UV light. All mechanical parts are built with food-grade stainless 304.

The striking pepper grinder utilises the same adjustment ring mechanism from the HG-1 and EG-1 coffee grinders, but is engineered in a way to make it super thin and spring-loaded down for a handheld pepper mill. No sticking your fingers under the grinder in the messy burr cavity to adjust the grind.

The foot detail is a stainless 316 ring (usually used in high-end watches) co-moulded with a thin Viton rubber ring, to protect countertops from scratches.

Premium burrs: The Moulin uses CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision case-hardened stainless steel for the burrs. These are typically used in coffee grinding, now in a pepper mill, providing grind size consistency and a superior grind speed.

The stainless burrs will last you a lifetime, and it is built for a full breakdown, clean and reassemble in a matter of minutes.

Adjustable quality grind: With coffee, people look at grind uniformity under a microscope and evaluate it at the micron level. With pepper, it is usually just coarse – medium – fine.

Weber Workshops has made a pepper grinder with the precision and quality of a top-class coffee grinder. Any grind size is possible – from a fine powder to a super-coarse au poivre. The adjusting mechanism allows you to express all the peppers’ aromatic depth by selecting the right grind for your taste. Very finely ground pepper will bring out its spice, whilst a coarser grinding will highlight its aromas and flavour.

The Moulin can be set to one of 20 different grind levels to make it ideal for cooking or putting a finishing touch onto a dish. The easy-to-adjust dial means you make tweaks numerically, not by sticking fingers into the burrs or adjusting a fiddly thumbscrew.

Massive output: Users will be able to enjoy the advantages of this well-constructed ergonomic mill to grind their peppercorns to perfection with ease and speed. The Moulin is hugely efficient, offering a remarkably high output of perfectly ground spices.

Magnetic cap for an easy refill: Strong neodymium magnets hold the lid on, so there are no tools or screws to fuss with upon refilling. The Moulin can grind peppercorns, coffee, and any spice that is softer than coffee and smaller than a coffee bean.

Industrially streamlined aesthetics: Understated, yet elegant – utilitarian, yet beautiful.

Beautifully designed and flawlessly crafted, the Moulin pepper grinder is a stylish, practical decorative piece. Giving the nod to modern industrial design, the pepper mill features a sleek, understated silhouette. It comes in black or silver finish options.

Collage of precision cooking pepper grinders from Weber Workshops

Used by Michelin-starred Chefs

Known for its unmistakably consistent grind, massive output and sleek yet practical look, the Moulin precision cooking pepper grinder is undoubtedly the pinnacle of pepper mills.

Several Michelin-starred chefs and serious barbecue aficionados around the world are fans of the Moulin pepper grinder. The owner of WAGYUMAFIA in Japan, the premier Wagyu expert in the world and oft-times personal chef for the Beckham family has 12 of them that he uses in his Wagyu restaurants in Tokyo and Hong Kong. The Moulin mill is also used by Teruzushi, one of the world’s most respected and, by far, most entertaining sushi chefs.

Weber Workshops – unmatched craftsmanship

Weber Workshops was founded out of a common desire to build products that are intelligently designed and meticulously crafted; everyday objects that make daily life easier and the quality better.

The brand comprises a small cohort of people with impressive track records – many of them are experienced industry veterans from Apple. Their skills have been incorporated into beautifully designed products that are built for longevity, lasting generations.

They look at things differently, often with a critical eye on how and what can be improved, or when they might need to start over and come up with something entirely new. The great-looking and high-performing coffee grinders – EG-1 and HG-1 – are an example of this philosophy.

Founder Douglas Weber pursued a career in design and engineering from the outset, graduating from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Stanford University.

Douglas’ first job at Apple was as one of the iPod Product Design team’s original members, the same team that went on to create future generations of the iPod, iPhone, and most recently Apple Watch. During the development of the first iPhone, Douglas was tasked with integrating the glass display face into the product, a late-in-the-game decision that sparked an entirely new sub-industry in smartphone cover technology.

Image composition of two images of prcision pepper grinder - one image of the assembled grinder, one of a dissembled grinder

During this time, a unique opportunity arose for Douglas to move to Asia and found a multinational team focused on advanced materials and innovative manufacturing technologies. Over the course of eight years, he grew his team to 15 material scientists and product designers spread throughout Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The result of his work at Apple is an extensive patent portfolio, dozens of strategic vendor relationships, and several core technologies that Apple uses throughout its product line to this day.

And with time comes change. With a long-term love of coffee, an appreciation of good design and solid engineering, in 2014 Douglas took leave of Apple to found Weber Workshops to enter the next phase of his career. As a full-time resident of Japan and with close proximity to global manufacturers, Douglas is able to develop products in real-time together with the factory personnel.

Precision pepper grinding at its finest

There is nothing like freshly ground pepper to top off your meal. It can turn what could have been just a pretty good meal into a flavour-packed one.

From your kitchen to your dining table, the stylish Moulin pepper grinder will always come in handy.

With high durability and solidity in everyday use, the Moulin pepper mill impresses with its finely tuned technology. Thoughtfully designed for any busy chef and serious home cook, it delivers perfect grinding results time after time.

Designed to grind with perfect accuracy, I cannot stop raving about the Moulin pepper mill. It is as much a work of art as it is a cooking tool. 

A salt grinder is in the works, which is excellent news for fans of Weber Workshops’ products. I cannot wait for this product to be launched, as the precision cooking pepper grinder is truly in a class of its own.

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