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The beach at Patina Maldives
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Widely considered the world’s most exclusive holiday destination, the Maldives is home to a string of ultra-luxurious hotels and resorts that embody the ultimate tropical paradise getaway for honeymooners, sun worshipers, discerning travellers, scuba divers and A-listers. The archipelago is blessed with some of the world’s most picture-perfect beaches, crystal-clear turquoise lagoons, spectacular marine wildlife, and unrivalled luxury resorts that take up their own private islands. The Maldives is one of the best destinations to unwind and simply enjoy life.

For many, a trip to the Maldives is the holiday of a lifetime. But with nearly 200 resorts and hotels dotted around the various islands, the choice is nothing short of overwhelming. For an out-of-this-world vacation, Patina Maldives Hotel is one of the best luxury Maldives resorts. An inspirational and stylish resort, barefoot luxury does not get any better than this.

There are plenty of reasons why Patina Maldives Hotel should be your next idyllic Indian Ocean escape. With Maldives’ celebrated natural beauty as a matchless backdrop, this hideaway gem is synonymous with escapism, exclusivity, privacy and indulgence.

Nestled in the North Malé Atoll and a 45-minute speedboat transfer from Velana International Airport, Patina Maldives Hotel appeals to a new generation of progressive travellers, who have a deep appreciation for well-being, conscious living, and uplifting experiences while not wanting to compromise the level of service found at ultra-luxury hotels.

Designed by prolific Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27, Patina Maldives is visually stunning with its tropical modernism. The overall design is a showcase of warm minimalism with a clean and sleek aesthetic that incorporates natural textures to add warmth and interest.

Patina Maldives Hotel at sunset

The luxury resort in the Maldives is designed to offer a paradisiacal experience for all the senses whilst exuding a stylish yet relaxed vibe. Every detail of the hotel inspires beauty, mindfulness and peacefulness that aligns with its spectacular natural setting. Its exquisite collection of 90 water and beach villas and 20 studios offer the privilege of undisturbed sea and sunset gazing and are designed in an atmosphere of unpretentious elegance and soothing minimalism in a calming neutral palette.

The overall ambience is very exclusive, but at the same time, laid-back, and guests can always choose between convivial socialising, or indulging in some well-deserved pampering in the spa, or retreating to their private sanctuary villas and enjoying nothing but privacy and nature.

Guests will get immersed in a new expression of island life through thoughtful tailor-made wellness journeys, captivating culinary experiences, interactive music programmes, and bask in the open-air art installations – all while embracing the vibrant social scene that emanates from the destination’s communal heart: the Fari Marina Village and Fari Beach Club.

Guests can enjoy epicurean experiences across more than ten restaurants, from rustic flavours of South America to a fusion of Japanese and Nordic cuisines, to plant-based dining and hearty Aegean dining served by the beach. Well-being is also an integral part of the experience, as seen in the impressive range of programmes to encourage sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness.

Luxury resort living in the Maldives

As well as a myriad of predictable bucket list Maldives holiday activities – snorkelling, sunset cruises, unlimited ice cream and complimentary evening canapes, guests will be able to immerse themselves in experiential offerings to celebrate nature, nurture and the uplifting journeys of mind and body that connect them.

Patina Maldives embraces sustainability without sacrificing luxury. Setting new standards for ultra-luxury resorts in combination with sustainability, it is the first resort in the Maldives to have a 100 per cent solar-powered kids’ club, recreation and dive centres. In addition, there are zero-waste kitchens, recycling drives, and all kinds of other energy-positive operations.

Villas and studios at Patina Maldives Hotel

The resort offers 90 Beach Villas and Water Pool Villas with pool, alongside 20 Fari Studios. In harmony with the surrounding nature, the pared-back and low-lying architecture allow for an uninterrupted gaze of the ocean and the sky.

Ranging from one to three bedrooms and from 170m2 (1,830 sq.ft.) to 1,800m2 (19,375 sq.ft.) of indoor and outdoor space, the sleek villas are split between the golden beachfront and impossibly azure ocean. Neutral in palette and contemporary in design, earthy colour palettes, subtle textures and matte surfaces are complemented by Arcadian materials to create a dialogue with nature.

Collage of three different types of accommodation at Patina Maldives

From Vitra to Paola Lenti, high-quality designer furniture imbues the spaces with luxury and elevated style. Floor-to-ceiling panorama sliding window systems in the villas blur the lines between indoor and outdoor. There is an overall sense of tranquillity and sensuous tactility whilst providing casual, elegant outdoor living amid the beauty and serenity of the island.

Each villa boasts a generous private pool and outdoor bathtub, offering blissful privacy and ultimate exclusivity. For unforgettable pampering, a butler service is on offer.

The 1- and 2-bedroom pool villas sit on the sand woven and are enveloped in either lush tropical greenery or sweeping lagoon views.

Grandly scaled with 1,800m2 (19,375 sq.ft.) of constructed space, the 3-bedroom Beach House is the crown jewel of Patina Maldives Hotel. This impressive architectural showcase amid the grand beauty and magnificent views will suit anyone who looks for space, nature, privacy and over the top luxury. This unique, 2-storey, 3-bedroom villa has a rooftop terrace and a large 21-metre private pool set within the lush green of an enormous tropical garden.

Beach pool villa in the Maldives

Positioned on a divine stretch of sand, the harmoniously designed villa offers more than a touch of serenity, along with generous doses of sea, sand and sun. If the stunning villa wows with its location – the views of the scintillating shades of the Maldivian sunset from the beach are to die for – then the design does not pale in comparison.

It offers a sublime fusion of sleek modern architecture, with effortless flow from room to room and from inside to outside. Much of the villa is encased in glass, which fully retracts to show off its fabulous outdoor areas and glorious natural splendour. The setting is ideal for true relaxation while gazing at the clear blue horizon, away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. This is beachfront bliss at its finest.

In addition to the 3-bedroom Beach House, the property offers six 1-bedroom beach villas to form a sensational private villa estate in the Maldives with nine bedrooms and 3,240m2 (34,875 sq.ft.) of indoor and outdoor extravaganza. With seven linking gardens with pools and a pristine stretch of exclusive west-facing beach, this is an opportunity to share one of the world’s most incredible natural environments with loved ones in pure luxury and tune with the island’s relaxed rhythm.

The Fari Studios of 60m2 (constructed space) sit on the edge of Fari Marina Village, perfect for those looking to be more in the centre of the action at the island’s beating heart. These one-bedroom studios are dotted along the edge of Fari Marina Village, offering guests easy, instant access to the Beach Club, art gallery and boutiques.

Water pool villa at Patina Maldives Hotel

All villas and the studios at Fari Marina Village are stocked with luxurious in-room amenities – Haeckels has created an exclusive range, The Indian Ocean Collection, especially for Patina Maldives, Fari Islands. The key component in Haeckels products is natural seaweed, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids with hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 3-D-printed vitamins appear on the pillows instead of chocolates at bedtime.

Dining at Patina Maldives Hotel

Time-honoured techniques, a fresh perspective and the best ingredients take the centre stage at the many dining options at Patina Maldives. Pure, seasonal ingredients – locally sourced where possible – are cherished and celebrated and is central to the resort’s culinary ethos. An on-island organic permaculture garden provides fresh produce for the kitchens, all grown from meticulously sourced super-strain organic plant seeds with original DNA for enhanced nutrition.

From hearty Asian and delicate Asian fare to International and Greek cuisine, it is easy for guests to lose themselves in the flavours of the land and the fusion of different world cuisines – all finessed with a sense of craft and flair.

For tantalising dining that excites the senses and indulges the palate, the resort presents more than ten dining concepts that foster a universal connection through food. Some of the restaurants include:

Brasa restaurant on the beach

ROOTS: A plant-based ode to slow food centred around nutritious, organic and home-grown produce.

KŌEN: Witness a magical, theatrical marriage between Japanese and Nordic cuisine.

BRASA: A Latin culinary theatre of fire, smoke and spice. The flame-grilled meat dishes originate from the Patagonian region of South America.

WOK SOCIETY: High-energy social club with soulful pan-Asian creations and craft beers.

HELIOS: Bursting with Mediterranean freshness and honest ingredients, the resort’s hearty Aegean restaurant embraces family, warmth and conviviality.

Restaurant Farine, the Maldives

FARINE: A private space to indulge in a fine wine and cheese selection. Available for special events.

GO GO BURGERS: A celebration of guests’ everlasting love for world-class burgers, which are served from a striking food truck.

TUK TUK GELATO: A caravan of childhood dreams where joy is served in a cone and a scoop.

VELI BAR: Unwind by the chic, poolside bar – brimming with a laidback vibe – with expertly crafted light bites and refreshing cocktails.

Collage showing some of the different dining options at hotel Patina Maldives

FARI BEACH CLUB:  A stunning fusion of delicious food, great drinks and chart-topping music, curated by an award-winning chef.

ARABESQUE: Savour the culinary traditions and authentic flavours and tastes from Lebanon. The restaurant is managed by The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands.

TUM TUM: For mobile gastronomy, a festive food trailer offers cuisine from across Asia. It is managed by The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

Patina Maldives is a purveyor of conscious cuisine, focusing on green practices such as minimising food waste and reducing carbon footprint.

Spa treatment & well-being at Patina Maldives Hotel

Besides exclusivity, pampering, art and nature, well-being is a big part of the hotel concept. The Spa at Patina Hotel connects all these aspects.

Relax, unwind and let go with a pampering spa treatment and feel at one with the essence of the island, its nature and its energy, in natural luxury. The resort has crafted an intelligence-led, sensory approach to holistic well-being and beauty through its wellness offering, FLOW. The wildness of nature and the wonder of water offer endless inspiration for treatments based on sound, touch and intelligent technology.

The spa at Patina luxury hotel in the Maldives

Within a soulful space, therapeutic prowess and scientific technologies create a relaxing environment for the resort’s well-being philosophy and the experiences on offer. Every wellness journey begins with a personal consultation to give guests an insight into their posture, sleep and lifestyle habits. Bespoke programmes – combining movement, nutrition, and bio-hacking with nurturing therapies – are individually designed, allowing each guest to explore new ways of ensuring they look and feel their very best.

Patina’s offering combines the cleanest of products with a collection of experiences, immersions and technologies designed to release the mind and promote cellular growth. It encourages sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, fun and fitness. The resort’s partnership with Nourished enables guests to follow a course of personalised nutrition before, during and after their stay.

Spanning 1,500m2, at the centre of FLOW is the spa with its specialist Watsu treatment suite and floatation tank suite. There are also a hammam suite and a sauna. Therapists use seaweed-based skin and body care products by Malibu brand OSEA to nourish and restore skin’s strength and glow. OSEA’s range is produced using certified vegan, organic, bioavailable seaweed, and pure steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils, priding itself on its rigorous supply chain and official climate-neutral status.

A collection of high-performance facials are complemented by deeply nurturing holistic body immersions in six double treatment suites, designed with simple, clean lines and warming wood tones to cocoon guests in a space of calm serenity. The Vagus Nerve Meditative Massage focuses on the longest cranial nerve in the body – reaching from the brain to the gut – to regulate stress, rest and digestion; and Vibration Therapy, in which sound and vibration balancing are used to heal stress disorders, pain, depression and soothe that emotional roller coaster. Aquatic-led therapy exists in the form of Watsu, a gentle water bodywork perfect for deep relaxation and tranquillity, as well as flotation tanks, which give you sanctuary from an overstimulated world and may lead to increased creativity, focus and concentration.

The spa

Nutritionists, sleep therapists, Reiki practitioners and posture therapists are available to ensure that the guest experience is deeply personalised and profoundly beneficial. Pioneering technologies such as Iris sound immersion technology (in which beta waves simulate the brain to relax the body and mind) can promote creativity and allow individuals to access a higher level of well-being.

Also, there is a large selection of low- and high-impact group exercise classes, nature and cultural activities, as well as 24-hour access to Reboot (the gym), two swimming pools, and complimentary use of bikes, snorkelling sets, stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. There is also a yoga pavilion, Pilates reformer, TRX equipment and tennis courts.

Fari Marina Village & Fari Beach Club

On the island, guests will be able to enjoy the archipelago’s communal heart, where the upscale Fari Marina Village and Fari Beach Club serve as the backdrop to a vibrant social scene that will attract guests from all three Maldives resorts – Patina Maldives, Ritz-Carlton Maldives and the upcoming Capella Maldives.

Combining luxury and conviviality, modernity and relaxation, here guests will find restaurants, bars, art, music, boutique shopping, events and one-off happenings. There is also a large, fascinating art installation by world-renowned American artist James Turrell.

The bar at Fari Beach Club in the Maldives

FARI BEACH CLUB: With Michelin-starred Chef, DJ and Restaurateur Nick Bril at the helm, the combination of extraordinary culinary talent with cutting-edge innovation makes the Fari Beach Club a truly unique experience.

The philosophy behind the Fari Beach Club is connected to the numerous elements Nick Bril tries to incorporate when creating a culinary moment. Usually, the aromas, textures, flavours and colours that food offers amplify our senses. But at the Fari Beach Club, sound, architectural textures and vibrations were used to create a multi-sensory experience. Here gastronomy and music come together in an incomparable atmosphere.

CULINARY EXPERIENCES: The impressive culinary offerings are outstanding and include Kōen, Farine, Brasa and Arabesque. There are also three food trucks: Go Go Burger, Tuk Tuk Gelato and Tum Tum for Asian cuisine.

WORLD-RENOWNED COCKTAIL AND SPIRITS CREATIVES: The craft of fine spirits is celebrated in Patina Hotel’s partnership with Proof & Company, whose global connections to independent artisanal makers and mixology talents are unmatched. Proof & Company are behind an impressive portfolio of some of the top globally acclaimed bars, of which six venues are ranked amongst the World’s 50 Best Bar.

BOUTIQUES: The fashion boutiques showcase a capsule collection of limited-edition finds by the tastemaker behind Mr & Mrs Rake The Art Gallery exhibits works by local and international artists and the presence of artists in residence and at work. The Library is curated by Philip Blackwell, Ultimate Library.

ART: 6 island-based art pieces curated by The Artling.

Art installations on the beach in the Maldives

BOAT MARINA: There are world-class berthing facilities at Fari Marina with 20 berths for yachts up to 80 feet.

If you want more of the hub’s social vibe, book one of Patina Maldives’ 20 Fari Studios, which are 1- and 2-bedroom villas with private pool on the sands at the edge of the Fari Marina Village.

Facilities & services at Patina Maldives Hotel

With a fine array of amenities and facilities, guests at Patina Maldives Hotel can choose to be as active as they want or just enjoy the relaxation of life.

The Maldives is a natural paradise for any sea and water activities, and Patina Hotel offers an impressive selection of watersports activities, along with top-of-the-line equipment and professional instruction.

The breathtaking waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding this pristine island offer endless opportunities to discover a magnificent underwater world that lies beneath the glittering surface. This environment is rich in marine life, waiting for you to explore the underwater world.

Dive Butler Fari Marina is the heart of a wide selection of water-based activities, including remarkable excursions, an incredible marine biology programme, adrenaline-fuelled watersports, spectacular diving and private boat charters, enabling you to enjoy the endless shades of blue surrounding Patina.

The dive center

Activities include snorkelling, fishing, from beginners to advanced level PADI scuba diving activities and courses, cruises and excursions, catamaran sailing, windsurfing sandbank visit, motorised watersports and more. Bikes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards are available, and there is also a 24/7 gym, two swimming pools and tennis courts. Enjoy time with blissful daily yoga and meditation at the resort’s yoga pavilion.

Kids club

With plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces, Footprints – the children’s innovative educational and activity centre – will keep the youngest guests engaged and entertained. The solar-powered kids club offers endless possibilities for games, creativity, fun and action for four to 11 years old.

An amazing fact is that children get in contact with nature at the kids club and can even participate in a free scuba diving session to explore the reef. Patina’s marine-inspired activities aim to instil respect for the environment and help raise the next generation of ocean saviours. The activity is hosted by the resort’s resident Marine Biologist, who takes learning from the classroom to underwater. The resort also offers children water-based activities guided by experts, such as an introduction to swimming and an introduction to snorkelling.

Collage of activities at the Kid's Club at Patina Maldives Hotel

The Fab Lab at Footprints takes a pioneering, future-thinking approach. Here, kids turn recycled ocean plastic into models using 3D printing and laser cutting technology. Activities in the Fab Lab include designing a race car with wood and creating mysterious shadow boxes.

The culinary studio invites hungry young minds to discover the benefits of local, organic sourcing and enjoy delicious sustainable plant-based food.

Explore a range of creative play activities personalised based on the age range and interest of the resort’s young guests at Footprints. Activities include role play, arts and crafts, face painting and costume play.

The Kid’s Spa Workshop is designed to encourage a focus on healthy living from an early age. Cultivating a holistic approach, the well-being activities will encompass the importance of nutrition, sport, creativity, and most importantly – fun. Those with extra energy to spare can also enjoy some dance fitness during the sessions.

Maldives’ natural wonders serve as a perfect backdrop for artistic pursuits. At Patina Hotel, guests are invited to a world of beauty, creativity, and discovery.  What makes the Patina Maldives unique is that you will find art pieces all around the resort. From the villas to the spa area and multiple art installations on the island.

The Artling’s leading art hunter, Talenia Phua Gajardo, brought her artistic and design expertise together with her renowned eye for works of resonating presence by emerging and leading talent. For Patina Maldives, this has resulted in an island-wide collection of expressive pieces by international artists, a permanent art gallery, and an artist-in-residence programme.

An open-air art gallery has been created. While wandering among the trees, guests will encounter site-specific, large-scale commissions by contemporary artists, including America’s legendary James Turrell and prized Mexican artist Jose Dávila.

Skyspace Amarta art installation

The star attraction is called “Skyspace Amarta” by the internationally famed artist James Turrell. This autonomous structure explores space and the light that inhabits it. In the centre of the art piece is a window that looks like a canvas and is facing the sky. So each time you come to it, the “Skyspace Amarta” will have a completely different mood depending on the weather and the time of the day. Yoga gurus from Rishikesh hold classes inside the installation in the soft morning glow. In the evening, when it is illuminated in shades of violet, the skylight frames the moon.

Music is an integral part of Patina’s concept. The hotel has developed a partnership with global musicologists MAV Music, who has created a distinctive soundtrack that reflects the unique character of Patina Maldives Hotel. The MAV team has built music custom mixes and tracks and developed Spotify playlists for guests. Once booked, guests can access the Patina app and playlists curated to reflect their individual preferences.

While on the island, DJs and artists play live, and music captures the essence of the moment, the time of day and the mode of play. Also, visiting musicians record live acoustic sessions for Radio Patina.

Sustainability & eco credentials

The archipelago is blessed with a wealth of natural treasures, and Patina Maldives is fully conscious of the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and the delicate ecosystems surrounding the Fari island. It has undertaken a programme of environmental management to make an active contribution towards improving the quality of life for future generations, facilitating the reduction of pollution and environmental protection towards eco-sustainability.

Patina Maldives Fari Islands is one of the world’s most eco-friendly resorts. From solar plants and zero-waste kitchens to low-carbon cocktails and an extensive marine conservation programme, Patina Hotel sets new standards for sustainability in the hospitality industry in the Maldives.

Sensitive site planning, use of natural and renewable building materials, and the incorporation of environmental, energy and resource-efficient systems were integral to Patina’s architecture and design.

The team at Patina Maldives minimises its carbon footprint – the power is harvested from the sun, saving 795 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. Water is preserved, filtered and recycled as irrigation for the resort’s verdant landscape. Many ingredients at the restaurants – especially the signature vegan restaurant Roots – come straight from the resort’s organic garden that is based on the principles of permaculture.

The resort’s commitment to sustainability includes going single-use plastic-free, having drinking water bottled and produced in-house, operating the kitchens on a zero-waste basis, having a solar-powered kids club and engaging in Blue Carbon neutrality practices.

The hotel supports the Olive Ridley Project, whose mission is to protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education and outreach. Patina Maldives Hotel has a marine conservation team that propagates and protects corals to enrich the health of the archipelago’s precious underwater world.

Guest amenities are also environmentally green, with all seafood menu items offered by the resort’s various dining destinations certified as sustainable, and guest products never contain single-use plastic.

The beach at Patina Maldives

Setting & location

Located in the North Malé Atoll, the Patina Maldives Hotel is an easy 45-minute speedboat journey from Malé International Airport. At the same time, the resort has a very peaceful location which gives you the feeling of being hours and hours away from the next civilisation. On these remote islands, the temperature rarely drops below 29 degrees Celsius, and the white sand and lush plant life are surrounded by a seemingly endless azure sea.

The man-made Fari Islands form an archipelago with a unique quality and character, bringing together four individual islands accommodating three world-class luxury resort brands – Patina Maldives, Ritz-Carlton Maldives, and the upcoming Capella Maldives – and the Fari Campus. The first of its kind in the Maldives, the Fari Campus is dedicated to providing housing and a sense of community for the staff of these three resorts.

Fari Islands was a winner of Travel + Leisure Global Vision Awards 2021, recognised for its strides in conscious travel and sustainable living.

Escapism, relaxation and indulgence at their finest

For those seeking to enjoy an elevated experience in the Indian Ocean, Patina Maldives Hotel is guaranteed to wow.

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is a luxury resort of unique and radiant character. With its modernist architecture and eco-conscious ethos, the hotel is distinctly different from other Maldivian resorts. Thoughtfully designed with luxury, comfort and relaxation in mind, everything is exquisite in its detail. It is a stunning resort that works hand in hand with the environment to craft beautiful, beyond bespoke experiences where discovery is a way of life.

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