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Breakfast tea with Drosselmeyer tea infuser
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A loose leaf tea infuser that is easy to use and easy to clean

Highly stylish and eminently practical

Whether you like to start every morning with an energising cup of English Breakfast tea or end every day with some soothing chamomile, the simplest way to brew your perfect cuppa is to use a handy loose leaf tea infuser. Ideal for all tea enthusiasts and style aficionados, the tea infuser from Drosselmeyer combines practicality with clean-lined elegance beautifully.

Whether you drink a cup of tea occasionally or every day, you probably have a favourite blend you love to enjoy in the morning and on cosy evenings. No matter what type of tea you prefer — black, white, red, or green tea — many tea varieties have very small and fine leaves that are difficult to capture with a typical tea strainer. But, with the right tea infuser, you can enjoy any loose leaf tea you want.

Characterised by simplicity and functional elegance, the tea strainer from Drosselmeyer will instantly transform your daily cup of tea into a sophisticated ritual. All the attributes connected to the work of its designer, Erik von Schoultz, can be found in this stylish tea strainer: functionality, ease of use and visual beauty.


A loose leaf tea infuser designed with functional elegance

Drosselmeyer’s Head designer Erik von Schoultz found many tea infusers not user-friendly. They simply lacked the ability to fill it up easily and keep the tea leaves inside the strainer. Another issue was where to put the strainer after use so it would not create spillage.

He set himself the task of creating the best possible loose leaf tea infuser, where style and aesthetics with a high level of functionality, performance and ease of use were the major driving forces. The resulting signature tea infuser ticks all the boxes, offering tea drinkers an elegant all-in-one solution for making tea— a tea infuser and a spoon — to brewing loose leaf tea perfectly.

Collage - Drosselmeyer tea infuser for all kinds of loose leaf tea

Underscored by clean-lined sleekness and a modern sensibility, the Drosselmeyer tea infuser is easy to use with no mess and gives your tea enough room to steep. It is beautifully practical with a non-perforated “spoon” shape and a cleverly-designed sliding lid with an extra fine mesh. The micro-perforated sliding lid exposes the “spoon”, allowing you to scoop the loose-leaf tea directly with the infuser. Close the lid and lower the strainer into a mug filled with piping hot water.

The elongated design facilitates filling and emptying the contents whilst making it suitable to be used with any tea mug. The perforations in the tightly-sealed lid are so tiny that even the finest tea leaves are unable to escape. The tea strainer is designed for a single cup, but the amount of tea that can fit in the spoon is enough to brew two. The ingenious “spoon” design — with no perforations on the back — allows you to put the infuser directly on the table after use without spillage without the need for a drip tray.

Single mug tea infuser by Drosselmeyer

The good-looking loose leaf tea infuser is made of stainless steel for easy clean-up and long-lasting use. A perfect symbiosis of full aroma and stylish visual aesthetic, the design blends a minimalist sculptural expression with a precision-engineered stainless-steel silhouette.

Drosselmeyer – Everyday products with a purpose

Drosselmeyer is a Swedish design and innovation company producing kitchen utensils and smart home decor. All products are invented and designed by its founder, innovator and head designer Erik von Schoultz. Part of the brand’s design DNA is to create technically superior and durable products, excelling in four fundamental dimensions: craftsmanship, quality, functionality and aesthetics. The combination of premium materials and elegant design guarantees long-lasting products that will withstand the test of time.

Collage - drip and hassle free tea infuser from Drosselmeyer

Since its launch in 2000, Drosselmeyer has been at the forefront when it comes to finding innovative ways to improve everyday products. The label’s first product, the nutcracker, was an immediate success, winning international design and best-in-test awards. Widely recognised as a design classic, it is loved for its functionality, solid build and how effortless it makes the task of cracking nuts.

In addition to tea infusers and nutcrackers, the collection includes candleholders, a shellfish cracker, a key holder and a butterknife. The tea infuser is displayed in the Swedish National Museum’s permanent design exhibition.


For modern minimalist infusion

Introduce the heady bouquet of loose-leaf tea into your everyday routine with Drosselmeyer’s modern loose leaf tea infuser. It is the perfect infuser for luxury flavorful tea blends and will help you enjoy your favourite teas effortlessly and elegantly, whatever the occasion.

As with all objects in Drosselmeyer’s range, the infuser also combines the three main attributes of von Schoultz’s design: functionality, ease of use and minimalist beauty. Truly, the elegant tea infuser is a stylish choice and guarantees awesome tea every single time you make a brew.

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