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One of the best Lombok boutique hotels & villas

Pristine beauty meets barefoot escapism

Early morning in Lombok
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Amid Indonesia’s remarkable array of island destinations, Lombok remains one of the most popular draws. Magnificent vistas across the ocean, tropical charm, a laid-back vibe and the ability to swim, surf, snorkel and dive the turquoise waters of the sea all draw visitors. Handily all four — and plenty more besides — are on offer at Innit Lombok boutique hotel. It is the perfect tropical escape, with a compelling combination of barefoot luxury, stylish organic architecture, paradisiacal natural beauty, gorgeous food and absolute tranquillity.

Perched on the secluded white-sand shores of Ekas Bay, surrounded by sparkling, clear blue waters, soaring cliffs and traditional fishing villages, Innit Lombok boutique hotel is a haven of peace, harmony, serenity and beauty. This is slow island life at its best.

With a sublime setting and cinematic sea views, this luxury boutique hotel in Lombok is a blissful seafront oasis of seven spacious architectural beach houses, an oceanfront restaurant, and unspoiled white sandy beaches. These exquisite hotel villas lie just steps from the lapping ocean and epitomise seafront living at its most carefree, luxurious and serene.

Aerial view of Innit Lombok hotel

The modern beachfront hotel villas achieve the maximum aesthetic impact with the architecture and interior design concepts overseen by three of Indonesia’s most renowned talents. Against a backdrop of the rolling waves of the ocean, the contemporary architecture makes the most of the sea views while drawing the outdoors in with a sand-filled ground floor that comes together to create the ultimate beach house retreat. Strikingly stylish and minimalistic, the modern interiors are deftly articulated with a fine palette of local materials and soothing hues complemented by open-air living areas, bespoke furniture and a warm and welcoming ambience.

With two bedrooms — both with private ensuite bathrooms — and a central open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, each beach house is designed for absolute enjoyment and a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

The beach houses at Innit Lombok

The hotel’s oceanfront restaurant, Anakampung, is a must-visit. Savour the delightful tastes of farm-to-table cuisine with ingredients sourced from local farms and fishermen as you bask in the breathtaking views of breaking waves.

Find yourself on the doorstep of a secluded, unspoiled 300-meter white-sand beach and one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets for great surf.

Ekas Bay is a gem for surfers and lovers of the sea. Experience the thrill of world-class waves during big swells while more gentle waves await the less-experienced surfer. Kite surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, hiking and jogging on the beach round up the activities for the adventure-minded set, while sunbathing and seaside strolls fill the quieter moments. Innit Lombok is a rare, private, undiscovered oceanfront sanctuary.

The villas at Innit Lombok

Why book a designer villa at Innit Lombok

With many standout features that quietly wow guests, it is easy to see why this visually stunning retreat is one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Indonesia. Some of Innit Lombok’s most notable features are:

  • Heavenly beachfront location
  • A compelling sense of smallness, privacy and absolute serenity with only seven villas
  • The beachfront villas are blissfully located in Ekas Bay, along a stunning and secluded 300 meters of private sandy beach
  • The designer villas perfectly capture the essence of luxury beachfront living
  • Aesthetically and architecturally stunning — modern in style, yet infused with tropical warmth
  • Fine materiality of concrete, glass, wood and stone
  • Each 2-bedroom villa is generously sized and offers 170m2 of spatial luxury
  • Seamless flow between external and internal spaces
  • Beach villas boast views towards Ekas Bay, Innit Beach, and on clear days, the imposing panorama of Mount Rinjani, an active volcano
  • Dine and lounge in your private open-air, white-sand floored living spaces
  • Indulge in deliciously fresh seafood and farm-to-table cuisine at the oceanfront restaurant
  • Stunning outdoor swimming pool: and sun deck
  • Swim in crystal-clear waters and gaze out over unobstructed horizons.
  • Experience the beauty and freedom of this slow-paced island life at its best

The architectural villas at Innit Lombok

Sublimely presented, peaceful and private, the seven architecturally designed villas are each a pristine indoor-outdoor sanctuary of blissful harmony.

Each villa certainly has a zen-like quality to it — serene, relaxing and perched on a picture-perfect 300-metre stretch of beach.

Stylish bedroom overlooking the beach and the ocean

With an impressive amount of space, each oceanfront villa delivers 170m2 of discreet luxury and pristine comfort. Each of the 2-bedroom private villas offers full views of Ekas Bay, Innit Beach, and even Mount Rinjani in the distance on clear days, with direct beach access. Evoking pure and pristine surroundings.

Throughout the two bedrooms, the integrated living, dining and kitchen area, the decor is contemporary with clean, modern lines accented by an understated palette and natural materiality. The villas combine luxury and elegance neatly encapsulated in a glorious architectural symphony of stone, wood, concrete and glass, all effortlessly blended and infused with sand and infinite views.

With the overarching aim to build a contemporary resort while leaving the surrounding landscape as untouched as possible, the architects developed a concept that redefines outdoor living by truly merging inside and out. Blurring the boundaries of indoor and outdoor, the lack of walls on the entire ground floor of each villa lends the whole area a fluid form and also allows guests to get immersed in the natural beauty. The villa’s stylish lounging-dining area gives off a barefoot luxury vibe: its white-sand flooring instantly suggests endless tropical relaxation.

Organically designed bespoke furniture was introduced to give each private villa a sense of serenity and softness.

The ground floor open kitchen with sand floor bringing the beach all the way in to the villas

Feel the sand between your toes and enjoy the fresh sea breeze in the semi-open dining room, where a long kitchen-dining table is a perfect space to gather and share a meal with family and friends.

Creating a powerful design statement, the oversized kitchen counters are hand-made and finished in polished terrazzo. While the kitchen offers everything necessary for culinary enthusiasts, the hotel provides a private chef service.

Upstairs are two naturally lit bedrooms, equipped with elegant teak platform beds with matching headboards and benches, custom-made double wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms, where the floors, walls, and counters are also made of hand-crafted polished terrazzo. Vertical lines of shutters allow soft, ambient light and cooling breezes to pass through the rooms. From the main suite, enjoy listening to the soothing sound of the gentle waves and gazing at the mesmerising ocean views from your bed.

Food & drinks

Indulge in a dining experience where the presentation extends beyond your plate. Relish the flavours of fresh, locally sourced ingredients while enjoying uninterrupted vistas of crashing waves at the oceanfront restaurant Anakampung. It is home to an Indonesian Chef with international Michelin-starred expertise, delivering the best of both worlds with a mouth-watering Indonesian menu that showcases farm-to-table cuisine and freshly caught local seafood.

Dishes from Innit's restaurant

Fresh seafood is caught by local fishermen, and lobsters are sustainably grown in floating farms in Ekas Bay. Furthermore, as the restaurant prioritises zero-kilometre ingredients, a small vegetable garden is nearby that supplies the kitchen with fresh produce. Additional ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, and the restaurant supports local farmers, food producers and fishermen.

A casual outdoor barbeque pit for beach grilling during sunset perfectly sets the stage for locally prepared dishes, where freshly caught seafood, delicately wrapped in banana leaves or skewered on bamboo sticks, is gently grilled over an open fire fuelled by aromatic coconut husks. Grilled to perfection and succulently delicious, make sure to sample the restaurant’s signature dish: the traditionally prepared lobster on coconut shells. The extensive wine list features a variety of reds, whites, and sparkling wines with options to suit every palate.

Just like ‘kampung’ (village) communal dining, guests can join in at the restaurant’s 6-metre dining table for shared conviviality and good times. The restaurant features paintings by Indonesian artists on its walls, creating a vibrant and artistic atmosphere.

Grounds of the boutique hotel in Lombok

Get immersed in the serene natural beauty and surrender to this haven of minimalist barefoot chic.

At Innit Lombok hotel, you have the freedom to do as much or as little as you like. From exploring a nearby lobster farm to paddleboarding or simply lazing by the hotel’s infinity pool, Innit Lombok has something for everyone. Guests can look forward to a quietly indulgent, relaxing, carefree, unique time out from everyday life.

The outdoor pool at Innit Lombok at dusk

Stunning and deeply inviting, the 35-metre black-tiled pool serves as a glorious focal point for the luxury design hotel’s attractive outdoor spaces. Located on the beach overlooking Ekas Bay, the outdoor pool itself is surrounded by a spacious sun deck with comfortable loungers, while stunning bay vistas provide the perfect backdrop for this dreamy tropical island paradise.

Located in a splendid and very peaceful position — only accessible from the hotel — Innit Beach is sheltered by boulders on a blissful and secluded 300-metre stretch of soft white sand. Looking out to a panorama of the serene beachfront, start your morning on a high note with a private yoga session beside the hotel’s striking infinity pool.

Join Innit Lombok’s cooking classes and discover the art of creating delicious Indonesian dishes while adding a dash of culinary expertise to your repertoire.

Activities at Innit Lombok boutique hotel

Tours to areas surrounding the hotel further steep the guests in the sense of place that Innit Lombok is so committed to delivering. Unique experiences include a 5-minute boat ride to the Lombok lobster farm, Lombok fishing tours, beach hopping and more. There are countless on- and off-water activities, such as private yoga sessions, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, kite surfing, diving and snorkelling.

The Lombok beaches and waters are famous and popular among surfers, scuba divers and snorkelers. Surfing in Lombok is well-known for its world-class and diverse waves. With excellent coral reefs and rich marine life, Lombok Island and Gili Islands offer diving for everyone — from entry-level to experienced and adventurous diving.

Lombok Beach

Location & access

Discover the hidden, unspoilt jewel of Indonesia: Lombok’s pristine haven. Nestled to the east of Bali in Indonesia, this captivating island paradise offers everything, from world-class surfing to pristine waterfalls and dazzling sand beaches and from vibrant markets to tranquil temples. The island features unending breathtaking coastlines, lush mountains, and an abundance of preserved traditional Sasak culture. Many surrounding smaller islands, locally called Gili Islands, are motor-vehicle-free, offering undisturbed treks, pristine beaches, reefs, and even sea turtle hatcheries.

Boasting hospitable locals and delectable local cuisine, Lombok stands as an ideal getaway for those seeking tropical bliss and yearning to experience a true slice of Indonesian island life.

Distinguished by its idyllically peaceful setting and natural beauty, Innit Lombok is superbly situated in Ekas Bay on the southeast coast of Lombok. Guests can arrive at Innit Lombok by sea or land: the property is a 15-minute boat transfer from Awang Harbor or a one-hour drive from Lombok International Airport.

Whether arriving by boat or by car, guests will marvel at the natural splendour and Lombok’s culture at every turn, from floating lobster farms to local fishing villages, all against a backdrop of rolling green hills and breathtaking sunset views.

Paradisiacal island life at one of the best boutique hotels in Lombok

Welcome to a world of sober beauty, a relaxing atmosphere, and elegant simplicity, with the constant presence of the clear blue waters of the ocean. The amazing Lombok resort is an intimate beach hotel in Indonesia with 7 luxury private villas, offering an alluring combination of beauty, authenticity and tranquillity. As one of the best boutique hotels in Lombok, it is the perfect escape if you want to slow down, unwind and simply relax.

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