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Indulge in luxurious comfort

Cosy softness with a luxe feel

Karmameju was founded in 1999 with a pure, natural and active skincare range for the face and body. The brand’s skincare is based on nature’s ingredients. The formulations are a hybrid of natural, dynamic bioactives and clinically-proven, high-performance age-defence extracts.

More than 20 years later, Karmameju’s remit spans a super-comfortable loungewear collection, which is a favourite of ours – and we are not alone.

With unmatched softness and relaxed sophistication, its stylish and understated pieces have garnered Karmameju a loyal following since its launch.

Experience accessible luxury at home and beyond with Karmameju’s capsule collection of loungewear, which is all about indulgent comfort and timeless style. Promising style through comfortable substance, it brings a strong feeling of cosy contentment and well-being to your everyday life.

Offering comfort, elegance and style, the luxurious loungewear pieces are woven from top-quality, light, soft and super-fine fleece. They are easy to maintain and hold their shape wash after wash. With relaxed shapes and soothing colour palettes, the pieces add an extra touch of luxury and extreme comfort to your everyday life.

Couple on beach dressed in stylish bathrobes

The Karmameju loungewear collection comprises a beautifully curated range of luxe loungewear – bathrobes, pantsuits, socks and blankets – in colours and sizes for the entire family. At home, on the road – anywhere. The collection is perfect for travelling and for popping into your weekend bag.

If we had to pick our favourites from Karmameju’s loungewear collection, it would be the Mount Everest bathrobe and the Himalaya blanket.

Whether at home, by the pool, or on holiday, a cosy bathrobe is indispensable. The stylish Karmameju bathrobe is an absolute must-have that is both practical and smart-looking for the whole family. The classic, sensuous floor-length bathrobe in the softest, light-weight material is tailored to cocoon you in comfort and style.

Designed by the company’s founder Mette Skjærbæk in 1999, it has been a best seller for Karmameju for many years, and for very good reasons.

Use your Karmameju robe after a hot bath or a quick shower, by the pool, at the breakfast table, on the terrace, on the sofa with your favourite book, before bedtime, on cold mornings, during the weekend – and as a luxurious touch every day. Thanks to its lightness, it is also ideal when you need a little “home away from home” comfort when travelling.

Man dressed in dark grey bathrobe looking out over a beach

Its soft and luxurious appeal is combined with high functionality and durability. Crafted from super-soft fleece for a sumptuous and plush feel, the bathrobe is beautifully made to allow you to snuggle up in pure luxury. The cut is elegant and very flattering, with deep side pockets and a large collar that can be used as a hood.

Available in a range of soft, muted colours – light grey, dark grey and beige -, the Mount Everest bathrobe can be used by both women and men. Karmameju’s exquisite fleece bathrobes are also available in a children’s model.

With a luxurious feel and exquisite quality, the Himalaya blanket adds style to your home as well as irresistible comfort. Chic and cosy, it gives you an everyday indulgence that does not fall short on style.

The wonderful, heavenly soft blanket is made from the best quality of light and super-fine fleece.

The generous size – 2.5 metres long – makes the blanket supremely versatile. Relax on the sofa wrapped in this beautiful fleece blanket from Karmameju. Style a couch, drape it over a daybed or bring it on the terrace on a chilly summer evening. The possibilities are endless, and the gorgeous blanket will bring years of enjoyment, warmth and pleasurable use, both indoors and outdoors.

The classy colours – light grey, dark grey and navy – contribute to the blanket’s sensuous aesthetics.

The Karmameju loungewear collection is easy to care for in an environmentally friendly way. As the fabric is dirt repellent, there is no need to wash often.

Karmameju is a lifestyle brand that embodies effortless luxury with its simple yet elegant design. With comfort, elegance and functionality, their loungewear pieces will last the test of time.

If you are a fan of loungewear that is so unbelievably soft, stylish and comfortable, then you should not look further than Karmameju.

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