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Our favourite stand mixer for baking

Excellence in performance and design

For home bakers and professionals alike, a powerful stand mixer is key. It whips, beats, stirs and kneads and reduces the time and effort it takes to complete a recipe. It ensures a proper texture and a thorough mixing of ingredients to create the perfect batter or dough.

Our favourite stand mixer at the moment is the utterly brilliant Maxima MPM 7, which delivers power, precision and performance. This exemplary designed and engineered planetary mixer is strong, precise, and able to tackle a wide range of recipes –  from mixing up a batch of brownies to whipping up meringue to kneading your homemade bread. Packed with features, fantastic to use and extraordinarily efficient, the Maxima MPM 7 mixer is a smart choice.

Behind every talented professional chef and serious home baker is a kitchen essential – a stand mixer. The stand mixer will help you knead your dough, beat your egg whites, fold your flour and whisk your batter to perfection. Whether you are making bread loaves, cakes, pastries, cookies, and other baking recipes, a mighty stand mixer can do all of the work for you.

If you are looking for a robust workhorse of a mixer, then Maxima’s MPM planetary mixer ticks all the boxes. Overall, it is extremely well-made and performs wonderfully. It offers everything you want in a mixer for your baking needs – a powerful yet quiet motor, durable quality construction and proven performance that stands the test of time. The robust motor and gear-driven transmission ensure consistent speed and power even when mixing heavy doughs, while the planetary rotation delivers the superior results you demand. With a large 7-litre stainless steel bowl, it is designed with enough capacity to prepare rather large batches comfortably – it can handle with ease batter for up to two kilos of pizza dough and up to 1.5 kilos of bread dough at a time. The planetary mixer features 11 speeds for maximum mixing accuracy. This feature allows you to mix at exact speeds or slowly build up speed to prevent spillage.

Maxima stand mixer featuring 11 speed settings

The Maxima stand mixer MPM 7 is a great choice to tackle all your baking tasks with ease. If you are a professional baker or a seasoned baker, or a frequent home baker, this planetary mixer will never let you down in making your task effortless for various baking preparations.

16 reasons why we love Maxima

The Maxima Mixer MPM 7 stand mixer for baking is our top pick because of its outstanding performance and marvellous features. Created with excellence in the field of material, finish and design, it is perfect for all your baking needs, such as creaming, mixing, beating and kneading. Intelligently designed, the impressive mixer is packed with many useful features and details, including:

POWERFUL: With its durable 230V/50Hz /1Phase 350-Watt motor and impressive build quality – including strong transmission with metal gears – the planetary mixer delivers a solid performance. Boasting the qualities of a stable operation, it quickly whips, kneads, and mixes ingredients.

SUPERIOR MIXING PERFORMANCE: The robust motor and metal gearing maintain a constant speed and power even while mixing dense, heavy bread doughs.

Details of attachment fitting and splash guard

PLANETARY MIXING ACTION: The Maxima Mixer MPM 7 features a planetary mixing movement. Planetary mixers are named after the way the mechanism moves within the bowl to work the contents. This essentially means that the head of the mixer spins in one direction while the attachment rotates in the opposite direction. This provides a far superior mixing quality than a rotary motion and makes for a thorough and uniform combination of ingredients. The Maxima planetary mixer is great for most dough, especially for cookies, cakes, batter, and even pizza dough.

11 SPEEDS FOR PRECISION MIXING: The planetary stand mixer boasts no less than 11 different speeds – from 100 to 938 RPM – which allows you to go from ultra-gentle fold to very powerful fast whip in a matter of seconds. Expertly mixing everything from pizza dough to egg whites, it provides precise control for every recipe.

LARGE CAPACITY: The sturdy 7-litre stainless steel bowl has a fantastic capacity for the avid home baker as well as for a small professional operation. The mixer can knead up to two kilos of pizza dough and up to 1.5 kilos of bread dough. The bowl features a practical handle that enables you to hold it securely when scooping out the mix.

BOWL LOCKING MECHANISM: The bowl locks into the mixer’s base to prevent it from moving during mixing.

TILTABLE HEAD WITH LOCKING KNOB: The mixer is well-balanced, allowing you to tilt the head easily without any fear that it may tip over. The convenient tilt-up head design – complete with a locking knob – makes it easy to attach and remove the mixing bowl or change the accessories as needed. The tilt-head design also makes it easy to add ingredients.

Maxima stand mixer attachments

ATTACHMENTS: Maxima’s stand mixers come with three interchangeable attachments, allowing you to achieve any mix you want. It is effortless to swap out the attachments quickly, so you can easily change between mixing, beating or whisking for maximum precision. The strong stainless-steel attachments are:

Dough hook: Use your dough hook for any dough that involves yeast and/or needs kneading. The dough hook does all the hard work, making smooth and elastic dough for a variety of bread, pizza, pasta, buns and short pastries.

Flat beater / Mixing beater: The flat beater is the most versatile since it can be used to mix nearly all kinds of mixtures thoroughly. This multi-purpose attachment is best for creaming sugar and butter, mixing cake, brownie and cookie mixtures, and making frostings. It can also be used for mashed potatoes, meatballs and meatloaves.

Wire whip/Egg whisk: The wire whisk is designed for whisking, beating eggs and whipping cream at high speeds. It is to be used for creating maximum volume, incorporating a lot of air into the mixture to give it a light, fluffy texture – for mousses, soufflés, meringues and cheesecakes. It is great for delicate mixes, like homemade whipped cream, angel food cake, or sponge cakes.

SPLASH GUARD / MIXING SHIELD: The mixer includes a splash guard to keep ingredients from splattering out of the bowl. It is also equipped with a filling hole, making it easy to add ingredients while the mixer is running. The clear lid allows you to keep an eye on the state of the dough.

VERY QUIET, ALMOST SILENTLESS: The motor and metal gears offer ultra-silent operations so that you can bake at any time of the day.

HIGH-QUALITY BUILD: Maxima’s strong metal body construction guarantees great longevity. It also has a scratch-resistant coating to prevent damage to the beautiful design. The stainless-steel bowl and stainless-steel attachments, as well as the metal gears, will add to the mixer’s durability.

SAFETY FEATURES: The mixer is equipped with a safety switch so that the machine automatically stops when the head is lifted. There are separate start and stop buttons so that you can shut down the mixer immediately in an emergency situation.

SMART-LOOKING AESTHETIC: With a sleek and beautiful design, Maxima stand mixers steal the show in many homes and professional kitchens. You can choose from standout colours such as pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel green, gold, silver, raspberry red, black and glossy white – there is something for every kitchen aesthetic.

Pastelle blue Maxima stand mixer

DISHWASHER SAFE: The planetary mixer is easy to clean and keep in pristine condition. The stainless-steel bowl and stainless-steel mixing tools are dishwasher-friendly for clean-up convenience.

EXCELLENT VALUE: It is not often you find stand mixers under Euro 450 (incl. VAT) that can stand up to or even outperform those in a higher price bracket. Generally, you need to spend a fair bit to make owning one worth your while, but the Maxima Mixer MPM 7 is an exception to this rule. It is made from quality material with heavy-duty construction that will last for years to come while ensuring high performance.

MAXIMA’S TRACK RECORD: Thanks to almost 50 years of experience in delivering and maintaining professional kitchen equipment, Maxima Kitchen Equipment is a household name in the wholesale kitchen and catering industry. The company works exclusively with its own brand and exports to more than 55 countries worldwide. Maxima has its own in-house technical service department with a workshop in the Netherlands if something still goes wrong.

A high-performance stand mixer that does all the work for you

The Maxima Mixer MPM 7 stand mixer for baking is feature-packed with quality, design, and amazing performance to turn your baking imagination into reality with the utmost ease. Ideal for both the baking enthusiast and the small professional kitchen, the planetary mixer takes all the hard work out of blending, mixing, creaming, whipping, and kneading and is a breeze to clean up. Get the mixing results you are looking for quickly with this superbly powerful and reliable Maxima 7-litre planetary mixer.

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