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The dual-sided Ooni grizzler pan

Bring versatility to your pizza oven

Widen the repertoire of your Ooni pizza oven with this dual-sided cast iron grizzler pan, which is suitable for all 12″ and 16″ Ooni pizza ovens. The Ooni cast iron grizzler pan brings together the distinctive grill marks of a griddle pan and the versatility of a sizzler pan. The two different sides of the grizzler pan let you cook almost everything. Use the smooth sizzler side for fajita fillings or frying eggs, or flip and use the ridged side for those authentic flame-grilled marks on steaks, chicken, kebabs and anything else you want those beautiful sear lines. The meat and veggies seared on the grizzler pan are out of this world. So now you can go beyond stone-baked pizzas to make a range of flavoursome, flame-cooked dishes for a crowd.

Griddle and sizzler for your pizza oven

Key features of the dual-sided Ooni cast iron Grizzler Pan

For long-lasting reliability and workhorse versatility, the possibilities are endless with this multipurpose 2-in-1 sizzler and griddle pan. Some of its standout features are:

DOUBLE-SIDED GRIZZLER PAN: A cast iron grilling plate with ridges on one side for searing meats or roasting vegetables, and a flat side for sizzling chicken wings, corn on the cob, loaded potato skins and much more.

Ooni dual sided griddle - sizzler from Ooni

IMPRESSIVE HEAT RESISTANCE: Ooni cast iron grizzler pan’s durability and ability to withstand extremely high temperatures – up to an impressive 500°C (932°F) – makes it a perfect cooking partner for years to come.

REMOVABLE HANDLES: Designed to help you safely move your Ooni Grizzler pan in and out of your pizza oven, the two detachable handles hook onto either side of the dish to help you place it into the oven and then take it out again once the cooking is done.

CAST IRON: The dual-sided Ooni Grizzler pan is made from cast iron. Using cast iron cookware improves the flavour of your dish by locking in natural juices. It is also perfect for cooking under high temperatures, making it better at searing meat than almost any other material. The Ooni cast iron grizzler is also highly durable and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. In addition, the Grizzler Plate may be used like any other cast iron product, including in the oven.

WOODEN SERVING BOARD: It comes with a beech wood serving board that holds the cast iron dish perfectly when it comes out of the oven, and makes an attractive way to present food and protect your table at the same time.

sizzling pan for pizza oven

TRACK RECORD: The Grizzler pan is designed by Ooni, the company that makes some of the best outdoor pizza ovens for home use. Launched in 2012, Ooni’s pizza ovens have an exceptional track record for their performance, quality, and durability.

Ooni pizza ovens are not just for pizzas but also for grilling

Outdoor pizza ovens are hot right now – and this cast iron grizzler pan adds to Ooni’s attractiveness as one of the best pizza ovens for cooking outdoors. The dual-sided Ooni cast iron grizzler pan is a great addition to the Ooni family, bringing a tonne of versatility to your garden. If you want to bring something new to the way you use your pizza oven, or simply to your grill, it is worth having a look at the Ooni grizzler pan.

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