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Luxury hotels for your next vacation

Why we love hotels

It is no secret that we love luxury hotels and resorts at THE GREAT ADDRESS. Here we share our passion for the most interesting and unique luxury hotels, authentic luxury experiences or beautiful surroundings, nature and great design. From elegant boutique hotels, luxury resorts to exclusive wellness retreats and the finest hotels in the Alps, we simply cannot get enough of all things hotels.

Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, culture, or pure unadulterated indulgence, every one of our hotels offers an unforgettable experience. From new builds to ancient structures, from cutting-edge modern designs to delicate handmade craftsmanship that dates back centuries, the wealth of unique hotel options is nothing short of amazing.

View of the Aergean Sea from Grace Hotel Santorin

Modern design hotels are defined by sleek architecture and sublime interiors. Experience the ultimate in elegant luxury in our modern design retreats. Here you can find some of the most stunning destinations, assembling a selection of small hotels that make a big style statement. From the natural wonder of a glass-encased beach house or a secluded cabin by the lake to the stylish flair of a city apartment or restored glory of a historical building.

Luxury boutique hotels may be barefoot bliss, made of ice with domes that look out on the aurora borealis, or just tucked into a hip neighbourhood in a city. With their unique flair and distinctive design, many of the creatively inspired boutique hotels possess a strong style narrative and have a natural warmth about them.

Illustrious and uber-luxurious, Grand Dames hotels present a glorious opportunity to relive a bygone era of classic elegance and historic pedigree. Here, you can revel in the charming ambience of bygone eras without missing out on ultraluxe comforts.

There is nothing more emblematic than a luxury riad when it comes to where to stay while in Marrakech. A traditional Moroccan palace or family house, riads are most easily identifiable by the presence of a beautiful central courtyard, often surrounded by balconies and galleries rich with keyhole arches or finely crafted stucco on the ceilings. From the classic to the contemporary, find some of the best riads in Marrakech on

Guest room at boutique hotel 21 Nettleton in Cape Town

For a quintessential cultural experience of remarkable serenity, choose one of the many stunning ryokans in Japan. Atmospheric with the most sublime aesthetics, ryokans are rooted in the philosophy of Zen. They are characterised by fine craftsmanship elegant simplicity.

From horse-drawn sleigh rides through fresh powder and Olympic-level downhill ski slopes to majestic ice skating rinks surrounded by cascading mountains, here you can find your favourite luxury ski hotel & resorts whilst enjoying the captivating ambience amidst a dreamlike winter wonderland. This is where soaring white peaks meet the intense blue sky; rustic Alpine tradition meets ultra-chic modernity.

Brimming with magic and adventure, many exclusive safari lodges mirror the grandeur and opulence of days gone by, while others have completely reinvented the boutique camp, offering a brand-new take on African aesthetics, authenticity and luxury.

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