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Add gloss to your home with lacquered trays and boxes

Beauty and artisan excellence

Smarten up any home with this ultra-stylish collection of lacquered and lacquered boxes from Mojoo. Perfect for putting the finishing touch on your table, serving guests, or creating a decorative display, these high-quality trays and boxes are versatile and beautiful home accents.

Ideal for serving and organising with style and flair, mix and match the elegant boxes and trays to create a custom solution. Designed with modularity in mind – like building blocks – all Mojoo’s LUX lacquer trays and LUX lacquer boxes fit together and stack easily.

Use the handcrafted boxes and trays everywhere in the home. From precious perfume bottles to luxe candles, from memory boxes filled with photographs and postcards to elegant office utensils, the aesthetic and practical options are endless. The only limit is imagination.

Luxurious and beautifully functional, Mojoo’s classic base collection comes in an alluring range of contemporary and timeless hues. Each new season is greeted with carefully selected colours that match harmoniously – tone in tone – with the ones that came before. A universe of saturated colours in combination with delicate bright and dark shades, the sophisticated colour palette is beyond masterful.

The high-quality lacquer trays might be complemented by a decorative plexi dome/vase, making your own exclusive exhibit of your favourite objects.

The beauty of lacquerware is in its technique. Manufactured in Vietnam according to old traditional methods, Mojoo’s signature trays and boxes are a manifestation of fine artisanship and quality craft.

The impeccably high-gloss finish is achieved by applying up to 12 layers of lacquer that are slowly building up to add to the colours’ richness and give the products greater depth. This meticulous technique gives the products their intense colouration and an unmistakable shine whilst delivering unrivalled quality and aesthetic. Entirely handmade in wood, it takes 45 days to create a stunning lacquer tray or a lacquer box.


Stylishly practical and multi-functional, each tray and box is a truly exquisite piece of work.

Mojoo is a Danish design and manufacturing enterprise, producing elegant and subtle designs that, with their understated simplicity, capture the Scandinavian spirit beautifully.

Owner Lene Kjær finds inspiration everywhere, but her heart has always beaten for the Asian style, which she has refined for Mojoo’s Scandinavian design. Mojoo’s wants its quietly stunning design products to be an integral part of a more beautiful everyday life.

Add stylish versatility to any living space with these multipurpose and good-looking wood LUX trays and boxes from Mojoo. Icon-worthy pieces, they offer endless function and timelessly elegant design at their finest.

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