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A powerful and professional stand mixer

For ambitious home cooks as well as professionals

In 1915, the young Danish mechanic Palle Hoff Wodschow came up with the idea to build a mixer for baking where the tools rotated in the bowl like planets around a star. He could not have known then that, more than 100 years later, his invention would remain the best technology known for mixing dough.

The company’s focus back then was on mixers for professional users, and it remains so today. Supported by its outstanding track record, Varimixer stands as the reference brand for professional mixers for production on any scale. It can handle hard daily work in bakeries, kitchens, food production lines and the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, the mixers can be found in more than 70 countries. Varimixer’s success is based on well thought out functionality and technology, along with exceptional quality, solid Danish craftsmanship and great design.

The mixers are built on the idea that the tools rotate around their own axis whilst being driven in a circular motion around the bowl, like planets around the sun. This means the entire mixture is worked, and all points along the bowl sides are reached.

Teddy mixer for baking from Varimixer

Comprehensive and ongoing quality control ensures that each mixer is one of impeccable quality, making it able to handle hard work, year after year. It is timeless Danish design, where form and function are in perfect harmony.

Varimixer has more than a century of tradition for hand-built quality, based on the best materials, processed with precision and professional pride. These mixers are not mass produced: about 60 experienced craftsmen build each by hand at the Brondby plant near Copenhagen. Each mixer is the work of a single employee, from start to finish.

We love baking our own yeast bread and sourdough bread, so we were beyond excited to get a chance to test the TEDDY mixer for baking. It is the smallest mixer of the entire range and is suitable for small professional kitchens, bakeries and restaurants, as well as those serious home cooks who will not compromise when it comes to bread making. TEDDY has the versatility and the power to handle all mixing needs, from tough bread dough to the lightest whipped cream.

TEDDY is a strong, professional 5-litre mixer. Aesthetically beautiful, it is suitable to be kept on a countertop, which is especially important since it is no light-weight, coming in at 18 kilos. Thanks to its superior strength and exceptional performance, this mixer is beyond impressive.

Just as sturdy as it looks and extremely powerful, it is designed to handle many years of hard work. Although only 500 watts, it has a specially designed motor which, unlike most other small mixers, is also capable of mixing heavy and difficult ingredients at very low speeds.

TEDDY is ultra-quiet. We are awed by the low hum of the precision motor that purrs like the engine of a fine sports car, whether on a low speed or high.

We are very impressed by its ease of operation. The speed can be adjusted using the machine’s multi-functional control knob, ergonomically placed on both sides of the mixer. This means that the TEDDY can be operated from both sides, thus providing flexible placement possibilities.

Varimixer details

The operation knob is also the click-lock and hinge point when the mixer head is tilted back to change tools. The bowl is held effectively in place during operation by a single lever.

Its die-cast, rounded design and no external screws or openings make the mixer extremely easy to clean. Even the tilting action does not expose any gaps that could make cleaning difficult.

Besides the 5-litre stainless steel mixing bowl, TEDDY comes with three tools: a wire whisk, a beater and a specially designed hook to ensure dough is kneaded and turned to perfection. All accessories are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe.

There is also a permanently fixed safety guard, removable splash guard, lid for the bowl and detachable filling tray/chute that makes it easy to add ingredients during the process.

The mixer for baking is the perfect option for heavy dough mixtures or for mixing large batches. It can accommodate up to 2.5 kilos of bread dough (50% AR and 60% AR), three kilos of ciabatta dough (70% AR), 2.5 kilos of muffins, 0.7 litres of egg whites, 1.5 litres of whipped cream, 4.4 litres of mayonnaise and much, much more.

Apart from TEDDY’S super performance, we fell in love with its sleek and clean-lined design. It therefore comes as no surprise that this good-looking mixer was selected in 2016 to join the permanent exhibition of the most innovative, attractive and inspirational designs of the 21st century on display at the Designmuseum Danmark.

Smart-looking, TEDDY is made of die-cast aluminium and coated with hard-wearing silver, red, white or black paint. It truly is a fantastic ambassador for Danish design around the world.

We have used Varimixer’s TEDDY several times a week for kneading bread dough. We have also been making traditional fruitcakes, chocolate cakes, pastries and biscuits in no time at all. The professional mixer for baking has never failed, even when faced with the toughest dough.

The sound when it starts is just unbelievable and the whole experience different from anything we have ever experienced.

There is no return after experiencing a machine like TEDDY. It is the perfect balance of form, function and performance. I would not know what to do without this wonderful workhorse in our kitchen!

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