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The perfect recycling bins for your kitchen

The most stylish waste recycling system at home

Recycling as much of our waste as possible has never been more important, but it is a task that often gets neglected amidst the business of our everyday lives. Streamlining one’s recycling routine is so much easier with dedicated recycling bins for food waste, paper, plastics, glass etc.

Whilst we love beautiful aesthetics, the team at THE GREAT ADDRESS is also a keen supporter of recycling, so we were delighted to discover the CUBEK range of recycling bins for kitchen by DON HIERRO. This all-in-one bin and recycling system achieves that rare feat of being both incredibly practical and effortlessly stylish. Recycling at home just got easier.

At THE GREAT ADDRESS, we are always keen to explore opportunities for greener and more sustainable ways of living. Separating waste and recycling are some of the easiest ways we can do our part for the environment. Household waste recycling is easy and efficient when you have chosen the right recycling bin. It does not take much to pop, for instance, plastic bottles and glass into separate containers ready for recycling. With the massive range of recycling bins available, setting up a waste management system that works for your home is simple.

The CUBEK range – a compact waste and recycling solution – was love at first sight for the team at THE GREAT ADDRESS. The range by Spanish DON HIERRO is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing recycling bins for kitchen on the market, so you can do your bit for the environment while keeping your kitchen clutter-free and looking good.

Well-made from steel, which is powder-coated in a range of colours, or stainless steel if you prefer a more industrial look, the range boasts a sleek and wonderfully stylish design that you would not know is holding household waste ready to be taken out for recycling.

Cubek recykling with four separate bins for easy recycling

Perfect for separating compostable waste, household rubbish and recyclables, CUBEK allows you to replace multiple recycling bins in your kitchen with a single unit. The pull-out door reveals several compartments, each with a colour-coded bucket, allowing you to sort different recyclable materials effortlessly. Each inner plastic bucket can be removed from the unit thanks to the metal handles and slots back in easily once emptied. Each waste and recycling boasts with intelligent features such as a spare compartment – found underneath its lidded top – for small items such as extra garbage bags and used batteries.

So there will be no more cluttering up your kitchen with separate bins, boxes and bags for all your waste – just a single, beautifully designed unit that does it all while looking ever-so stylish in your kitchen.

CUBEK range of indoor recycling bins for kitchen comes with several standout features

Defined by great functionality and a streamlined and smart-looking design, CUBEK is our pick as one of the best in-home waste and recycling systems. With a wide choice of capacities available and a sleek and clever design, you are sure to find the perfect recycling bin no matter the size of your kitchen.

We love everything about the CUBEK range of recycling bins for kitchen by DON HIERRO, but standout features include:

MODERN AND STYLISH DESIGN: With a sleek, tactile design, the CUBEK series is a stylish and discreet way to organise your recycling. The design is understated yet stunning – the perfect aesthetic for any modern home.

3 images showing the functionality of Cubek waste bin from Don Hierro

ONE SINGLE UNIT: You will no longer need several separate waste containers for garbage, recycling and food waste, as the CUBEK is a single system that comes with up to four compartments for recycling, food waste and general trash. So in a single unit, you will have everything at hand.

QUALITY MATERIAL: The CUBEK recycling units are both durable and high quality. For an elegant look, there are stainless-steel versions. Other models feature an easy-clean powder-coated steel finish that is available in several colours.

MULTITUDE SIZES: The recycling bins for kitchen are available in many sizes and configurations, ideal for whether you live in a studio apartment or a family home. Despite the modest dimensions, CUBEK’s innovative frame and compartment design provides a generous total capacity of 40 litres, 60 litres and 80 litres, split between two, three or four compartments.

MULTI COMPARTMENTS: Each recycling bin elegantly accommodates several large multi-purpose compartments. The compartmentalised unit holds between 40 and 80 litres and is comprised of removable, individual plastic buckets for the storing of different kinds of recyclable trash and waste. The colour-coded inner recycling buckets hold 20 litres each. This will keep your food waste, glass, plastic, tins and paper separate and all under one lid. The removable plastic inner bins come with a sturdy chrome-plated handle for ease of emptying and cleaning.

In addition to these compartments, the bin has two more at the top, one for old batteries and another for storing spare garbage bags.

EASY OPENING AND ACCESS: With an ergonomic, stainless steel handle, the recycling bin’s well-articulated opening system allows you to access all the compartments simultaneously. Ergonomically, it also means that you do not have to bend down to open the lower compartments. You can also access the bin’s upper section from the top, thanks to its top lid.

Colour range Don Hierro Cubek recycling bins for kitchen

COLOURS: The waste and recycling system comes in a variety of colours to complement an array of home decors beautifully. Choose from sleek and shiny to matt and contemporary. Make a dramatic statement with black, or go for brighter colours such as turquoise, olive green or ochre. For those who want a more discreet look, choose sand, white or grey.

WALL MOUNTED OR FLOOR STANDING: For complete flexibility, you can decide whether you want the CUBEK waste and recycling system to be floor standing or wall-mounted.

SPACE-SAVING: Some of CUBEK’S models of recycling bins for kitchen boast a unique vertical design that maximises capacity in a compact space. With up to three compartments arranged vertically, this slimline design means the bin tucks effortlessly into the narrowest of spaces.

WARRANTY: The CUBEK range comes with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

MADE IN SPAIN: DON HIERRO designs and manufactures everything in Spain, producing innovative products of high quality, with stylish design and outstanding functionality.

DON HIERRO, a homeware company for brilliantly useful design

Simple yet innovative in design, DON HIERRO’s range of kitchen and homeware brings style and practicality to your home.

DON HIERRO’s ability to blend innovative design, contemporary styling, high functionality, and sometimes a fun touch is unique, whether it is for the kitchen, bathroom or utility room. Founded in 1986, the Spanish brand focuses on the whole user experience, creating products that work beautifully and are a pleasure to have around the home.

Dedicated to quality, function and design, the company’s products are stylish in appearance while also including smart features to ensure the best possible usability. It also attaches high importance to ergonomics and sustainability when developing new products. As DON HIERRO uses high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, its products are sure to last for a long time, too.

White Don Hierro Cubek recykling bin in white modern kitchen

The DROP dish rack manufactured by DON HIERRO and designed by Héctor Diego has been awarded the Good Design Award 2019-2020, awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum, an International Museum of Architecture and Design.

With a cognizant willingness to practice environmental-responsible processes, DON HIERRO works to reduce its environmental and social impact in every step it takes, from product design and manufacturing to supply chain management. Impressively, it manufactures all its products using renewable energy from solar panels.

Your household waste and recycling sorted

The smart-looking series CUBEK by DON HIERRO allows you to recycle waste with ease and style. The brand has revolutionised household waste recykling by allowing you to separate a wide variety of waste and recycling in one compact unit, eliminating the need to have additional bins, bags and containers, which look unsightly and take up valuable space. Stylish, clever and very practical, the CUBEK recycling bins for kitchen provide a sleek, clean and modern solution.

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