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Why Leaf Fusion Plasma is an important part of my everyday skincare routine

One of the best at home skincare and anti-ageing devices

Of all the at-home beauty devices I own, the Leaf Fusion Plasma skincare tool is one of the easiest and fastest devices to use. A significant advantage is that it integrates straight into my existing skincare routine, working with all products I already have. Moreover, it amplifies the efficiency of the products I’m already using. Because of all these factors, Leaf Fusion Plasma is an important part of my everyday skincare routine.

Leaf Fusion Plasma device

Its breakthrough technology provides superior anti-ageing results by treating the skin at a deeper level. It enhances the penetration and effectiveness of your existing skincare products by combining fusion plasma and electroporation technology to increase the absorption rate of cosmetics up to almost 100 times.

Leaf Fusion skincare device

How Leaf Fusion Plasma works

Fusion plasma energy creates a microscopic pathway in the stratum corneum layer of the skin. Since the passageways are formed at a microscopic depth, a primary passage is secured to absorb your favourite active ingredients without damaging the skin. Leaf has developed a proprietary skincare solution that combines three operating modes – plasma energy, electroporation technology, and microcurrent – with additional technologies such as vibration, probe warming, and LED photo face to improve tone and texture while stimulating cell regeneration.

The Leaf Fusion Plasma delivers stellar results when using it consistently and is one of the best at-home beauty tech devices you would like to splurge on.

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