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Transform your outdoor space

Large modern planters are always true statement makers

When it comes to home decor, we are obsessed with modern, streamlined design. We love using contemporary indoor and outdoor planters as great accent pieces. It is easy to make a statement or create a focal point with an oversized pot, or complement a contemporary outdoor entertaining area with beautiful planters and a bit of greenery.

The Dutch company Pottery Pots offers a selection of design planters that work well in any space – commercial or residential, indoors or outdoors. They come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, from square and rectangular, to round, tower and tapered. And more. With fine proportions, they balance the natural appeal of plants and the classy styling of the space.

Pottery Pots in interior decoration

We particularly love the company’s Essential Collection, which appeals to our minimalist tastes.
Precisely crafted with contemporary aesthetics and understated elegance, the handmade collection delivers high-impact style to any space. Combine shapes, sizes and heights to provide variety and visual interest, or create a statement with just one carefully chosen planter.
The stunning planters have a sleek look that is perfect for a stylish setting. They come in glossy or matte finishes, featuring clean, simple lines and a sculptural presence. Everything about them says quality. Showcasing an elegant, modern silhouette, the stunning collection takes the style quotient of indoor and outdoor areas to an altogether new level.

The high-end planters are made of fiberstone, which adds to their sleekness and beauty and delivers a quality, lightweight effect. Fiberstone is composed of glass fibre, and 58% finely ground stone. It is very strong and long-lasting, yet it is very low maintenance. Highly durable, the planters are both UV- and frost-resistant, so they will stand up to the rigours of extreme weather.

The black and white colour palette of these planters, while very much timeless, is also the epitome of modern design. They are aesthetically minimalist and functional in every sense.


The architectural planters have the ability to blend seamlessly into any space with their simple elegance and tremendous versatility. From commercial, hospitality and business spaces, to gardens and residential spaces, the planters from the Essential Collection never look out of place.

With a 5-year warranty, the planters from Pottery Pots are durable and will stand out for years to come.

As well, for those looking for a bit of an aesthetic boost with no difficulty or plant maintenance, decorate either the interior or the exterior of the home with Pottery Pots’ artificial plants. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The range is very practical for quick projects or for customers who lack that green thumb quality.

Effortlessly elegant with a timeless appearance, the smart-looking planters offer a high degree of chic visual appeal and modern flair. So stylish in their beautiful simplicity, they elevate the overall aesthetics in making a natural statement.

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