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A luxury marble rolling pin with wooden handles

Elegance, functionality and artistry

The stunning Fiammetta V marble rolling pins with wooden handles will give you the best Italian design and ultimate classiness. Made of marble stone, each rolling pin has a luxurious look with unique patterns, beautiful veins, and colouration details. Exquisitely designed and expertly made, the marble rolling pin provides luxe elegance and durable functionality for everyday enjoyment. Adding to the Fiammetta V’s beautiful marble range, this weighty and elegant rolling pin is the ultimate baking accessory for any stylish kitchen. 

Marble is a perfect choice if you are looking for a noble material that imprints sophistication and exclusivity. It has an intrinsic beauty, a natural luxury about it. There is nothing quite like the refinement and elegance that marble brings to a kitchen with its timeless and discerning aesthetic. Prized for its softness and strength, it creates a classic yet modern look.

Even if you never intend on making a pie, this luxury marble rolling pin from Fiammetta V is a display-worthy item for any kitchen.

Defined by flawless craftsmanship, the marble rolling pin celebrates a comfortable connection with daily chores and refined aesthetics. The fusion of marble and wood makes for a striking design statement that is both classy and functional.

Marble rolling pin with wood handles

With cool smoothness and sculpted forms, the Fiammetta V marble rolling pins are meticulously crafted and assembled by hand by Italian artisans. They will look great as a showpiece in any kitchen. With a balanced feel in your hands and smooth, assured action on the countertop, each elegant rolling pin is artistry in motion.

Made from precious marble that is as handsome as it is durable, this elegant marble rolling is excellent for all kinds of baking jobs – from smoothing out sticky cookie batter to stretchy pizza dough to delectable pasta making.

Its cylindrical body is carved from solid marble and is flanked by two wooden handles. For convenient storage and display, the marble rolling pin nests in a wood cradle. Fashioned from marble, every single one of the rolling pins is entirely unique, each revealing unrepeatable shades of the natural stone along with the striking veining that has occurred over the years. Each rolling pin is guaranteed to be handmade, allowing for some very minor differences in dimensions and shapes.

Fiammetta V’s marble rolling pins are available in a host of colours. The signature version is made of Italian Portoro marble, a rare and very fine variety of black marble. The colour is an intense and brilliant black with characteristic golden-yellow veins. It is quarried in Portovenere, in the area of La Spezia, which extracts the most prestigious quality. Other colours of the Fiammetta V rolling pin include highly-valued white Paonazzo marble from Italy, pink Portugal marble and green Guatemala marble.

It is not only a beautiful piece of art, but the Fiammetta V marble rolling pin works like a dream. I use it in every recipe that requires rolling, and I absolutely love it. At two kilos, it has the perfect heft to handle even the toughest dough effortlessly. The smooth surface allows the marble rolling pin to glide with ease while providing you with consistency every time.

Details of marble rolling pin

Other than the exquisite aesthetics, choosing marble material for a rolling pin has many practical benefits. The weight makes it easy to control your pastry’s thickness, the coolness helps maintain its temperature, assisting you in achieving a perfect dough every time, and its natural non-stick properties keep the dough from clinging. It is also easy to clean.

Each piece bears a luxurious yet natural character that will lend itself to generations of use.

With a family history of more than two centuries linked to the extraction of Carrara marble, Fiammetta Vanelli is the Creative Director and Founder of Fiammetta V – a luxury home-goods producer that beautifully reestablishes the high reputation of Carrara in everyday objects.

In 1818, Duchess Maria Beatrice d’Este granted the Vanelli family the right to excavate Carrara’s white marble, marking the beginning of the renowned Vanelli tradition of Italian marble. Since then, the Vanelli family has acquired several quarries in Italy and has been providing marble for public works, buildings, and sculptures throughout Europe and the world.

Based on this extraordinary heritage, Fiammetta Vanelli’s exquisite taste transforms the precious stone into delicate and tasteful works of art. She combines the preciousness and eternal beauty of marble with thousand-year-old Italian artisan tradition and the most cutting-edge robot technology to create unique and elegant pieces. There is no limit to the brand’s visionary excellence.

Fiammetta Vanelli’s success is evidenced by the enthusiastic international following for the brand and its ever-expanding home collection of kitchen and bathroom accessories as well as tableware, fashion jewellery, lamps and handcrafted furniture.

She also works closely with interior design studios, architects, artists, designers, and galleries on special projects, creating design objects that will enhance the marble’s natural beauty while adding a modern and fresh flair.

The Fiammetta V home collection is entirely made in Carrara and represents the continuation of both the Vianelli and Carrara marble legacies; bringing together history, culture, and technology to create stunning designs.

Here precious marble is translated into everyday objects for kitchen and living – every object makes you enjoy the moment. A testament to elegance, craftsmanship and the beauty of marble, Fiammetta V’s collection adds a layer of understated sophistication to your home.

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