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Japanese kitchen knives and kitchenware

Minimalist Japanese design and craftsmanship fused with stylish Scandinavian modernity

Minimalist Japanese kitchenware fused with Scandinavian modernity
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At THE GREAT ADDRESS, we believe that even everyday utilitarian objects should bring you joy. There is an undeniable beauty to practical products, objects designed for optimum functionality without compromising fine aesthetics. However, all too often, function takes precedence over form. However, aesthetic allure can coexist alongside performance and practicality — products that transcend their mere functional purpose and expand their utility as objects of desire meant to be seen.

Therefore, it was truly love at first sight when we first came across the stylish Japanese kitchen knives and kitchenware brand Satake.

Knives and kitchenware from Satake

Beautifully articulated and designed, the range focuses on form and function with a modern, clean-lined aesthetic that brings a contemporary flair to your kitchen. From cutting-edge Japanese knives you will use every day to timeless cast iron pots and pans, these are kitchenware products that will enhance everyday living through their inherent materiality and workmanship, underpinned by streamlined modernity.

Satake – a trusted Japanese knife brand for a superior cooking experience

Satake embodies both form and function — thoughtfully considered as design-driven objects fused with optimal performance and functionality. Designed to be seen, the brand’s Japanese knives and kitchenware range transcends beyond having a purely utilitarian value. The product lineup mainly features Japanese kitchen knives and cast iron pans and pots, as well as teapots, cutting boards, outdoor cookware and more.

The excellence of Japanese knives can be traced back to their rich history. With roots in traditional Japanese sword-making, these beautiful knives have evolved over centuries, taking on the precision and sharpness of the legendary samurai swords. The three virtues of knives are sharpness, durability, and ease of use. Japanese knives typically have thinner and sharper blades with a harder steel composition compared to Western style knives. As a result, Japanese knives have become renowned for their quality and performance in the kitchen.

Seki City, Japan, has been the centre of high-end swords and knives since the 13th century. It is home to several of Japan’s best knife-makers thanks to its traditional background and excellent natural resources.

In 1994, Satake started production in the Satake Cutlery factory in Seki City, Japan for the European market. The brand started out with two different series of Japanese knives, the NoVac Series and Houcho Series. Since then, its assortment has grown to incorporate other Japanese knives and a selection of top-quality kitchenware suitable for both home and professional kitchens. All products are carefully designed with a fusion of two distinct yet complementary cultures; the rich tradition of Japan and the purity of Scandinavian minimalism. There is a knife for every occasion, including knives for everyday use such as a paring knife, utility knife, santoku knife and Japanese Chef knife, but also other Japanese knives that are more specialised such as kiritsuke, nakiri and sashimi knives.

Satake kitchen knives produced in Seki Japan, the centre of knife production in Japan since the 13th century

Apart from being appreciated by home cooks, Satake Japanese chef knives have become a favourite with several professional chefs, for example, Swedish top Chef Håkan Thörnström, who is the owner of Thörnströms — a restaurant that held a Michelin Star for ten years.

Seki, Japan – an epicentre for the best Japanese knives

Just like numerous high-quality knife brands across the globe, the brand Satake has its roots in Japan.

Renowned for its unparalleled expertise in crafting some of the world’s best knives, Japan boasts a rich heritage in the art of forged knives.

With its rich history, skilled artisans, and dedication to quality, Seki City continues to shape the world of knife-making, captivating both professionals and home cooks with its extraordinary knives.

With an illustrious pedigree dating back over 800 years, this small city has earned its reputation as the Mecca of knife-making mastery.

Seki City’s legacy in crafting blades began with the production of samurai swords during the feudal era. The city’s skilled blacksmiths, known as “Tosho,” honed their techniques to perfection, creating weapons of unparalleled quality and precision. Over time, Japan’s mastery of forging knives has evolved, culminating in the creation of the exceptionally high-quality knives we see today.

SEKI 2Over the centuries, Seki City has continued to build its reputation as a hub for Japanese knife production and innovation, refining its techniques and producing some of the finest kitchen knives in the world. Here the art of craftsmanship and functional performance are perfected, ensuring that each knife embodies the spirit of excellence where every step is executed with precision and care.

The result is a collection of Japanese knives that are both highly functional and beautiful works of art, ranging from traditional Japanese blades to modern designs,

Cutting-edge knives that are chef-approved

Founded in 1947, Satake Cutlery is specialised in developing and producing cutting-edge knives and kitchen tools. It comes as no surprise that Satake’s factory is located in Seki City, Japan’s revered knife Mecca, given the city’s rich heritage and expertise in knife-making.

The chef-approved kitchen knives are crafted with high-quality materials and precision to deliver exceptional performance and durability, ensuring efficient and precise slicing of meat, filleting fish, chopping and cutting vegetables and more.

Knife accessories for shapening

Satake offers several beautiful collections of kitchen knives, each with its distinct personality, precise functionalities and purpose. From the precision of the chef knife to the delicate control of the Japanese boning knife, every knife in their collections has been carefully designed to excel in its specific culinary task. Whether you seek a versatile all-purpose knife or a specialised knife for intricate tasks, Satake provides a comprehensive selection to suit everyone’s preferences and cooking style.

Satake offers a diverse selection of stylishly designed knives and kitchen accessories, showcasing their commitment to quality and design. Within their product range, some of the most popular kitchen knife collections are Houcho, Ame, Kuro and Kaizen.

Houcho knife by Satake

HOUCHO. Houcho means knife in Japanese. A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, the Houcho collection combines functionality and quiet elegance in exceptional kitchen knives. Crafted with utmost precision, these knives are renowned for their blade’s razor-sharp edge and feather-light construction. They can last for generations with proper care, making them the undisputed workhorse in the kitchen. The high-carbon steel blades deliver the perfect cut effortlessly, while the durable magnolia wood handles offer both practicality and aesthetics. Houcho is Satake’s best-selling knife series thanks to its performance, beauty and simplicity in form and function.

Knife from the Ame colletion by Satake Japanese knives

AME. Satake Ame is a stunning collection of knives that embodies the power, balance, and tradition of Japanese knives. The name “Ame,” meaning rain in Japanese, serves as inspiration for the blade’s design. The exquisite “Rain Pattern” not only pleases the eye with its fine aesthetics but also prevents raw ingredients like potatoes from sticking to the blade while cutting. Crafted with a hand-hammered technique, the blade consists of five layers of AUS10 steel and boasts a remarkable hardness of 60-61 HRC. The knives feature a stainless steel bolster and end piece, complemented by an exceptionally beautiful and comfortable handle made from Masur or Vril, from, among others, larch, peach tree, camphor, and maple. Each knife handle is entirely unique, adding a touch of individuality.

Kuro Japanese knives from Satake

KURO. The knives of the Kuro range have gained popularity due to their blade’s sharpness, strength, precision and performance. Each is a beautifully hammered knife with a blade of high-quality VG-10 steel that is processed eight times, giving the blade’s edge extra sharpness and a hardness of about 58 HRC. The long handle, crafted from burnt wood with bolster and an 18/8 steel shaft end, ensures perfect grip, balance, and stability.

Kaizen kitchen knife by Satake

KAIZEN. Kaizen is the premium knife series Satake offers and is a testament to unparalleled artistry and precision. Made in the capital of knives, Seki City, the Japanese knives embody the pinnacle of excellence. At the heart of Satake Kaizen lies its masterly construction. Each knife boasts a thin 67-layer Damascus blade consisting of 66 support steel layers enveloping a core of MVS10Cob steel. This combination ensures exceptional durability, remarkable sharpness, and unparalleled cutting performance. To complement the high-performing blade, Satake Kaizen features an ergonomically shaped handle made from irregularly grained olive wood. The fusion of this exquisite handle with the slender and elegant blade creates a seamless balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Indoor and outdoor cooking is elevated with cast iron cookware

The Japanese knife range is beautifully complemented by an exquisite collection of cast iron kitchenware. Cast iron has a well-deserved reputation as being kitchen workhorse with tons of great uses, making it a beloved choice for both indoor and outdoor cooking. With its exceptional durability, cast iron cookware can withstand high temperatures and heavy use, ensuring it will last for generations. Its versatility allows for a wide range of cooking methods, from searing and sautéing to frying and baking. Cast iron is also great for outdoor cooking and can be used over an open fire or on a grill. Additionally, the beautiful, rustic appearance of cast iron adds a warm cosy feel to the modern kitchen or outdoor experience, making it not just a practical choice but also an aesthetically pleasing one.

Collage of cast iron kitchenware from Satake's outdoor range

Crafted to ensure even heat distribution and optimal performance, Satake’s great assortment of quality cast iron pots and pans provides endless culinary possibilities. Explore the brand’s selection, which encompasses everything from versatile pots and frying pans to traditional woks, stylish Dutch ovens, and even convenient grill plates.

Whether you are at an al fresco kitchen or campsite, exploring the forest, or embarking on a hiking adventure, the Satake outdoor collection takes outdoor cooking to new heights. The brand’s innovative products bring a new level of enjoyment and inspiration to outdoor life. For instance, the Outdoor Kit is beautifully stored in an exquisite wooden box featuring sturdy rope handles. It includes a versatile range of outdoor cast iron cookware, including a pot with a lid, a frying pan with double spouts, a small pan with a lid, a double-sided cast iron grill plate, and a convenient fire hook for easy cooking over an open flame.

Outdoor campfire cooking with a tripod is a popular and versatile method for preparing meals while enjoying the great outdoors. For cooking over a fire, the Satake tripods provide stability for hanging grills, pans, Dutch ovens or tea/coffee pots, allowing for even heat distribution and the ability to adjust cooking heights. Whether you are roasting marshmallows for s’mores or simmering a stew, the tripod grill adds a touch of traditional charm to your campfire culinary adventures.

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