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Pizza steel
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Pizza steel

For the perfect crust

For the home baker who is into pizza – and who isn’t?  The Pizza Steel is a new must-have tool.

The Pizza Steel is the most impressive pizza tool I have ever used and it clearly outperforms the traditional stone. Heavy duty and well crafted, it is designed to cook the pizza much faster and give it an irresistible, blistered crust. Between the steel’s superior performance, durability and ease of use, it does not get much better than this.

Steel is optimal because metal conducts heat better than stone whilst it stores more heat than stone – both key characteristics in eliminating hot spots during cooking and producing a crisp, uniformly browned crust. It literally brings the heat to the pizza and elevates the crust to the next level.

Pizza with lovely crust

Ultra-conductive and durable for life, the Pizza Steel is designed and manufactured in Denmark. It stores and leads heat about 20 times better than stone, so pizzas cook faster and end up crispier. And you can keep the pizzas coming – it is possible to bake for hours whilst the steel maintains the perfect temperature. It is ready for action after only 45 minutes of preheating, whilst traditional stones often take up to 90 minutes to reach their peak temperature. The Pizza Steel is virtually indestructible and comes with a confidence-enhancing 5-year warranty.

Not only great for pizza, but also for bread, bread rolls, baguettes and any other baked goods, the it comes in two thicknesses: 6mm (The Pizza Combo) and 8mm (The Baking Combo). The peel will allow the dough to be placed on the preheated baking steel gently, easily and accurately, then retrieve the baked pizza in the same manner.

Highly recommended, the Pizza Steel is essential for creating pizzas that are reminiscent of great Italian artisan pizzas cooked in a wood-fired stone oven.

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