Kabuto cabin luggage
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A new generation of smart luggage

Travel smarter

Perfectly engineered and designed, the Kabuto smart carry-on XT 2×2 by French company Kabuto is a game-changer in the travel industry. Bringing innovation to the luggage category, it is one of the first expandable smart carry-ons that has been launched. No longer is there a need to choose between carry-on and checked-in luggage, as Kabuto suitcases provide the best of both worlds. Technologically advanced, Kabuto sets fresh standards in intelligent technology and modern functionality. There is no need to sacrifice the look of a suitcase for efficiency. Stylish aesthetic and durable materials make it an elegant companion that is guaranteed to last for years to come.

The smart carry-on luggage by Kabuto packs a host of impressive digital features and thoughtful details that make sense for the modern traveller:

Unique vertical expandability: Kabuto’s award-winning technology offers 50% extra volume, thanks to the integrated expansion fold with a circumferential zipper. The digital luggage expands in seconds, completely effortlessly. Without extension, the luggage is the usual cabin case with standard dimensions of 55 centimetres by 35 centimetres by 23 centimetres and with a volume of 40 litres. Due to the expandability of the suitcase, the volume may be increased to 60 litres, whilst it increases to 75 centimetres vertically. One bag fits all situations by being compact when desired, and spacious when needed. It is the only bag that can be carried onboard as cabin luggage, or transported as checked-in baggage.

Biometric fingerprint sensor controls the TSA-approved lock system: Belongings are safe inside the Kabuto suitcase, which is fitted with a fingerprint sensor and electronic lock that opens up in a moment. Combined with built-in TSA-approved lock system, simply place the fingertip on the sensor to open the suitcase. No key, no code, no app. The smart luggage can memorise up to 10 fingerprints, if one wishes to share access with family or friends. Two keys are also provided. Travel anywhere in the world with peace of mind knowing the case is in full compliance with TSA regulations.

Kabuto cabin baggage

Built-in USB-A and USB-C: Charge a smart device on-the-go. The Kabuto luggage is equipped with a USB-C port, two USB-A ports and a micro USB port.

Ultra-silent all-terrain wheels: Sturdy yet manoeuvrable for effortless travelling, the suitcase is equipped with extra-large wheels that have a diameter of 13.5 centimetres. The two all-terrain wheels are extremely quiet and can handle plenty of rough going, plus curbs and stairs, thanks to their soft rubber construction and double ball bearings.

Easy-access front and back pockets: There are two easy-access front and back computer pockets on the outside. The front pocket is for a 15-inch computer and the 12-inch laptop back pocket comes with an integrated USB connection to charge a device on the go. The outside pockets are also the ideal place for passport, boarding pass and smartphone.
Removable battery: The detachable power bank is removable and rechargeable and is armed with a generous 20,000 mAh (approx. 60W) Li-ion battery. It is powerful enough to charge not just phones and tablets, but even a laptop. The power bank has been approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A digital display signals the battery charge in percentage terms.

Extra-wide telescopic handle: The 2-armed telescopic boom is lockable and has four height settings: 94, 100, 105 and 110 centimetres, so that the Kabuto travel case can be optimally adapted to a variety of body sizes. The suitcase telescopic handle is very wide and therefore very stable. In addition, the volume of the inner compartment is maximised because it is attached to the outside, allowing for an interior that is totally flat.

Quality materials: The Kabuto suitcase is built from a super-strong plastic blend with ABS lamination, which makes it scratch-resistant, waterproof and impact-resistant.

Stylish design: In 2018, Kabuto won the Red Dot Design Award, recognised as a benchmark for world-class design. Blending a sleek and casual look with ample convenience, the modern aesthetic emphasises the bag’s elegant appearance and understated look.

10-year warranty: For worry-free ownership, Kabuto luggage is covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

Other thoughtful details: There is a separate, easy-to-access compartment for shoes, books, magazines or a sweater. Also, the carry-on is delivered with a luggage strap for additional bags.

Smart-looking and elegant, the bag comes in six stunning colours: black copper, black grey, black silver, graphite, ink blue and white yellow.

The innovative brand was founded in 2016 by the passionate globetrotters Jérôme Tricault and Louis Develay in Paris. For several years, the designer duo has been designing bags for sale in large chains such as Toys R Us and Walmart. With their own start-up, they set themselves the goal of developing ergonomic, attractive and digital luggage for frequent travellers.

The Kabuto smart carry-on XT 2×2 suitcase is my absolute favourite. Apart from the timelessly elegant design, I love that the bag is expandable to allow extra storage, the wheels are sturdy and the material is superb. Then there is the fact of the intelligent features such as the outside pockets, removable power bank and the fingerprint biometric sensor – features I use every single trip. I swear by my Kabuto carry-on so much that I’m hoping the company will launch a larger checkable size soon!

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